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Im Back!! with a Panda Shirt@!

Im Back!! with a Panda Shirt@!

Haha, alright, well yeah....its been SO long since i've posted anything on here. :< Crazy stuff, what with work and...World of Warcraft... :x BUT I'm back and I do plan on trying to post some more goods on here. I'm not sure if anyone is familiar with the shirt.woot(http://shirt.woot.com), the makers of woot.com, but its great, they sell a t-shirt a day and they have these crazy derby competitions where you submit a shirt design based on their topic. Anyways, one of mine won second place last time! So I've got this shirt up for sale at this link: http://shirt.woot.com/Friends.aspx?k=3791 The theme was 'make up your own sport' and pandas ar

Talkity Talk-Talk... ,P

Talkity Talk-Talk... ,P

Weeeeeellllll....its been forever and a day since my last journal entry and I figured you guys would begin to wonder if I even remembered how to post a new journal entry...which I DO...so I am posting one. Halloween is right around the corner and I'm working on something to submit for that joyous occasion. So that will probably be my next art submission. :) I love this time of year, it really makes me want to draw for some reason, or it atleast makes me want to get out and go do something fun, I just need to figure out something fun to go do... :D Well, I guess thats all I've got to say for now, If I don't post another one of these confound

What sort of Naruto fanart would you like to see me do ...

  |  130 votes
  • Portrait type poses of characters
  • Full blown CGs with backrounds and all
  • Shaded sketches
  • Another "Revival Uchiha" comic
  • Comics in general
  • Specific pairings ex:KakaSaku, SasuSaku..etc

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Are u still alive????
Still around doucheboo? :)
sakuraxls2Student Digital Artist
I have one of your pictures on my Profile [link]
if you are not okay with this then
please tell me and i will remove it
Hi, I´m mmarmotta, I'm spanish and my english it's quite bad.
I like a lot all yours Narutos works
I would like loading your drawing "wait a minute" for my fanfic "El asunto". I hope you understand my mail and you give me the permission.

Thank you
hyperxspaceHobbyist Traditional Artist
you relly have some nice naruto artworke
Kitsune1978 has created the European and American Naruto Character Popularity Poll that will last until December 01, 2012. He is making a poll that is not exclusive to Japan as all other Naruto popularity polls have been. I am trying to help him out by spreading the word to as many people as possible so that they can contribute their opinion.

If you want to vote for this poll, go to the link below and write your top 10 Naruto characters as a comment. Additional directions will be included on the page.

Please contribute to this poll so that Kitsune1978 can get as many people involved as he can.

whats your fanfiction name?