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Bass Clef Star Tattoo

Well, after the popularity of my Treble Cleff Star tattoo design, I decided to draw up the companion design; the Bass Clef Star. I hope those who showed an interest in the first one will enjoy this one just as much :).
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i've drew this tattoo on my bass [link] hope you like it X3
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just got this outline done on my shoulder, ill get you a pic soon, awesome design
This is so awesome! I adore it!
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hey, this is awesome!
is it cool if i use it, and probably the treble one as well?
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im thinking about getting this inked man, mind if i steal it?
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wow. i love this. i've been looking for ideas for a bass clef tattoo, and this one is amazing!
My friend i fell in love with this..i hope you dont mind but im getting it on my side thank you
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No prob, glad you liked it so much :).
Hey~!! I have to send you pics of the final tattos...but I'm gonna use this one too..I'm waiting on another note so that I can go add to it!
my brother before he passed got this design as a tattoo because he was the most talented bass player most people knew. i love looking at this picture because it reminds me when he came over to our house and was like "MOM LOOK :D" and there it was! great great job.
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Thanks for such a warm compliment, I'm glad it reminds you of that :).
this is awesome!!!
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That's such an awesome design! Might look good on my ankle. ;]
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I'll make this draw on my body :) If u want the photo, add me on messenger:

It's a very beautiful tattoo =)
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My friend has this as a tatoo, I think I just discovered where he got the idea and design!
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Cool :D. You'll have to get a picture of it and post it so I can see the interpretation.
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Best one I can find is this one: [link]
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