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This is my blog.
Go there!
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Here's the deal:

The first 10 people who comment on this journal will get a sketch, free. However, in return, you must offer 10 free sketches in your own journal. If you've already done 10 Free Sketches, simply link the journal entry in your comment... You still qualify.

01 - I won't draw your request until I see this in your journal
02 - In your comment, include a link to a reference picture of the character you want me to draw or write me a description
03 - Only one character per person - remember, this is FREE

1. Todge69
2. evilredcaboose
3. KymoriK
4. Sukeile
5. Chisue

I know I've disappeared off dA, lately - a several months long artist's block is to blame - but now I'm back with free sketches and updates to my sketch blog! Wee!

I always feel more inspired during finals.
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This is way cool:

Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day.

December 8, everybody. Grab your goggles and set your phasers to FUN!
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... by EloyDark

So. 8 random things about me.

1. I absolutely despise myself. Also, I adore myself passionately. Sometimes, I can to do these simultaneously.
2. I don't like standing. As soon as I stop moving I start looking for somewhere to sit or, at least, something to lean on.
3. I worry way to much. And then, I worry that by worrying too much I'm causing myself to go bald.
4. I hate people. I believe in humanity but, as individuals, I think we suck.
5. I think zeppelins are beautiful. Also, they're the only mode of transportation that is totally extinct.
6. I love swimming. It's the closest you can get to flying - almost absolute freedom of movement. I love swimming.
7. I skipped 3rd grade. I went from 2nd right to 4th.
8. I have no fucking clue who I am.

It amuses me how hard writing these lists seems at first, and how it snowballs once you start.

I tag :iconbluthan:, :iconbunnydee:, :iconkaterini:, :icongeekfish: and :iconhellspawn47:

edit: I didn't want to remove my 8 things list from the main page, but I wanted to say this:
Does anyone of you guys use Twitter? Any comments? I've decided to give it a try and was looking for opinions. Also, why not join me?
Let me add that you absolutely have to read this article.
Sadly, although the title might lead you to believe otherwise, I might have reached 4000 pageviews (Huzzah! ... but why mention 4000 when you didn't mention 1000?) but I only have 2 banners and, essentially no animation at all.

I do want to try animation, though. Honest to Giant Spaghetti Monster 2d animation. It's weird, but, even though I generally work at a... leisurely pace (incredibly slowly), I actually haven't got nearly enough patience to do something as complicated or as detailed as, say, this. And to think I want to be a concept artist one day.
I guess that's why I want to try my hand at animation. I think it's easier for me to convey motion than to draw every. single. ring on a chain mail armor (no offence meant to artist who actually can...)

(... robots!)

On other news, I made 2 sweet-ass banners for my blogs. Or is it blogi? Whatever... I can't show them to you because I don't have a subscriber account. Ssssucks. Guess I might upload them as deviations.
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I started a sketch blog!
Also, a comedy blog called Not About the Punchline.
The latter was bunnydee 's idea, and for that I am so very grateful. I wanted to do something webcomic-ish but I'm not the type to update regularly. Still, it's nice to have a place where I can upload any ideas/strips/comedy routines I come up with.
As for the sketch blog, I'm hoping it'll get me to draw more (often). And faster. I've noticed I tend to go over the same lines again and again when I'm not feeling especially confident I can pull off the pose I'm going for. It's as if I'm stalling while I build up the courage to draw a "difficult line". I think that's the main reason most of my work takes so long. I'm going to focus on working faster.
I also hope the blog will help me get over my paralyzing perfectionism (hurray for alliteration!) I'll be forced to upload stuff that don't represent the "very best of my abilities". Hopefully, it'll be quite liberating and that I'll end up drawing a lot more and, as a result, a lot better, too.

So, for anyone who's been living underneath some sort of heavy boulder, pixel IDs were (from what I have managed to discern) :iconfayrenpickpocket:'s and :iconscrotumnose: idea.
Originally started by them, along with :iconendling:, :iconvert-is-ninja:, :iconzeroxtb:, :iconcubewatermelon:, :iconrobotnicc: and :icongunnerromantic:.

Essentially (for the rock-dwellers among you), you're supposed to draw yourself as a character from a fighting game. Complete with stats, a portrait and, of course, the sprite. And it's AMAZINGLY fun! So fun, in fact, that hundreds more started making their own pixel IDs.

Everybody must make one!
(here's mine)

:iconpixelids: created an account to gather them all in one place. Right now, it seems the list was so long it collapsed onto itself ;P

Why has this become such a phenomenon?
The greatest thing about the pixel ID is that it's a challenging endeavor. It blends many different kinds of art. First of all, let's face it... who has tried pixel art before?
Besides the sprite, though, you're supposed to draw a portrait, design something for the background, plus come up with stats and a catch phrase. Every part requires some amount of conscious deliberation, making completing your own all the more satisfying.
The key, though, lies in the fact that it isn't too challenging. It's not intimidating, otherwise it wouldn't have become so popular. In fact, you can get pretty decent results on your first try. It's surprising how much you can squeeze out of just a few pixels. Furthermore, it's not a contest, which eliminates the fear of "mine not being good enough". Everyone is invited, no-- impelled to participate. There's this feeling that we're all creating something bigger, together.
It's also an incredibly fresh idea. Aside from the novelty of trying your hand at pixel art, imagining oneself as a beat' em up character has a strange appeal. As a matter of fact, it's hard not to be original with a prompt like that. You're allowed to express things about yourself that wouldn't fit in a "normal" self-portrait. Ideas that would seem "odd" elsewhere are perfectly at home within the fighting game context.

Finally, everyone's doing it now. It lends a sense of belonging. It's not just a trend, anymore, it has become a dA rite of passage and I, for one, can say that I've never been happier to be a member of this community.
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Hey people! Long time no see!
Check out the 2 guest strips I made for Bluthan's webcomic Comic Book Extras. They make more sense if you take the time to read the whole archive (which is worth it, trust me) but I guess those of you who are reading this might also be interested in them purely aesthetically...

While you're at it, check out this strip which has got to be the funniest comic strip I have ever read.

That's all! Carry on.
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  • Watching: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
It's been a year since I updated my journal. We have a lot of catching up to do. How's life treating you?

I feel like I update in bursts. I feel like I create in bursts. Is that weird? I have sudden bouts of inspiration wherein I draw a lot for short periods of time. Then, I burn out for a couple of months (usually more). Then I draw again. And so on. I have to find a way to make the inspiration last longer. Or at least to reduce the cooldown.
I feel really inspired right now. I love it when I'm in this mode. I practically spend every waking hour drawing, coloring or whatever. Creating.
I sincerely hope this one lasts 'till the weekend, because this weekend is 24-Hour Comics Day! I'm probably not going to make even half the pages, but it's gonna be a fun experience, and I'm really looking forward to it. I want to see what my limits are.
These streaks of inspiration are also a great chance for me to expand my musical tastes and listen to new stuff, since I can't possibly draw without background noise. It's impossible. When there's no sound, I feel like something's missing.
This curious fact reminds me that I was tagged. By :iconbunnydee:. A long time ago. I'm supposed to write 6 weird habits/things/secrets of mine.

1. Bottle openers are pretty weird things, so I'll start off with that. Five to go. Oh! And those clampy hair thingies girls wear! Man, I can play with those for hours! ...while making little PacMan noises. I think they have the same oddly addictive quality as bubblewrap.

2. Ok, moving on, most of these are gonna be odd obsessive compulsions (is that right?) of mine. That's all you get. For example, I absolutely despise getting my hands dirty. Metaphorically, as well, but I mostly meant it literally. I hate it when my palms are smudged with graphite, I hate anything with an oily texture, I hate gooey stuff, and I hate sticky shit. I go through half a dozen paper napkins just to eat a slice of pizza. Sometimes I wash my hands between slices. It's true!

3. Which really makes what I'm about to say next harder to understand... I eat everything. I eat paper, paperclips, pencil leads, post-it notes, bus tickets, thread, hair, grass, leaves, plastic cups, nails (but -strangely- only after clipping them)... even boogers (I know! It's disgusting!). I'm chewing on a pen right now. I once sucked on the end of my cell phone charger while it was plugged in and gave myself a shock. My grandmother keeps telling me to chew gum, but anyone who knows what I'm talking about also knows that it's not the same. It's all about experiencing the various textures. It's also really useful when I'm hungry but too bored to walk to the fridge. I just munch on some paper and trick my stomach for a while.

4. I have a lot of computer-based obsessions: I like my desktop to be clean and uncluttered. I demand Windows Explorer's directory tree view to be distinctly smaller than the folder view. I hate it when Windows XP groups similar windows in the taskbar (thank God I disabled it) and I have nothing but contempt for people who leave the cursor idling in any form other than the pointy thingy (as the "type" line, for example). Even worse: when they leave it hovering over a system tray item, and the pop-up is showing. My brain is tuned to always heed these warnings, so if you leave one "on" (say, during a presentation), my eyes keep getting drawn to it, thus making it impossible for me to focus on anything else.

5. First impressions are very important to me. Not so much in that I don't give anyone a second chance, but rather that I have great confidence in my ability to tell, just by looking at you, whether I'm going to like you or not. I'm also glad to say that, up to now, my instinct hasn't led me wrong. By the way, I'm chewing on my pen again.

6. I abhor chainmail (yes, I looked that up). Not the armor, the armor's fine. Artful, even. I mean the spam-from-your-friends kind. I don't get angry easily, but imbecilic joke e-mails, worst driver PowerPoint Presentations (they're not as funny as you think, and I've seen them all before), false alarms and warnings ("Yahoo! is closing down" or "watch out! a new rape drug with the power to sterilize horses"), various slacktivist movements ("save the Namimbian baby with the boob on its forehead") or even random "feel good" crap ("tell your friends how much they mean to you, the more people you send it to, the sooner you'll find true love"). They unnerve me in a serious way. Problem is, I'm cursed with dozens of computer-illiterate e-mail enabled friends who seem to absolutely ADORE them (you know the kind... they spend most of their time online on Ebaum's World). As soon as the first copy arrives, I start to get one from everybody on my contact list.
And that's why I'm not going to tag anyone else. The folly ends here. (Also, I have no idea who to tag - if you feel like being tagged, go ahead, be my guest).
I mean, seriously. What do you say?

I know few people are actually going to read this, but, still... it's out there. For everyone to see.

So, what do I tell the world?

I've been meaning to update my journal for some time, now. I just didn't really have anything to say.
It's not like I do, now, either...

Today, I realized I've pretty much lost all my childish innocence.
My brother was watching Pocahontas (for, like, the OMFGionth time) and I kinda walked into the room and saw a scene or two.
It was pretty touching, you know, goose-bumpy. An "ooh, I used to do this" sort of feeling. Long lost memories kinda digging out of their graves.

And then, I started looking for flaws in the animation.
And it struck me as so... wrong. I wasn't seeing a story, anymore, what I saw was a 2d animated film.
Ok, maybe I saw both. But it just felt wrong to judge a Disney film on its production values. I mean, are you allowed to do that?

Ah well...

On other news, Marvel Entertainment (not "Enterprises", anymore) seem to be out of their friggen' minds. Either that, or they seem to be short on cash. Or maybe they've got too much of it.
Apparently, a movie franchise based on their popular hero Ant-Man is going to be produced by Paramount.

"He can shrink to insect size and communicate with ants".
You can't make this shit up, people.

Like :iconbluthan: said: "Hey, watch it, buddy, Ant-Man can lift ten times his weight!"

I bet he'll call all his ant friends and empty all my cupboards, now.

Rumors say that DC Comics will strike back with an Aquaman feature film.

Finally, anyone reading this has probably already seen my favourites, but I just have to mention that I absolutely love this. Seriously.
It makes me wanna be a better person.

And, of course, this.

Sorry, btw, about the multiple updates to my journal, it took me a while to get the hang of this.
Woohoo! Something like 12 hours after I submitted them, my images are finally up! That's nice.
Now I'm all dressed up with no place to go. Ah well. All in good time.