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Icon for JapanForge

this isn't a pack but just an overview.

This Icons are for a website (JapanForge).
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These are beautiful! I love realistic icon sets. Too bad it isn't a full set. It is LOVELY!
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really cool icon. by the way, may i use some of them for a Japan Department of Unesa (kind of university in Surabaya, Indonesia) website? I'll credit you. Oh, I also plan to use Japan icon from mag1cwind0w and already have the permit. Thanks before :love:
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You can use everything if you need but sorry, I can't share JapanForge.
That's ok. I have seen your web and its cool and I also download some of them. May i use it? (some for Japan department and some for myself). Thanks a lot, I love Japan Things even though I can't speak Japanese :D
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Like to see this webpage.
have a linK?
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no sorry, I don't know.
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Great icon set! You are truly talanted
Great work there
This look really nice =)
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beau mais pas suffisant ^^
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They're awesome!
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thank you for your comment and for your Dwatch.
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You're welcome, your work is brilliant! But you already know that ;)
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Although they're not food icons, I still want to lick them ;)
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Je suis toujours aussi "fan", Gary.. :heart: =)
Forcément... ^^;
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Belle réalisation ;)
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Merci, ça faisait longtemps que je n'avais pas posté d'icône
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De rien :) ça vaut le coup ;)
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They're very good looking my friend, very good looking! :nod:
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