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Joan of Light and D'Arc

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Cover for the first issue of the series from Emet Comics www.emetcomics.com/

Stock source: Memento2 by faestock

The series, written by Jo Buckman, and illustrated by me, explores the relationship between Joan of Arc and Gilles de Rais. 

Gilles de Rais was Joan's second in command, her right hand man during her campaigns against the English.  You find this mentioned in contemporary accounts, but not in the later ones.  Presumably, the French historians were loath to admit their famous saint was associated with a man who, some years after Joan's death, was convicted as a serial killer - he supposedly raped, tortured, and killed hundreds of children in satanic ceremonies.

Many historians now believe that Gilles, like many other supposed medieval satanists and witches, was framed for political and economic reasons.  But for the purposes of our story, we're sticking with the satanist/serial killer legend.
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