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Catppuccin Rainmeter skin

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Based on adi1090x's beautiful eww widgets for linux [here!], I made some rainmeter skins with the catppuccin color scheme.

The top bar is not mine.
It's khanhas' Polybar for Rainmeter and can be found here
I used the pratous theme and just added some colors.

All elements of the sidebar are separate skins. You can use them as sidebar or arrange them however you want.
I made this for myself, but since some users on reddit asked me to, I am sharing it here.
It was not intended for general use and easy configuration.
There are some settings in the styles.ini file which you can change (e.g. player, weather location), but you will also have to dig into some other .ini files to change some paths/settings etc. and to get the whole functionality.
I'm not an expert or programmer, therefore please ignore my poor coding skills..

I'm only using Spotify. I don't know how it will work with other players.

The skins don't activate automatically.
I have saved the layout in the package.
If you are using 1920x1080 resolution you can active the layout directly.
Otherwise you have to activate and arrange the skins separately.

Enjoy and leave some thoughts/comments!

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