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St Elias Mountains

The majestic St Elias Mountains rise up to 5.000 meters along the Alaska Highway as I drive from Alaska to Canada.


Auf dem Alaska Highway von Alaska nach Canada begleiten mich in er Ferne die majestätischen, bis zu 5.000 Meter hohen St Elias Mountains.


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:star::star::star::star: Overall
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I see a landscape with a mountain range in the distance, a body of water and evergreen trees in the foreground. It reminds me of a traveller's postcard.

There is a lot to like about this piece. The two evergreens at the centre left do a good job of breaking up the painting, while drawing attention to the main mountain in the centre of the picture. The color choice is very strong mixing dark and light greens, soft blues with whites and grays.

The only item I would look at for improvement is establishing a sense of dimension to the water. In the centre of the piece, the water looks like it is climbing up the hill a little. A few adjustments would improve how the surface of the water is perceived and improve its fit into the overall landscape.

The trees in the distance are very well done. They are vague enough to communicate distance, but detailed enough for the observer to know they are seeing trees. I know how hard that is to do. I also like the way you shaped the edges of the piece. Makes it look like a memory.

I think this is the strongest piece in your Panamericana 2016 collection thus far. The scene structure is different than the others and it is also the strongest expression of your technique so I gave you top marks in both originality and technique. I think a few adjustments to the surface treatment of the body of water would improve the overall impact on the piece. Everything else is just dandy! Excellent work.

Note: If you want some details behind my approach to critiques you can review my two journal posts titled How I Critique.
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Thank you very much for your critique and for the :+fav:
It is very much appreciataed. Acutally, I never gave this painting a second glance, while travelling, but now that I'm back, it's one of my favourites. :D
I'm still strugelling with water surfaces - not only in this painting. I think, some day I will find the right way of coping with them.
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My pleasure. I love the mountains and it was a treat to review your painting.
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I didn't meet him, but I could imagine him there.
Great video!
Thanks for the link :w00t:
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Thank you so much :w00t:
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Lovely work.
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Thank you very much :w00t:
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Oh, sehr schön! Davon bekommt man ja Fernweh ^^
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Der Alaska Highway ist wirklich eine Reise wert. ... und im Sommer ist es dort auch gar nicht so kalt ;-)
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Truly beautiful watercolor's artwork, I love the colors and the atmosphere! Very well done :heart:
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Thank you so much!
Your feedback is very important to me.
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Always a pleasure my dear friend!!
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Die Farben sind super, und es wirkt wirklich sehr majestätisch. Könnte glatt ein Bär um die Ecke kommen!
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Die Begegnung mit dem Bären hatte ich am Tag darauf ;-)…
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Das Bild finde ich bisher am besten. Du hast die Farben richtig gut gewählt :)
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Danke. :D
Rückblickend ist es auch eines meiner Lieblingsbilder. Beim Malen selbst habe ich irgendwie gar nicht gemerkt, wie gut es geworden ist. ;-)
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Das ist imho der richtige Ansatz! Wenns von Anfang an gut werden soll, gehts bei mir schnell daneben, am Besten malt es sich "aus Versehen" :)!
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Das sehe ich ähnlich. Es ist eben doch "Kunst" und nicht "Konstruktion" ;-)
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So schöne Farben! Da will ich auch glatt hin!
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Toll, gell!
Und diese Berge sind nicht die einzigen, die einem auf dem Alaska Highway begegnen. Am nächsten Tag kommt die Logan-Kette. Die sind sogar bis zu 6.000 Meter hoch. Hinfahren lohnt sich auf jeden Fall.
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Klingt super!
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