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Prince Dumuzi Aeolus Aisha Nibiru

“I like my tea black, just like the hearts of the damned~” - Dumuzi the real Messiah aka The Rainbow Hero [[I do like other types of tea though!]]

Sin means wisdom in Ancient Nibirian and Sumerian. Alongside tyrannos, it is another word that wasn’t even negative in the first place and turned negative later by humans.

Ehdin means “wilderness” in Ancient Nibirian. Sumerian version is Ehden. It is pronounced eh-din not ee-din, get it right humans. Enough with butchering my kind’s important sacred language.

Tyrannos means ”monarch“ pretty much and does indeed have origins to Nibiru. Really shows how stupid and evil humans have become, like how is monarchy bad? Sure some rulers are bad but they’re human rulers.. Evil dictators can be voted in too and frankly more non monarchy rulers have damaged the Earth way more then most monarchy has in the past.

Tyrannos means monarch nothing more, so why is it nowadays used negatively? Because humanity is toxic and wants everything to do with my people made to wrongfully look evil when in reality it is humanity that is truly become evil.

Yazata and demons rule just fine in fact they are tons better rulers because they keep things peaceful. Nibiru never has had a war ever on his surface, yes we consider my home planet male as so should Earth as Earth is named after Ea/Enkai, my father. Earth means “Ea’s/Enkai’s Kingdom.” which means you humans outta be more respectful towards Enkai considering how merciful he was towards you in the past.

Humans were accidents not intentional so no you humans were never made in our image that is all a lie your ancestors made up to stroke their filthy disgusting egos. The first humans were actually named Earl and Ava and are completely evil wicked creatures.

If only my father could sense evil as good as I can.. though even to this day he regrets showing mercy towards humans as all they did was betray him...

The title Messiah means ”Hero of Rainbows“ and never refers to any human as it only refers to I, Dumuzi, and no one else! It comes from Nibiru not Earth.... so begone with your false beliefs and lies!

Humans stole those words and spread lies about those words thus corrupting them with false meanings... and now even though I came back to Earth as foretold... it’s too late for the human race... they blew their chances to redeem themselves.. and now they can’t be saved..


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if you weren't such dickrags
Don't fuck up bruh
All fandoms have it.
Repost: How dare u not respect ur oppressors
I have my reasons
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Hmmm…. Suusssss… very sus... Does anyone get their are faved by deactivated accounts? O_o
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Heard in the original Pokemon Diamond and Pearl games you could not hatch eggs in the underground. Well in the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl remakes I tried to hatch eggs to see if this changed and yes you can hatch eggs now in the Grand Underground area. Oh if anyone is wondering I picked Shining Pearl.
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It‘s AEI-AH-TH so the Ea which comes from King Enkai’s alternate name Ea which is pronounced AEI-AH not EE-AH like humans tend to say his name. And AEI is like AY or EY like in hey. The TH in the word Earth is pronounced fast. So humans yeah… had the word pronounced wrong since Earth comes from Ea and means Ea’s Kingdom. So there’s some knowledge for you people. So yeah “UR-TH” is way off! Sounds like how a caveman or something would mispronounce it! Which…now that I think about it that probably isn’t too far off how it got butchered over time.. Not sure what species of homo as in human aka in Nibirian language we call humans “devils” but when it was given to them it had no negative meaning so dunno what homo species to blame as back then other species of homo were still around and not extinct yet... Erectus? Neanderthal? You know what… given the obvious use of Western pronunciation if it is a non-homo sapien species to blame then it’s Neanderthals obviously as pretty sure they were
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Quote Box

“When you live for as long as I do,

when you see the birth and the death of stars,

you see civilizations rise and fall,

people come and go,

you get used to saying ‘goodbye’.

You get used to that feeling.


When I find myself drifting,

alone in this vast universe,

will you be there,

with me?

I just want to hear another beating heart close to mine…”

Found this somewhere but forgot where.. but it actually deeply fits me.. being how eternal I am..