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Races can be picked from any official DnD souce (Book, Website, etc.). Has a large list of Races. The races out of this list we do NOT allow are:
Human Centipede because ew and confusing.
Gods, Leviathans, and Titians because obvious overpowering.
At the bottom of the page of races there is a list of incomplete races. It is not recommended that you use any of these races, but it is NOT required that you don’t.
Same rules apply;
Any class from official DnD sources are allowed.
Here’s a list of some classes…
There aren’t any classes we don’t allow, but we recommend you don’t use any incomplete ones. For classes that require extra monsters (like ‘Pokemon Trainer’) please consult the DM to find a way to add those creatures in.
Backgrounds don’t have as strict rules as they are completely optional pieces of gameplay that are basically there just to help with character development.…
The only major rule is that the features of the background you choose can’t be something having to do with in-game combat or other crucial parts of the game. Remember, features are mainly there as little tidbits, so no background feature you use should be something like “+1d6 damage with daggers.” A good example of a feature to use is “People feel your pain. Even if they have never been through anything like what happened to you, they can somehow empathize. People will take pity on you, opting to reduce your suffering if they can, or at least choosing not to inflict any more suffering upon you. This can range from a farmer letting you spend the night in his barn, to a jailer who is cruel to everyone else, but simply neglectful of you.”
No one, and we mean NO ONE, should begin with a piece of magical equipment whether it be a weapon, form of armor, or a silly old ring, beginning with magical items is NOT ALLOWED. We cannot stress that rule enough.
Also, one can’t create a character, then say that they found a magical item before playing. ONLY GAME MASTERS can give out magical equipment, no one else.…
It is strongly recommended that you use equipment from DnD books and not websites, but we won’t force it too heavily upon yourself.
Armor that’s Banned:
Any of the Modern/Futuristic Armor. This is a fantasy roleplay.
Weapons that are banned:
(For some GM’s) Firearms. Now, not every GM will ban the use of these, but there are GM’s that dislike the use of these and will not allow you to use them. Consult with the GM before choosing these as weapons.
Any Modern/Futuristic weapons.

That’s all Folks!
So, yes, these are the general rules that one should follow while creating a character for our group. If you think we forgot any rules, please let us know in a comment or note.

~~ Eevee--Paladin ~~
Please, be nice to others when out-of-character. IF you do have a character that has a very mean-spirited personality then please don’t bring things that happened out of game as a reason for acting so. Really, we’re all here to have fun and it’s hard to do so when others aren’t acting polite.
Punishment: Warning, then a lowering of rank.

This group is PG-13(ish). We do not allow NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content. The only exception is gore, but we still have it toned down. Also, don’t ask others for their name, age, location, or other personal information. You don’t need to know, and they don’t want you to know.
Punishment: Varies on how severe it is. Extreme NSFW content will result in an almost permanent ban.

Remember, we’re here to roleplay. PLEASE DO NOT have such OP (Over-Powered) characters to the point that no one else is having fun and you’re destroying Earth with your fabulous-ness.                                                                            Please keep your characters balanced. Don’t worry about your characters dying, we’ll try to not make the difficulty THAT severe.
Punishment: Warning, Lowering of Rank
Thank you for taking time out of your day to read these and acknowledge them.
I hope you all have fun in this group and please alert any admin of problems you find!

Thank you,
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