Hershey's Kisses - Levi x Reader

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(Y/N) = Your name
(F/C) = Favourite colour
(S/C) = Skin colour
(Fav/animal) = Favourite animal
(F/C/F) = Favourite chocolate flavour.

It was the 14th of February, Valentine’s Day…

(Y/N) didn’t know what to do, her love for the stoic man was strong, what she did not know was that Levi harboured the same feelings towards her.


Levi’s POV:

Tch, I don’t know what to do today, it’s that one holiday where you can ‘feel the love’ in the air, I want to tell (Y/N) my feelings towards her, but how? I don’t want to get shitty glasses or eyebrows involved, Hanji would just end up teasing me for the rest of my life, and I’d never hear the end of it. Erwin? God knows what we would do, probably come up with the most ridiculous ideas to somehow show (Y/N) my feelings.

I didn’t trust a lot of (Y/N)’s friends, most were brats, or just plain stupid. There was one that I thought would be good to go to, (Y/N)’s closest friend, Mikasa Ackerman. She knew what she likes; hopefully she could help me, even though I know she’s not so fond of me.

(Y/N)’s POV:

It’s the day I can /hopefully/ tell Levi my feelings for him, but what should I do? Ask him on a date? No… he’d probably just reject me and call me a brat. Send him a gift maybe? Anonymously? Probably not he might just guess that it was me. Honestly I have no idea what to do…

Maybe I should just wait and see if he does anything, if not, well I’ll just give him his gift anyway. I sigh to myself, what if he doesn’t like me that way? I might ruin our friendship, he might hate me even…

“(Y/N)..!!” I spun around to meet those beautiful eyes of Eren Jaeger, a childhood friend. I smile a tad.

“What is it, Eren?” I giggle at what I said, it’s what Jean said that one time, which was quite funny.

Eren looked quite out of breath, a slight blush on his cheeks.

“I-I got sent, to tell you that Levi wants to meet you on Titan’s bridge. He said that you must wear your favourite clothes, nothing too fancy, j-just something comfortable.”

Eren calmed down and watched my face awaiting to see my reaction and answer.

I smiled softly at the brunette boy.

“Tell him I’ll be there, at what time though?”

Eren is now standing up straight, a serious expression upon his face.

“He wants you to be there now, well, as soon as you’re dressed and ready to go, also (Y/N). Don’t forget the gift you bought him.”

He winked at me as a slight blush crawled onto my (S/C) cheek.

“Y-yeah, alright Eren. Thank you for coming here and telling me, I appreciate it.”

I walked up to the boy and give him a quick hug before I turn on my heels and left him alone.

Me and Eren have always been quite close friends, we met around the age of 9, that was quite a long time ago now, I'm now 19 years old and Eren is 18. He’s changed quite a lot over the years, he was a cute kid, but now a handsome young man. I’m surprised he has no girlfriend or boyfriend, whichever way he swings.

I wonder what Levi is going to say to me, maybe he will confess to me? I hope so, it’d be great to know that these feelings are not one sided. It happened once before and it hurt a lot when I found out it was one sided.

I used to have quite a crush on Jean Kirschtein around the age of 15, of course I knew he had feelings for Mikasa, but I thought I may have had a slight chance with him. But oh no I was wrong. Soo wrong. I confessed to him during the Christmas holidays. I bought him a gift with a label on it which said:

“Merry Christmas Jean, I know you like these a lot so I thought I’d buy them for you, have a great day!

I love you,


The next day he came up to me and said that he didn't feel the same way, I was devastated when he told me this, I felt like my heart was crushed into tiny pieces.

I break out of my thoughts when I nearly trip up on a broken paving stone, I checked my surroundings to see if anyone saw. Luckily no one was there to see me embarrass myself like that. My house wasn't far away now, I just have to turn a corner then I’m there.


I hum to myself as I unlock the door.

“Mum? Dad?”

I call out, my voice echoes around the eerie house, no reply. I guess they went out on a trip for Valentine’s Day or something. I hurried up the stairs into my small room. It may not be the best room ever but it works for me. It contains the everyday essentials that you need for a bedroom. A bed, closet, drawers and a desk. I step over a pile of clothes to reach my closest. I have quite a habit to leave clothes all over my floor. If Levi was here, he’d probably have a fit. Heh.

I pick out a (F/C) plaid button up shirt, some black skinny jeans and red converse. I change out of my original outfit to put on my new one. I somewhat struggle to put on my skinny jeans, I have to wiggle and jump a few times to finally get them on, I put a white short sleeved shirt on then the plaid shirt over it. I slipped my converse on and walked into the bathroom to do my hair.

I brush it into a loose ponytail and apply some light eyeliner. I look presentable enough, I went down the stairs and out of the door.

Levi’s POV:

(Before Eren goes to tell (Y/N) about the date.)

I let out a short sigh and walked over to the black haired girl, with her back facing me. Talking to Eren.

“Oi, brat.”

I say with my usual monotone voice. They both stop talking to look at me. I heard the girl sigh as she opens her mouth.

“..What is it, Shorty?”

I clicked my tongue at the shitty insult.

“Tch, I wanted to ask you something about (Y/N).”

She slightly raised one of her slim eyebrows as to question what I want to say.

“Since it’s Valentine’s Day I want to treat her to something, do you know what she would like? Or anywhere she'd like to go?”

Mikasa let out a short laugh.

“Levi is actually getting a date and is bothered about it? Guess there’s a first time for everything.

Well, (Y/N) really likes (Fav/Animal), she thinks they’re really cute, so you might want to get her a plushie of that animal, she also really like the colour (F/C) so maybe something else that involves that colour.

And for a place? Well, she has always wanted to go to the Shiganshina Monument, so maybe take her there.

I’m also not supposed to tell you this but, she really like Hershey’s Kisses.”

I slightly smirk when I heard that (Y/N) likes kisses, oh boy this is going to be great.

“Heh, thanks I guess brat, also Eren! I want you to find (Y/N) that I want her to meet me on the Titan Bridge in comfortable clothes, nothing too fancy or showy. Don’t want that shit getting too much attention from others. Tell her to meet me there as soon as she's ready.”

I look over at Eren waiting for his response. He flinched slightly when he looked at me and blushed slightly.

“U-uh, yeah sure Levi.”

He stuttered slightly as I smirk at him, sometimes that brat can be cute, but not as cute as (Y/N).

I turned away from the two and walked towards the market, when I arrive I look around at the stuffed toys stall. I spotted a (F/C) (Fav/Animal) plush, this is perfect for (Y/N). I can’t wait to see her reaction today, if she rejects me then I don’t know what I’ll do.

I give the man the money for the toy and I go on my way again, towards the Titan Bridge.

But I soon halt when I see a sweet shop, in the window I see an advertisement.


I chuckle as I enter the shop, I pick up a silver wrapped (F/C/F) Kiss, I go to pay the lady at the till and once again, make my way out.

(Y/N)’s POV:

I arrive at the Titan Bridge and the sight that I see gets me staring, it’s Levi, he looks…amazing.

He’s wearing a simple crisp white shirt and a simple leather jacket on top, with black jeans and grey sneakers. He’s not overdressed or underdressed, just right. He catches me staring at him and smirks.

“Like what you see, (Y/N)?”

I blush and avert my eyes to the floor and I stutter out a few words quietly.

“N-no, yes, m-maybe.”

The blush still evident on my face I slowly walk up to Levi but not meeting his grey eyes. I had this gift in the pack pocket of my skinny jeans ready to give it to him, I’ll give it to him later on, I notice that one of his pockets are bulged out slightly, I wonder what’s inside…

Maybe a gift for me? That’d be great to receive one from him.

I snap out of my thoughts by an irritated voice.

“Tch, (Y/N), are you coming or not?”

I can feel his piercing gaze on me as I shift towards him.

“Y-yeah, I’m coming, I was just thinking. N-not about you or anything! Hehe, not at all..”

I look at Levi from the corner of my eye to see him smirking to himself, I look forward again and caught up with him.


Levi’s POV:

Me and (Y/N) are sitting in front of the Shiganshina Monument, her reaction to the Monument when we arrived was so cute, I slightly smiled as excite filled her eyes as she gazed up to the Monument, where apparently the last titan was killed, she has always been quite interested in the titans, she used to rent out books about them and collected a few things.

Anyway, I guess it’s time, I should give (Y/N) her gifts.


Her name rolled off my tongue and my eyes looked over at her, her beautiful (E/C) eyes staring into my dull grey ones.

“Y-yes, Levi?”

She stuttered slightly, and I chuckled, how cute..

I put my hand into my pocket and pulled out the small plush and put it into her lap.

“I heard you like (Fav/Animal)’s so I thought this would be fitting, it’s your favourite colour too. I hope you like it you stupid brat.”

My hand is still in my pocket as she looked down onto the toy, with a shocked and pleased expression painted on her face.

“Levi… Thank you so much for this, I didn’t expect it honestly.. It’s so cute, it’s a good thing I also have something for you.”

I quirked an eyebrow as she reached into her back pocket of her skinny jeans and pulls out something.

“Open your hands, Levi, so I can drop this into them.”

She looks at me which an innocent expression, god, why does she have to be so cute? But I obey her instruction and put my hands in a cup like shape, only for her to drop a beautiful necklace into them.

At the end of the necklace a beautiful trinket hangs from the chain, the Wings of Freedom.

The logo of the Survey Corps..

“..(Y/N), this is beautiful, where did you even get it from?”

My expression softens slightly as I look at her face.

“But before you tell me I want to ask you a question…”

She looked at me as I roll the Hershey’s Kiss between my fingers.

“..And what would that be?”

I smirk and look directly into her eyes.

“Would you like a kiss?”

Her face soon red, nearly as red as a titans blood.

“W-what! L-Levi, what do you mean!?”

She looks at me with a bewildered expression as I pull the kiss out of my pocket and plop it into one of her hands I smirk at her expression as she unwraps the chocolate and slips it into her mouth.

“..Levi, how did you know I absolutely love these?”

The smirk still on my lips and the blush on her cheeks slightly fading away.

“Well, a little brat told me of course.

Anyway, how about I give you a proper kiss.”

I put my hand on top of her and lean forward.

I see her close her eyes and lean forward too, I soon also close my eyes and press my lips softly against hers, I can feel how nervous she is, but I graze her bottom lip with my tongue, asking for permission that she gave straight away. My tongue slipped into her warm mouth, I tasted the sweet taste of chocolate on my tongue and I pulled away licking my lips and gazing at her. She is blushing like mad and I whisper;

“Happy Valentine’s Day (Y/N), I love you.”

I kiss her now red cheek and I hear her whisper.

“I love you too Levi, forever and always.
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