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Xillion and His Tiny Adventure

By DukesToyBox
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“You haven’t truly explored until you’ve shot yourself out of a tube in a reproduction of the old world’s smallest car.” - an idiot, probably the sales guy

Following the Archie Sonic origin story, the “old world,” our Earth, is the past version of Mobius. Thus, information about Earth still exists. Apparently, that data includes the specs of the smallest car in the world: the Peel P50.

This image is mostly a trace-over of an image I took in Forza Horizon 4, but retraced and recolored to include Xillion. I used the picture of Jeremy Clarkson driving the Peel P50 as a reference for hands, hence why they're human-sized and not Mobian-sized. It’s also the second art entry into X-irus’s January art raffle, found here: fav.me/dcvxd55

And, uh, Xillion is owned by :iconx-irus:
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