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This is a group focusing on content created for the tabletop game, Dungeons & Dragons. Be it creations for your own campaigns, or fanart for someone else's, it's all accepted here! Players and fans alike are the backbone of this fandom, and I'd love to see a solid community on this website for this fantastic genre of gaming. We are not exclusive to D&D either, all forms of TTRPGs are accepted here!


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Many years ago, Star Elves was one of the most powerful races in the world. The best minds and the biggest wizards lived among them. The leaders of the other races, seeing the power of the Star Elves increase day by day, decided that they should disappear from this world for good. And so it happened, but not in the way they wanted...-THE GENOCIDE OF STAR ELVES, PARAGRAPH 1The BeginningA story like my people should never be told. For my world is as forbidden as it is fragile. Without his mysteries, it cannot survive. We certainly weren’t meant to live with the Void inside us. Like so many in our strange life, we were carried there by the current. The first time we knew that we are dying before a horde took our immortality and our homeland. That night everyone in this world heard our grief. To save the world they told us. Sages always said that each one of us has our evolution of life, and each one of us goes through different tests that are unique and challenging, but none of us was ready for this challenge. Our genocide…-THE GENOCIDE OF STAR ELVES, PARAGRAPH 28Saros, the hero with the stars in his eyesAs time went by, we asked our power of life back and we never took an answer. Our bodies became weak. Our skin was pure and our faces full of beauty. Illness came to us first. We saw our kids die one by one and babies born dead. Our bodies started falling apart, wrinkles all over us. Weak and pathetic. We asked for help, for our kids but the only thing we ever took were gazes full of misery. We were about to fall apart, we estimated the strongest ones could live up to 3 more years in this world. And then he came out of the sky with his eyes full of stars. Our savior, our hero. The child who was a cripple once. Now he was our only chance for survival. He told us that our only option is the Void. He warned us about its whispers and madness. Many of us didn’t want to follow him but in the end, did we ever had a choice? In a blink of an eye, he transferred us through a rift and the only thing we could see was this deep purple alien sea full of mysteries. He trained us, he pushed us to our limits to learn and control this new power called The Void. Many of us disappeared and many lost their minds and their lives in the first years. But now, we stand. They never found our dead bodies as they wished. We stand full of power far away from them and when the time comes, we are going to take our homeland back. Saros with his last breath cried: “Beware the Faeries”.-ERIDANUS CRUXEridanus Crux is a Void elf from the Far Realm. From a young age, Eridanus trained as an apprentice wizard to control and protect his people from the whispers and the madness of the Void. From a wealthy family, Eridanus came to this world with an exceptional mind and really strong self-knowledge. Grown to be a protector of his nation, as a new threat came from the Prime, Eridanus put himself on the table as a volunteer. He knew that Prime is a big challenge and a journey full of danger but his will to protect his people is more than that. Someone from Prime is trying to harness the Void and he knows what that means for the Material plane. Eridanus is not going to let him repeat the history.
THE KINGDOM OF OBERONTHE KINGDOM OF STARDUSTMany years ago, a very strange phenomenon occurred. Τwo meteorites collided with each other. At that moment, something incredible happened. It's a fact, who is almost magical. Comets from the Astral Plane fell to the north. Stardust covers the whole area. Nature felt like it was reborn from the stardust. Water starts to flow from the mountains and trees started to glow. This caught the eye of a prince named Corvus who traveled to the spot where he saw the meteorites. A month passed till he finds two big comets broken and inside them a glowy blue liquid. He decided to start building his kingdom on top of these comets with the center of the palace be on top of them. He wanted to protect them so he made the cellars of the castle an open museum protected by guards for his people. He named the kingdom Oberon after he paid astrologists to find out that these meteorites came from a distant stellar body with this name. The kingdom began to grow rapidly as its land became fertile under the influence of the stardust. When the King ordered to start the mining, miners found that the stardust went underground. They started to mine shards that were colorless but glittery and when these shards touched the lake, that has been created from the waters which came from the mountains, the shards started to glow a very deep blueish nebula color. The mining brought a lot of money to the kingdom as these shards can be found only in the north.However, the kingdom didn't have the best army to protect itself. So the king decided to marry King Scutum's daughter from an Elvish kingdom, Princess Cresselia, one of the most beautiful elves in the whole continent. The two kingdoms joined forces to cover each other's weaknesses. A year later, Queen Cresselia bought to life two beautiful Half-Elf sons. The twins Circinus and Caelum. The kingdom is more prosperous than ever, but Queen Cresselia fell ill after giving birth to the twins. After the death of his wife, the king in his grief decides to start a war in a distant kingdom without the necessary conditions to start a war. With the help of Queen Cresselia's father, the victory goes to the kingdom of Oberon, but King Corvus loses his life on the battlefield. The kingdom passes into the hands of Circinus' eldest son, who tries to heal the great damage the kingdom has suffered.THE BIRTH OF THE METEOR TWINSUnder the moonlight, a beautiful High-Elf gives life to two beautiful Half-Elfs. Queen Cresselia brings to life the princes of Oberon, Circinus, and Caelum. The twins grew up and each stood out for their unique abilities. The older one, Circinus was king's Corvus favorite as he stood out for his fighting skills and soon he received the title as head of the kingdom's army. On the other hand, the youngest Caelum. Without much adoration to learn the art of war, he turned to the art of music. Every night, in a different bar, dancing, singing and constant contact with the inhabitants of the kingdom, he enjoyed his life. His father was unhappy with his occupation and therefore turned his attention to his eldest son. However, the queen saw the true nature of Caelum and gave him his first guitar as a gift to start classes and learn all the virtues of music and become a bard. Several years later, King Corvus makes the wrong decision to start a war that will stigmatize the kingdom forever. Oberon's army won, but the wounds were great, including the life of King Corvus. The kingdom passes into the hands of Circinus who begins to heal the wounds of the kingdom. After the loss of his parents, Caelum asks his brother to embark on a long journey to develop his talent. The two brothers hug and say goodbye to each other until they meet again.
XENX THE LAST STAR ELF A beautiful Star Elf, fearing for her own newborn son's safety, Faelwen, along with his husband, Lithonion, rushes to the Annia woods to find a friendly gnome village. They knew they have to pass the oak trees till they found the lake where there is a big willow tree with a big hollow. They get in the hollow to pass the illusion magic gnomes used for protection and they go straight ahead. They found the house of a friendly couple of gnomes. Faelwen places his son in a basket with a letter on the front door of the house. Lithonion keeps an eye on the basket until one gnome woman finds it. He looks through the window and he tries to hear the conversations inside as the gnome couple don't know what to do. After some arguments, the couple decides to keep him as their son and raise him. Lithonion praise to Corellon to keep him safe and leaves with his wife to fight along with their race. Born bearing the Orleannia wealthy family name of star elves, Xenx Tiasar lived with the burden that he is the last one alive of his kind. Raised by a couple of tailors gnomes Xenx always was in love with the fashion and the good fabrics. Although his hand not that good to be a tailor as his parents he pushed himself to sharp his mind. A lot of books and concentration Xenx was training himself to be a wizard so he can control the magic of the world and sharpen his mind. Reading about the most famous psionicists and mentalists, Xenx started to hone the magical potential of his mind. He trained himself to interact with the multiverse through the lens of the psiotic aptitude and awareness. In his free time, he writes articles around fashion trying to make a coin for himself and help his household....
Dice Reink by Witch-Scath
Ice dice by melusinne
Desert by melusinne
Possibilties by GoldiesChocobo87
Endless Possibilities by GoldiesChocobo87
Lord Tundra, A Portrait by GoldiesChocobo87
[C] AnnaDrawsStuff by Kunamei


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Hey all, I'm trying to get into doing commissions! I love drawing people's D&D characters so fee free to contact me if you need something or someone drawn up!

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Hi, today I'd like to present you my D&D's character, She's Perdita (not her real name eheh) and she's a sorcerer Tiefling, what do u think? ^^
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Hi there! thank u so much for adding me in the grup! hope u will like the artwork I will post Heart 
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Commissions for D&D characters are open!
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Hello! um. so I made a youtube video highlighting a funny part of my campaign (at least I hope it's funny) haha. I'm super excited since I haven't done a youtube video before! Is it alright If I share it here? Thanks so much :)
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Hi, does this group accept stories of dnd characters going through a module?
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