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Serpents Skull: Thousand Fangs Below Monsters
Thousand Fangs Below Monsters:
Alien creatures of aberrant origin, Vemeraks are true demons of the Darklands. While they are crude, aggressive, and unintelligent, they are also deeply religious, worshiping alien gods who have no place in the worlds of men. They are just as likely to eat you alive as they are to scatter your organs across a crude shrine. Their otherworldly composition makes them resilient to most forms of attack. Because of their ties to the earth, they are immune to acid, poison and electricity.
Vemeraks are covered with an alien fungus with magic draining properties. The fungus grants the Vemerak with spell resistance, and as it movies, creates a cloud of anti-magic. These creatures can spray a line of caustic stomach acid. This acid dissolves all organic matter in seconds, and then evaporates upon contact with air forming a cloud. Those who inhale this gas will be nauseated from the fumes.
The most devastating ability of a Vemerak stems from their tentacles.
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Serpents Skull: Vaults of Madness Monsters
Dire Tiger:
Larger and more ferocious than typical tigers, these predators are typically at the top of the food chain. Lightning fast, and possessing twelve inch fangs, they can unleash a terrifying charge, which can easily tear a fully armored knight to shreds.
Tigers will pounce on an opponent, then grapple them and rend them. They will then break off this tactic, and repeat.
A Dire Tiger pelt is a thing of glory. One pelt is worth 800gp and provides around 24 feet material.
These beings resemble gorillas with vulture wings. The resemblance ends there. Derhii are human level intelligence, and very reserved. They are known for their patients and cunning, however, when provoked, are a force of nature. The Ape King Ruthazek has recruited whole tribes of them as scouts, and should you see one, odds are the Ape King is not far away. They have booming voices, and can yell information up to twelve miles away, alerting all other Derhii in that range.  
While flying, they can del
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City of Seven Spears Creatures
City of Seven Spears Creatures
Large aerial predators who hunt in the depth of the Mwangi Expanse. With a 30 foot wing span, they are more adept at gliding, then flying. In combat, they prefer to snatch foes, and bring them aloft. Once they have reached a great height, they will drop their prey and let gravity do the rest. If they cannot manage to snatch a foe, they will descend and fight on the ground with their lance like beak.
Try to keep your distance, and do your best to avoid their talons. If you cannot engage them at range, ready actions against them for when they swoop down. If you have been snatched, you have a round to either grab hold, or make preparations for a fall….
Malawi Crocodile:
Larger than other Crocodiles, the Malawi are natives to the swamps and rivers of Mwangi Expanse. Most times they will use their natural camouflage to lay deadly ambushes and lunge in with their deadly jaws. Once they have gotten a bite, they will roll violently in the water
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Racing to Ruin Monsters
Racing to Ruin Monsters:
Malicious fey who dwell in shallow waters, Kelpies delight in luring victims into open water, then drowning them. Much like a siren, a Kelpie will captivate its victim with its dazzling beauty. Once enamored, only the death of the Kelpie, or the victim will end the effect.
Water is a Kelpies home, and while in the submerged Kelpies are formidable foes. Strong willed individuals should help shield their more vulnerable friends. Should one be taken by a Kelpie, they will never be seen again.
Tropical Ercinee:
Also known as the “Alicanto”, the Ercinee is an intelligent bird of radiant majesty. Its feathers naturally shine with a sun like glow, which can be seen at night with glaring clarity. Their wings naturally secrete oil which glows in contact with the air. As they fly, they leave a glowing path in their wake as drops of oil fall to the ground. While they naturally seek isolation, many humans groups will seek them out and worship them as su
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Mature content
Dreams from Smugglers Shiv :icondungeon-diver:Dungeon-Diver 0 0
Serpents Skull: Monster lore
Monster lore
Commonly known as “sea scorpions” or “Shell rats”, Eurypterids blur the line between scorpion and lobster. At home both on land and in water, they will eat anything that they consider to be food (organic or not).  The small Ochre coloured versions of this species are considered relatively harmless; however the larger versions are far more deadly with poison that can cause renal failure.
Some ships will keep Eurypterids in the bilges to eat rats and other vermin. One can tell which ships use this tactic, as their crewmen are often missing fingers and toes.
While related to Lobsters, Eurypterid meat is tough, gritty and bitter.
Arial reptilian predators with venomous fangs Dimorphdons are common along the coasts of the Mwangi Expanse. Quite territorial, they will often swoop and hiss at those in their territory. In combat they will employ a similar tactic, swooping in and attempt to poison their victims before flying off
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The DM
I was speaking to an acquaintance who was telling me that the Knowledge skill was useless and it made me ponder. As a DM, I would take the time to read the adventure ahead of time and write up answers to any knowledge checks which pertain to the adventure. By writing up the answers, and then giving them to the players that made the checks, not only does it make the players feel good, but it also lets them explain the answer in their own words. I dunno, if spending 30 min typing up a series of small paragraphs makes the game better. Why the hell not?
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