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Music Note Star Tattoo

Here the third submission of my musical star tattoo designs. I actually went on Wikipedia to see what kind of other notes I could take and utilize into this kind of style. There were a few cool ones of course but I figured I'd start with the traditional music note :).

Hopefully this one is as well received as the others.
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Can I use your design commercially t creat a t shirt design

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No, I don't want my design used. Thanks for the interest though!

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my i us your pick ples
Would it be possible to purchase the rights to use this design?  Our high school choir loves it and would like to make this their logo.  The school's mascot is a Star.  I've shown them quite a few of your designs.  They love them.  This one the best.

Thank you.
I hope you don't mind as I was thinking of using this as a tattoo - I will of course give you credit in any pictures/photos of the finished work.  
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Sounds good to me :). Good luck!
how may i contact you? business purposes  
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You can email me at
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Do you mind if I re-create your design for my graphics work at college?

Keep up the good work =3
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I suppose that'd be alright, as long as you throw some credit this way :P
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Sounds good :)
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hahaha...I keep using your Clef Tattoos as cutie marks...I hope you don't mind?
Bass Clef Pony: [link]
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That's cool. :)
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this is cool! awesome sketch!
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i've made this tattoo 2 months ago..its very cool dude!
thanks for ur sketch.. :)
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Good to hear :). I'm glad I could provide the inspiration.
i have a tattoo like this i will post pics and give you the cred for it
Where can i see your pics?
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Much appreciated. :D
would someone please post a picture of the tattoo on your body.
I'm thinking about getting this one on my shoulder or arm.

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