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Welcome to my page! :w00t:

I'm an 18 year old with high hopes of entering the animation business, but for the most part I just draw technicolor ponies from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! I'm always interested in meeting new people and chatting, so please don't be shy! I appreciate every and all favorites, comments, and watches I get, so thank you very much if you happen to do so! :happybounce:

Thanks for popping by! :D

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All donations are greatly appreciated- thank you!

Hey, folks. I've got some important information to share regarding a particular individual who's been giving me a headache for a pretty long time now, so I greatly encourage you to keep reading.

Before I get into this, however, let it be known that I've been wanting to write this journal since late last December, and was again almost going to do so in April, so this has been a long time coming. I'm not one to stir, engage in, or encourage petty drama, but circumstances being what they are have finally led me to become more bold in my actions and firm in my decision into doing what I feel is right.

With that being said, please beware a user who currently goes by Tigger-Creations.

They have been known to steal designs and trace artwork that does not belong to them, and unfortunately, usually make a profit off of said designs. Let me explain some typical behavior I've noticed while I've kept a close eye on them since my own personal incident with them a while back last year. "Tigger", or as they are referring to themselves now, "Mayflower", creates a piece of artwork that is either A) ripped off or just blatantly stolen from an already existing design out there, or B) the base work or even the unique style of an artist is stolen/traced. Things get even more suspicious when they are accused of theft. From there, another two things can happen. "Mayflower" will proceed to either 1) delete the entire deviation, or 2) reupload the work with alterations to the design. In my experience and observations, "Mayflower" typically goes down the route of #2, but I've seen plenty of deviations I know for a fact were suspicious "mysteriously" disappear from their galleries.

This is not the first time, nor do I believe it will be the last, that Tigger-Creations has stolen. Another cycle of behavior that has been consistent so far has been the fact that, after being accused repeatedly for theft, they delete most of their deviations and flee to a new account, nearly always with a "last farewell" journal that links their old audience to their new account. To my knowledge, "Mayflower" has been through either 3-4 accounts already, all having been abandoned by, what I assume, are the allegations of theft that apparently plague her. What's new with this situation, however, is the fact that "Mayflower" appears to have finally grown firm against these accusations and has stated recently in a journal titled "Standing Up to Critics" that they will apparently not be fleeing this time and that instead they will be standing their ground. Regardless of what's been said, I believe it is more than likely that they will still flee yet, as this was their plan before they posted this journal, as a new account was quietly opened that has now been deactivated with their new nickname, MayFlower-Batpony.

Past accounts that have since been abandoned, to my knowledge, have included PandamoniumDragon, Rockies-Curiosities, and Filly-Foal-Stockings (which has since been deactivated)- all for, I am assuming, have been the same reasons that cause "Mayflower" to flee in the first place- theft.

The arguments, if you're feeling generous enough to call them that, presented in "Mayflower's" journal are, to be quite frank, utter baloney. The idea that nothing is unique and that there is "no such thing as an entirely original work" is idiotic to me in the sense that "Mayflower" believes this exonerates them. True, there is a small fragment of truth in this belief, but only very little to begin with, as it is very easy to create something unique when done so with effort, dedication, and care, as exemplified by the numerous and talented artists within our community that bring something new to the table constantly in terms of design and story. Another very telling argument of "Mayflower's" is the fact that they also credit inspiration to their uncanny designs (though they make sure there are plenty of "substantial differences", of course). To be inspired is easy, in that case, if your goal is not to create something entirely new based on the feelings and vision necessary to do so, as is typical when inspiration strikes, and instead to simply echo something that has already been done. Here's the thing about echoes, however- they're dull and eventually fade out, while the initial sound will always ring clear.

One last thing, and I'm mostly directing this personally to "Mayflower": what is done, is done, true. You have made mistakes that are, as you say, in your past. But if your past mirrors your present, then it's not a matter between then and now, but of right and wrong. You have yet to learn from those mistakes, which means those past flaws aren't gone, especially when you repeatedly do so intentionally to make a profit. You can't improve if you are unwilling to change.

With all that being said, folks, I advise you all to exercise caution regarding this individual and their possible future accounts. Posts like these are never easy to do, and believe me, I take no pleasure in doing so, but I could no longer be hesitant in my actions against this person and their behavior. I'm fortunate in the sense that what was stolen from me by "Mayflower" was addressed and taken down- though that still doesn't make it right (I even recieved an "apology" gift from "Mayflower" that has since been taken down after the recent accusations of theft). Others may not be so fortunate if they remain unware of this user, however. Please understand this: the opportunity for redemption is always something that should be offered in similar situations like these. Whether you're a new artist, young or old, there are some paths that we are unaware of being wrong when we first start out because they are easy to take, but misguidance can only be excused for so long, again, if you are unwilling to change or to realize that there are better was to improve your art and become a better artist than to copy and trace what you see. In "Mayflower's" case, I believe they've gone beyond the point of such a redemption, since they have proven time and time again that they are entirely conscious of the fact that they are stealing and try to pass it off as an unfortunate mistake on their part. Please be wary of this individual if they try to have you sympathize them! Being aware of different sides to an argument is key to understanding, but "Mayflower" has been known to use sympathy to take advantage of people in order to better defend herself against the verifiable allegations of theft.

In situations like these, it's always difficult to decide which is the best course to take: either to simply ignore individuals like "Mayflower", or to call them out for their behaviour. While I've favored the former over the latter more often than not, I felt this finally needed to be said and done. I of course understand if you would prefer to simply add this user to your banned list, which I have also done and greatly encourage you to do so, but if you feel the need to spread this warning, I would very much appreciate it. Bringing up awareness of an issue can help solve the problem.

Thanks for reading this, gang. It wasn't something easy for me to do, and it took me a few days to get this journal out, but I feel a weight off my shoulders for doing so. If you feel like looking more into this issue and want to peruse some evidence, please refer to the following journals that have also been made regarding Tigger-Creations. If you also have any information you'd be willing to disclose that further points to "Mayflower's" past and present actions of stealing, please feel free to shoot me a note. The more information we have, the better we are able to accurately gather evidence.

Links to the other journals:

T(r)igger Warning    Hello it's me, Bayfart. If you also happen to follow Sutexii you have most likely read a spiel similar to this already.
    This is gonna be messy and Not Very Nice, but I Don't Feel Very Calm And Collected Writing This So I'm Sorry. It's been a few months of build-up upon build-up and I'm gonna Explode if I don't talk about it.
    Shout out to all my homies who helped me gather all this TEA.
    Also this is about Tigger-Creations/Mayflower-Batpony (The account they were going to move to due to the backlash they got from Sutexii's warning journal about them)/whatever other accounts they've previously had and deactivated because of these situations.
    The thing that truly got me to make a journal about it in the end was their most recent journal about being fed up with people calling them out for stealing multiple times and refusing to move accounts this time (Which no one

Beware on Tigger-Creations Please see Baylard's side of this absolute mess as well!! She goes into more depth about it

For a while now a couple friends of mine, Baylard and Sutexii , and some other artists have been dealing with a tracer and design thief, Tigger-Creations. The issue is they don't understand why their tracing and stealing is bad. MULTIPLE times they've been called out. When they are called out tigger will delete everything they've traced/stolen as well as comments and flee to another account. They continue to seek support from other artists in a big pity party because that's the only way they can continue to get away with this behaviour. I really encourage you NOT to try and befriend them, confront them or buy their designs. Only ask them to take down traced and stolen art, report, and to block them. It's really infuriating how they keep finding new ways to steal art all while claiming to be the victim and hiding comment

Art TheftHey, um... please be extremely wary of Tigger-Creations
UPDATE: More in-depth info here: 

They've stolen designs to sell as adopts for a long time, and even commissioned customs from others that are extremely similar to others' characters.
With my pal Baylard they've both stolen and traced her characters before, and just recently did the same to me...
literally two days after asking if I was selling said designs....

Tigger-Creations oc, aka my okapi with my celaeno x spitfire ng's hair: 
Now, I'm not really one to engage with dA drama, and even less when it comes to horse fandom stuff. I just like drawing them and making characters!
But this person has undoubtably done this with many other people's characters, has made money off of it, and has re-created their account before to avoid consequences. AND has ignored multiple people in the past explai

Stay cautious, and thanks again for reading this, everyone. :thanks:



The first batch of adopts are now officially closed! Thanks so much to those who bought the characters and to those who expressed interest in the first place. Did you miss the first batch? No worries! There'll be more adopts coming your way soon- I've got a few more planned! I'll keep you guys updated as to when the next round comes around, hehe. Thanks again for the support, folks! :love:
I'm going to be working on some adopts today! I hope to get the first batch out by later today, so keep an eye out! I'll be dishing them out in batches of 3- so far I have around 9-10 ideas to work with, so hopefully I can get them all out sometime soon. More info will be released as soon as I'm almost ready to open up shop. Stay tuned! :happybounce:
I've been thinking a lot about TimeBubbles (Derpy/Time Turner) lately, so naturally I began to develop some NG for them, heh. Click on the link for some brief information about these two kiddos before I officially post them eventually! :happybounce:
TimeBubbles NG by DuneFilly
Fun Fact: TimeBubbles was actually one of my first favorite ships in the fandom aside from Dislestia from way back in the first few seasons of MLP! They're one of the reasons why I got so involved with MLP in the first place- I loved them both so much that they were all I drew back then. They both still have a special place in my heart, heh. :love:
Totally unpopular opinion: I really dislike the Kirins introduced this season. They just seem, for lack of a better word, lazy in design to me? I feel like they could have done a lot more in terms of making them more appealing and unique instead of adding just enough features to make them stand out from a regular pony base (i.e: their horns, the scaled back, etc.). I also feel like the staff missed a great opportunity for some world building potential here! Given that Kirins/Qilins are of Chinese and other East Asian origins, I feel like some of that culture could have been translated more into the MLP Kirins, like Mistmane's story. All in all, I was pretty much unimpressed by the episode and the Kirins themselves- I wish we could have had more, both in terms of a more cohesive design and story/world building. Needless to say, the Kirins, at least how they were introduced in the show, won't be canon for Harmonyverse, I'm afraid. No, I disagree! 

What do you guys think? Are the Kirins a Yay or a Nay in your book? Let me know down below! :)
I've decided I'll be giving Cherry Surprise (Pinkie and Cheese's daughter) a sibling! The CheesePie family never really felt complete for me before developing this new NG, so now I'm way more pleased with this little clan of curly haired goofballs, hehe. I'll also be updating Rainbow's kids, Gale and Sunny, as well as formally introducing her third child with Quibble, Quill Feather. All the awesome suggestion I've been receiving from you guys on my pitch journal has really gotten me into the mood of developing characters again, so turning my attention back to characters I've already made that need some more care has been a great side-effect of my little experiment- thanks again for sending in all those proposals, gang! Harmonyverse is getting filled with a great cast of characters all thanks to your ideas. :love:




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