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Here is where both Players and Dungeon Masters come together to play D&D and share art or home brews. You can delve into deep dungeons, tell the story, or help build the world around the players. You decide!
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War Angel by 0oki
The Messenger by EvgenyOst
Blackthorn by EvgenyOst
Sirena by EvgenyOst
Home brews 3e
Atlas Elyden #55 - the Strait of Narthel by vorropohaiah
Home Brews 4e
DnD Evolution - Player HandBook 0.0.33 by PikoJess
Homebrew 5e
Monster Spells 5eJust like humanoid races, monsters have a knack for making spells. Many have created spells of their own to benefit them and their comrades. Here are some examples of spells adapted from the "Savage Species" book that a DM can add to the list of spells a monster may use in combat or roleplay.Air Breathing"When the sahuagin warlock pointed his staff at his troops, we could tell this battle was going to last longer than we thought." - General Roland, after a Saltmarsh invasion.3rd-Level TransmutationCasting Time: 1 action.Range: TouchComponents: S, M (a short reed or piece of straw)Duration: 24 hoursThis spell grants a creature the ability to breathe air freely. The spell does not make creatures unable to breathe water. However, this spell can dispel and counter Water Breathing.Awaken Undead"The dead always have a lot to talk about. You can be surprised of the stories a zombie tell under a moonlit night in a Souragnian graveyard!" - Rudolph Van Richten.5th-Level NecromancyCasting Time: 1 actionRange: 25 ft.Components: V, S, M (a humanoid fingerbone)Duration: PermanentAll undead humanoids that you can see within range and have an Intelligence of 6 or less increase their score to 10. Awakened undead regain the languages and proficiencies they had in life, along with their memories and personalities. They can choose to be friendly, indifferent, or hostile to you, based on how they are treated.Camouflage"What we thought was a mossy boulder was actually a lizard shaman that was waiting to ambush us!" - anonymous merchant.1st- Level TransmutationCasting Time: 1 actionRange: SelfComponents: V,SDuration: 10 minutesYou change your coloring to match the environment around you. You gain advantage on Stealth checks as long as you are not moving in a still environment or moving with an active environment. You can even use your bonus action to do the Hide action.Countermoon"We watched as the man laughed and fell to his knees. He looked up at the full moon with tears of joy in his eyes. For one night, he was free of our curse." - Lupercia, werewolf druid.3rd-level AbjurationCasting Time: 1 actionRange: 25 ft.Components: V, S, M (a hair, scale, or other cast off item from the creature to be affected)Duration: 12 hoursThis spell negates the Shapechanger trait of lychanthropes and reverts them to their true form. For the duration, they cannot voluntarily or involuntarily change and remain in their true form, which is humanoid.Fins to Feet"I once met a mermaid that decided to leave her tribe and join me on my studies of monsters. So she went to a sea hag to give her legs. She immediately regretted her decision when she was hit with a silence spell as part of the deal. We decided she still had a lot to learn about the monsters in her own backyard before she was ready for the ones in mine, so we parted ways after it wore off. I still keep a sending stone from her to record her findings." - Volo.2nd-Level TransmutationCasting Time: 1 minuteRange: TouchComponents: V, SDuration: 24 hoursThis spell transforms tails or finned extremities into humanoid legs and feet. Transformed medium-sized creatures have a land speed of 30 feet while large creatures get a land speed of 40 feet.At Higher Levels: When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 3rd level or higher, you can add an additional 24 hours to the duration of the spell for each slot level above 2nd....
Produce Flame by DayMae
Cyrail by Shinwashi
Prestidigitation by DayMae
Hekk the Skald - Pathfinder by jabburwock
Greysong by Gallowglas
Deck of Many Things: Card Back by CatBatArt
Deck of Many Things: The Donjon by CatBatArt
REF: Franka Paasche by TheMushroomancer
Warhammer Fantasy OC: Franka Paasche by TheMushroomancer
add ons
Dungeons and Dragons charecter sheet by janlukky
After Battle [WIP Sketch] by MbTheGray
Kayn - Wood Elf Rogue by Naither
Ogra - Half Orc Cleric by Naither
Song ~ The Tabaxi Monk by Naither
Classes and Sub-Classes
Cimmerian by Entropy762
Revel by Ninapedia
The whispers - commission by CristianoReina
[DnD] Akeidis chibi - commission by CristianoReina
Shabb by Entropy762
Campaign Ideas Concepts
Atlas Elyden #54 - Mulciber by vorropohaiah
Pop Art - Pande Icon by Torekdva
Miniatures and tiles
Marais d'Tarascon Cemetery Map by Wyvern-Master

Mature Content

kingdom hearts
D and D worlds - the keyhole
Agrabah A world from the Kingdom Hearts series, based on Disney's 1992 film Aladdin, as well as its sequel, The Return of Jafar. and the King of Thieves.Jasmine, one of the Princesses of Heart, resides in this world. The Keyhole for this world is hidden deep in The Cave of Wonders, within the Lamp Chamber. The world consists of a vast desert and a city. Deep inside the desert is the cave of wonders.Survival, Agility, Awareness and Athletics will be your key ability for navigating this desert world Races= Human =Tough desert folk that have managed to make a thriving city on the sands. Their lifestyles range from simple nomadic traders to wise and scholarly sages. However, due to poor economics, there has been a boom in the amount of street urchins in Agrabah. Many of which have taken to become thieves to get by in life.= Genies =Ancient spirits of the desert. Genies were a powerful race that could control many forces of the universe, but were eventually sealed away inside lamps, bottles, and rings. They all made vows that, whoever gives them a single bit of freedom shall be granted three wishes within their powers.= Demon =Ancient spirits of darkness. Demons have vast dark powers , Immense strength , Pyrokinesis Flight , Teleportation , and is able to turn into smoke and fire at will. The most well known demon is Amok Mon-Ra. = Spirits =These can be the vengeful souls of people or spirits of nature typically trees or plants. Well known ones are Kileem a ghost of an ancient king of Agrabah , Sootinai a demonic smoke spirit , Arbutus the spirit of a tree. Thundra a rain bird.Spirits can be Incorporeal in nature or choose to become Incorporeal = undead =The undead are typically ghouls. The result of a time of the Golden Age. The king of a great empire , Shahryar. Scorned by an unfaithful wife , is often brokenhearted. Shahryar chose to marry a new woman every day only to kill her the next morning. The legends are written in a book known as Arabian Nights ( aka. thousand and one nights. ) = enchantress =Generally female , these are Cursed humans with feline features on the head and claws on hands , usually as a result of years of countless use of dark magic. Enchantress are extremely powerful akin to sorcerers , genies. Their powers include flight, teleporting, inter-dimensional travel, glamour and shape-shifting, making images or avatars of herself appear out of nowhere, or seeing or talking where she isn't physically present. These can create illusions (normal or tangible ones) that draw from their victims' memories, or even illusionary places which she or he merges with the real world that can be manipulated. They can also warp reality to the point of creating replicas of an entire city, including its population, controlling the elements and causing natural disasters. They can also control shadows as well , to generate objects whose shadow erase from existence everything it comes in contact with and rules the Shadow Realm where the evil El Katib are dwelling. They can also have the ability to summon nightmares in sleeping minds. All in all enchantress exerts an influence over everything evil. = Elemental =Spirits that correspond to one of the elements of nature , earth, water, air, and fire, It is unknown if there is a spirit of earth or fire in this world. However a known water spirit is Saleen its general form is that of merfolk and Sirocco a wind elemental its most common form is that of a demonic jackal. = Dragons =God-like creatures , two dragons are known to exist in this world. Malcho , a feathered serpent similar to a coatl. and Zin and Zang the good and evil halves of the guardian dragon living in the form of humans. = Imps =Small demons that are the size of animals = Gods = It is unknown how many gods exists in this world. These are immortal spirits similar to genies.= Sand Shark =Monstrous creature that lurks beneath the desert sands. Sand sharks have Sharp teeth , Can leap great heights , Great strength , Can swim through sand as if it were water. NPCsAladdin | HumanGenie | SpiritPrincess Jasmine | HumanJafar | HumanAbu | Small Animal Iago | Small Animal Carpet | Animated Object The Peddler | HumanCave of Wonders Guardian | Animated ObjectGuards | HumanSultan | HumanRazoul | HumanPrince Achmed | Human Gazeem | HumanHaseem | HumanCassim | HumanSa'Luk | HumanForty Thieves | HumanAmok Mon-Ra |Outsider ( Demon )Abis Mal | HumanHaroud Hazi Bin | HumanKileem | Ghost ( Human )Ayam Aghoul | UndeadMozenrath | HumanMirage | enchantressMechanicles | HumanAmin Damoola | HumanSaleen | Elemental ( Water )Malcho | DragonAziz | goblin Al Muddy Sultan | elementalArbutus | Spirit Chaos | godCaliph Kapok | HumanKhartoum | Animated Object ( Human soul trapped in a book )Nefir | ImpSadira | HumanSand Shark | Medium Animal ( aquatic )Shaman | Human Sirocco | Elemental ( Wind )Sootinai | spirit
Artificer by Eladmiri
Commission Sheet by Torekdva




Here we play and make artworks or campaigns related to the Dungeons and Dragons Roleplaying Game. If you just want to join to share your art or show your home brews, you are more than welcome to provide it! There's plenty of room in the galleries and plenty of lands, monsters, and worlds to create. The only limit is your imagination!




Valentines Day Giveaway! by RheaSarama :iconrheasarama:

Valentines Day Giveaway!
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