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Commissions are now open!

  • Payments through Paypal only.
  • I’ve written up a list of my art styles below to categorise prices and so forth, but it isn’t iron-clad. It should in fact be noted that PRICES MAY VARY  depending on the complexity of the commission.
  • To put the prices into perspective, I’ve included the relative time it takes to complete different types of commissions (trying not to go below minimum wage here). If it seems a bit pricey, just think of me, hunched over a tablet through to the wee hours of the morning, desperate completionism haunting my expression.
  • When describing what you’re after, be as specific as you can. Use detailed descriptions and send as many visual references as you feel are necessary for the most accurate result.


TIME (roughly): 1-2 hours
PRICE (USD): Full-body - 15 | Waist-up - 10 | Bust - 8 | Added character - 5 | With scenery - 5
Pencil Pearl by DukeStewart  Pencil Peri by DukeStewart  Pencil work by DukeStewart Bezita Pencil by DukeStewart


TIME (roughly): 4-5 hours
PRICE (USD): Full-body - 45 | Waist-up - 40 | Bust - 30 | Added character - 20 | With scenery - 20
Jake and Amir Lines by DukeStewart Ichigolines by DukeStewart Anna Lines by DukeStewart

Linework with Shade

TIME (roughly): 5-6 hours
PRICE (USD): Full-body - 55 | Waist-up - 50 | Bust - 40 | Added character - 30 | With scenery - 30
Doctorlines by DukeStewart Nichijou stuff2 by DukeStewart Colour Line Ashley by DukeStewart


TIME (roughly): 6-7 hours
PRICE (USD): Full-body - 65 | Waist-up - 55 | Bust - 45 | Added character - 35 | With scenery - 35
Jnpr by DukeStewart Snow Finn by DukeStewart LAPis by DukeStewart Catherine Commission by DukeStewart

"The Works" (Full Colour and Shade)

TIME (roughly): 8-10 hours
PRICE (USD): Full-body - 90 | Waist-up - 80 | Bust - 60 | Added character - 40 | With scenery - 40
Dip by DukeStewart Nichijou stuff by DukeStewart Ted Profile by DukeStewart  Steven Universe by DukeStewart  Spider Woman by DukeStewart  JackSepticEye by DukeStewart Supernatural Commission by DukeStewart

Pixel Art (Static)

TIME (roughly): 2-3 hours
PRICE (USD): Full-body - 20 | With scenery - 15
Supernatural Game Sprites by DukeStewart

Pixel Art (Animated)

TIME (roughly): 8-10 hours
PRICE (USD): Full-body - 90 | With scenery - 15
Doctor Who Pixel by DukeStewart  Bee and Puppycat by DukeStewart Jake The Dog Game Sprite by DukeStewart

Pixel Art (Isometric Scene)

TIME (roughly): 20-25 hours
PRICE (USD): Artwork - 160 | Added character - 10
Garnet's Universe by DukeStewart Batcave by DukeStewart


TIME (roughly): 8-16 hours
PRICE (USD): Artwork - 90-120  Price will vary depending on content requested (amount of panels, characters, style, etc...)
Duke of Wellington [1] by DukeStewart  Layton Holmes by DukeStewart More Nichijou by DukeStewart

General Animations

TIME (roughly): 12-24 hours
PRICE (USD): Animation - 100-160 - Price will vary depending on content requested (Animation type, run time, colour, etc...)
Earbuds by DukeStewart Puzzleface by DukeStewart CBB Enlarged Icon by DukeStewart

  • Contact me via note on DA or you can email: with your commission.
  • I will send you the price for what you request and a link to pay it through Paypal. Put your username on the payment, please and thank you.
  • After payment is made, I will send you a sketch for approval (very rough sketch for the pencil option). This would be the time to suggest any changes if you have issues with the way the picture looks.
  • Finally, I will send you a link to the finished product as a PSD and JPEG file for you to download, and our transaction will be complete.
  • If it seems like I’m taking a disturbingly long time to finish your commission, do please give me a nudge, though I will try to get it done as soon as I can. If you have a deadline in mind, it's okay to tell me, I'm a nice person

  • I may very well post a finished commission in my gallery. Let me know IMMEDIATELY if you aren’t okay with that. I'll keep it hush-hush.
  • And look, try not to be super smutty with your commissions, okay? I’m incapable of an R18 thought, let alone drawing.
  • Actually you know what? Let’s say no My Little Pony ones or ones of those oddly sexualised human-animal hybrids I see so much of on the DA front page, those...well I hate to use the word “furries”, but I just have.
  • Right, let’s just say I reserve the right to refuse service to weird requests.

If you want to know more about my commissions or have any kind of question, drop me an email, send a note, write a comment. You are absolutely not obliged to continue further if you decide you’d rather take your business elsewhere.


See above
New Zealand


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BreakTargets Featured By Owner Edited Apr 4, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So, is there any reason you didn’t make a reference sheet for Lee? There’s some people (notably me) that want to draw her, and going by both fanart and comic pages is a bit annoying.

And besides, I also want to know a bit more about her (among other things about Roundhouse).
DukeStewart Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2019
I appreciate the compliment! I've drawn Lee a thousand times, so there was never a need for me to make anything as concrete as a reference sheet I'm afraid.
Roundhouse facts will emerge and develop as new episodes are released.
joebev910 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2019   Digital Artist
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