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Neo Dungeon Crawl,
A place for analog, digital and D&D game development for game masters, designers and game makers.
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Welcome to Neo Dungeon Crawl !

Dungeon Crawl HistoryGreetings DungeonCrawl
It has been a while since the last post at the group and I noticed something brought to my attention in regards to these Journals being dead , well they are not really dead and my activity been somewhat slow since I been busy with other stuff ATM. On top of a lack of motivation to roleplay.
I recently have a need to update my portfolio again this time to include some game design stuff so I need some play testers for D&D 3.5e , pathfinders and 5e.
As you all may know my game world is Stellar Ocean. But this game world is more than just a game to me. It is also something rather spiritual to me as well.
:iconsf-rpg: :iconstellaroceanex: :iconduskers-arpg:

The basic concept of 'Stellar Ocean' universe and cosmology is that there are many worlds and realms out there  , each with its own culture , technology , unique races , traits .... Etc. Some of the races

We all know about Dungeon Crawl and what it stands for thanks to the original officer that was here before. If you had forgotten let me remind you DungeonCrawl or DC for short only applies to D&D only with settings relating to dank, dark places like caves and mazes. This is now called New DungeonCrawl or NeoDC for short.

Now why is it called NeoDC ?

Dungeon Crawl is now a development forum to also include Digital and Analog game development as well as tabletop game development for players and dungeon masters.
No one has too feel left out because they have no experience in table games or have no experience in game design.
This is a group has has all functions and that is making games using anything you are good at.

NeoDC only has a few goals

Share ideas
Talk to other people with similar interests
collaborate with graphic designers and game development people

what will be created will be the following.

tabletop RPGs ( D&D )
digital ( video games )
analog ( card and board games )

Whats allowed

Game development arts (RPG maker, unity, flash games , D&D Etc )
Cosplay, LARPing, Ren Faire photography
handmade items relating to game making
Fan arts
fanfriction and literature
Comics & manga

Dungeons and Dragons will always be here that will not change. Why will it ?



Officer Code of Conduct====
Founder - commanding officer
Co-Founder - Executive officer
Contributor - Mods
Commanding officer
Basically all this person will do is to make a final approval and deal with any problems that show up, final decisions maker and nothing else.
Executive officer  or XO
XO members are granted all admin rights, they are my voice and carry out the will of the commanding officer.
contributor - mods
Same as XOs in the group they handle the everyday running.
If anyone will like to be one of my Officers please step up, You will then face Judgment, if i deem you worthy It will be given to you.
Officer Code of Conduct
When dealing with problems approach in a neutral manner. Picking sides is the worst thing to do when dealing with problems. If things get too hard to handle speak to the commanding officer, they will make the final decision.
Always act in a calm
Submission guidelinesFeatured
the officer will decide what will go here a new folder been added for new stuff otherwise please submit to the correct folder all are auto accepted .
Relates to all roleplay topics , settings , campaign ideas, character interviews (Q&A) , roleplay logs, etc
Concept Arts
backgrounds, illustrations, scenes, etc
non human characters, creatures , single creature, neutral background preferred
humans and humanoids, reference sheets. single character, neutral background preferred
Maps and Dungeon Tiles
mapping for digital and traditional works
photography, dolls, handmade things
literature and ideas
general literature , if members have more than 5 submissions send a note to the group to make a folder for one of the following
( comic/manga < graphic novels > )
( novel < literature> )
( settings < tabletop & Literature >)
Anime and Comics
animations, comic, manga, graphic novels, book covers and pages for .PDFs
Arms and Equipment
Item references
How to make the most out of your experence ?Here are some tips on how to make the most out of your experience as a designer or player.
If you have any advice you like to give send me a note or post it here.

Keep at heart always have a open mind like what the assassins in assassins creed say " nothing is true , everything is permitted "
tips form a DM.
The rules shown in the core books is only a reference a guideline , they are not set in stone. Furthermore everyone interprets rules differently. So to prevent confusion and arguments find some sort of common ground and work from there.
.....About your founder:iconspiritwolfofnova:
I just thought i should post this , since taken up the group some time ago. I am the power animal that resides in :iconnovadragon1000:
my master. I am a form of spirit guide/guardian ghost reflecting Native American religion and culture listed below is my story...
True story? Or just my crazy creative idea and story from my artist-mind? this is how i came to be now all I ask is to have a open mind.
I am one of two souls the white wolf i am also known by many names one of which is soul fang other times wolf, spirit wolf or spirit okami or just simply Ookami , I am not sure if i existed before my master. I am the embodiment of western culture mainly the Indian/Native religion that can be found in a human spirit everyone has a different soul creature.
in this soul I feel another spirit linked to another culture but that my master never speaks of but i often hear master call her Luna or tsukuyomi based on the game titled okami in reference to Yumigami due to i

Destiny core tabletop RPGThis is a generic system that can work across all versions of the D20 system mainly (3e,  3.5e, 4e, 5e and pathfinders ). Currently the system is only on its early stages. This system is meant for those with no knowledge of playing dungeons and dragons but can still get the same feel of it by using only the basic core rules involving combat and effects found in the core books ( dungeon master guide, monster manual, player handbook , core rulebook ).
- This system will override character ability(s)  and skills called a skill challenge system.
- It will also add a new system called karma, hero, wound and injury and changes to the alignment system.
- Classes in this system will also be different than the traditional D&D games but the original terms can still be used as a variant.

Character Interviews Q&A
Characters Interviews (QA)What is Q&A?
Q&A stands for Questions and Answers, and they are the character interviews of your original characters. In an OC interview, the OC is featured in the DungeonCrawl group blog and members or visitors to the group may ask the OC questions.  The owner of the OC responds in character.  It is fun and is a great way to add detail to an existing OC or share the OC concept with the group! At DungeonCrawl interviews will be taking a new twist in that you can opt to respond to questions in the following manner (previously it was just by text) :
:bulletgreen: Replying to the comments of the interview journal with in-character text (this is how previous interviews were done)
:bulletgreen: Producing an artwork (for example, a comic) and posting it (don’t forget, there is DA Muro you can use as well ;) )
:bulletgreen: Producing a piece of literature that includes the interview questions
:bulletgreen: A mix of the above methods
How To Participate:
- Post a blog showing wh
Character interviews (QA)Its been a while since these are posted so , I will be bringing them back with this be our new one.
Hello all our NeoDC members out there! Today our Character Interview guest(s) will be the characters made for my setting " Defenders of Light "
by :iconnovadragon1000:
~ when asking a question please write the name of the character before your question
Ex ( to Terra ) - question ?.
( Fantasy , Dungeons and Dragons 5e )

Race: Half-Elf
Class: paladin
Persona: independant and strong willed, acts like a lone wolf at times
character design brief/ creative brief
- this character is a paladin but often struggles with the darkness in her heart to do the right thing.
- unknown family apparently killed by bandits.
- she has no memory of her past including her name and calls herself hunter of darkness or just hunter.
- has a friend who given her light and strength to defend the light but was forgotten or dead.
- " i do what i can to save-guard the light,

A-RPG ( featured character )
A-RPGA-RPG stands for Art Role Playing Game , In a way this is similar to D&D. but instead of text A-RPG is played using pictures and literature.
There will only be one folder for this the one here.
A-RPG folder is reserved for the characters used in or as a starter for a role-play ( character or reference sheets only )
Adopts should be posted in the monsters folder as they only serve as inspiration for others.
Breed sheets should be posted in Miscellaneous as they are not really related to development of a game but a race.
scenes should any be made will go in featured or concept art....
tabletop can also be used in terms of role-play.
There will be several people here who are art based role-players ( stables users ) please contact the person who made the character and obey their terms of service.
RP character sheet - Reanna by novadragon1000

dungeons and dragons setting - Defenders of lightok almost done with all the references to this game so with this blog done any future updates will be posted here.
This will run on D&D 5e in open form in terms of roleplay.
Please do not take the things i have listed too personal it is just how I like to structure things.
The 4 characters i have listed play a role in the story should i decide it be used for a fanfriction.
things in ( braces ) is the alternate name or additional info.
Final fantasy : the 4 heroes of light
Final fantasy III
final fantasy IV
final fantasy IX
Lord of the rings
fire emblem
Star wars : rebellion - the new republic
Open world     - the 4 heroes of light are 3 NPCs/PCs and one character controlled by the DM.
Scripted world - in the case of this being controlled by the DM only the party will still be 4 players max but you will be the one trying to find the heroes, and possible be one your self.
the setting takes place in a area near neverwinter at the sword
Looking for Players: First Edition ADnDI am looking to add 2 or 3 players to my First Edition AD&D Ruins of Taelon campaign:
We play on, a virtual tabletop site.  The schedule is every other weekend - but we're currently trying to figure out is Saturday or Sunday afternoon works best.  The next game will be the weekend of 2 - 3 January.
My core players are rather new to PnP role playing games so if you're looking to hod-nob highly polished players this might not be the game for you.  But if you're looking for a laid-back, informal gaming experience you might want to give it a try.  I would appreciate experienced gamers who could help the less experienced players improve, but newbies are welcome too.
The group is currently lacking a magic-user and a thief, and we may be loosing our cleric.  But I'm not going to force anyone to play a given class, just letting you know what the group looks like: a fighter, a paladin, a range

character sheet 3e…
character sheet 4e…
pathfinder D&D 3.5e ruleset -
pathfinders character sheet…
pathfinder wiki…
Srd 3.5e -
d20 mordern - www.systemreferencedocuments.o……
13th Age
character generator
Tri-stat DX…

D&D 3.5e index of books…
D&D 4e index of books…
pathfinders index of books

Hello all,

Many of you might be aware of a piece of legislation currently in the process of being passed in the EU, Article 13. It's been designed to protect copyright, however its design is causing a lot of concern in the artistic community - especially those of us who make a living off art.

I'm going to keep watch to see how this situation develops, but it strikes me that uploading content of other peoples' characters (ie., the backbone of what I do here) may become very difficult if this legislation goes through. Further than that, finding customers in the first place may become very difficult.

Furthermore, some people are saying that Article 13 will bring about the end of social media. I'm not sure how that can be - it sounds incredibly drastic, but I'd rather prepare for the worst case scenario than get caught unawares. So with that in mind, I'm thinking about finding an alternative way to stay in touch and conduct business.

Is anybody interested in making email contact? Essentially it could be like a newsletter service but with some tweaks.

If that sounds like something you would like to do, email me on thecharacterconsultancy - at - At this point I'm just starting to pull together ideas for what an email-based service like this will look like, so I'm open for suggestions. Just to get you started:

- Would you be happy to be part of a mass mailing list / would you prefer to be contacted 1:1 only?
- Would you want to see new content, and would you rather have it emailed directly to you or linked to you?
- How often would you consider it acceptable to be contacted?
- Would you want to take part in group discussions, just get the new content I make, or neither (ie., make contact with me initially only and only contact me or others when you want to be contacted)?

Whatever happens with Article 13, there will be a way around it. If it goes through it'll be rough for a lot of people, but a little preparation like this should help us all to weather it.

To help spread the word, I have written a tweet. Please reblog this tweet and spread the word.

P.S: Is anyone reading this a writer or artist who works on a commission basis? It might be worth us getting in touch so that we can stay in contact with one another. Let me now what you think.
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Code of Conduct

New members are always welcomed Trust and Reputation is earned not given.

NeoDC Code of Conduct will be strictly enforced , your only option is to either adapt or leave I will only say this one time
Offenders will be given a warning, repeated offense will result in dismissal PERIOD.

~ One rule Respect
Respect each other here and be reasonable. Things are only fun till you are caught. If asked to stop please stop or disciplinary action will be done by the present officer. As a member of NeoDC you must learn to respect authority.
The officers will do what they think is right thing to do.

Our word is LAW

Our creed is


Dungeon crawl Icon by novadragon1000
Don't Judge anyone.
Report abuse by sending a note to a crew member and the problem will be dealt with.

Crew members
You are given the authority to handle problems anyway you see fit, but I ask your digression when dealing with people with provoked anger, your Job is to access the problem and solve it not create more problems,

If anyone will like to be one of my Officers please step up, You will then face Judgment, if i deem you worthy It will be given to you. I am in command now.
When given power do not abuse it, I appoint XOs and I can also demote them.


~ Zero tolerance policy on ignorance, rudeness and arrogance to any member or officer, when addressing other people, this is a game development forum be supportive of each other.
What takes the fun out of making games as a team is you cannot cooperate with other people.

~ No foul language.

~ Members if you are being harassed by a crew member let your commanding officer know,
If another member is harassing you let the officers know, a warning will be given to the offending party, multiple offenses will result in a long term ban.

~ There will now be a strict no drama policy.

~ This place is not a business it is for fun, a hangout, a place to make friends and share a common interest. So Journals will be the only place to be formal unless time is short and we have to get a message out.

~ No sympathies to those who break the code of conduct here, If accused of wrongful conduct take it up with the commanding officer, and I may revoke you as a member.

~ About Art Theft - DungeonCrawl group does not condone art theft. If you suspect that stolen art has been submitted to the group gallery, please contact the group founder. Every effort will be made to identify stolen art and remove it. This can take some time. Even when a stolen piece is identified, it takes some time to sift through the gallery and remove the deviation. Ultimately, DungeonCrawl is not responsible for stolen art. Stolen art should be reported to Deviantart Admin. Confirmed art thieves submitting work that is not theirs will be banned from the group.

~ General submissions with mature content filter, basically anything will be accepted as long as mature content has a mature filter. The postings must be your own work no unaltered screenshots.

~ Members are responsible for their own work If you ask the crew to remove it, the crew will ignore that request. The crew is not responsible for the needs of one person. There are no servants here. So don't expect any special treatment form us. Everyone even my crew must be treated equally.

~ Members are responsible for their own actions, Just like doing crime will land you a life sentence in jail. The same thing apples here otherwise you have the freedom to do what you like in the group as long as you do not overstep bounds.

~ There is no right or wrong way to do stuff we are HUMAN not GODs we are not perfect, If you do not like how I am doing it you can leave, DA is supposed to be a social site not business unless you are building a portfolio.

~ Do not ask to be a Officer as they are chosen not trained. If i see you are fit for the role you will be given officer rights.

~ Do not tell the officers what to do, if they agree with you they will enforce it.

D&D is a game, A HOBBY it does not put food on your table or get you money...


role-play rules

roleplay related stuff will be in the folder marked roleplay.

I don't normally like putting rules onto players since D&D offers a lot of options based on your choices as long as they are possible. However, I find that they will be a necessity based on the different players I may work with in the group. So, here are my rules for when people have game sessions with me.

1.) Stay in character for the majority of the session! When you come to the game, you are not yourself you are the character you built. However you may speak out of character in parenthesis or any other mark. Just indicate when you're not speaking as the character.

2.) When making your own choices, explain why and how you do them.

3.) Keep the rating among the youngest players. If a twelve year old is joining in, keep it PG 13. If everyone is 18+, then go ahead and do whatever in the nearest brothel if you want!

4.) Do not offend other players. I will give the offended the authority to damage you, causing loss of important HP and other things depending on the ruleset used

5.) Don't text speak! What really takes the fantasy out of a fantasy game for me is if people keep acting like they're texting on a cell phone. Plus there may be one of the few people out there who doesn't understand some of the words being presented in this fashion. I may make a few exceptions once in a while.

There maybe more rules to come and if you follow them then maybe you will get extra rewards at the end of the encounters.



role play will take place the following places depending on the amount of people joined or play by post here

chat :
DA chat… :
Gaia online :

obsidian portal
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:icondungeonmasterhq: :icongalleryofworlds: :iconennead-official: :iconstellaroceanex: :iconpokemonfrontierrpg: :iconsf-rpg: :iconworldofhistoria: :icondanddworldbuilder:

Please take some time to look at these other groups , affiliates only with ARPG , roleplay and other gaming groups...


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Scenario - Le Sceptre du Desert by Kervala
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but the gallery are always active , so what ruleset you use ?.
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