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I've got a flying machine



I'm really not sure if I like this.

It's been so long since I last uploaded something that I felt "anything would do" so long as I added something to my gallery. Still... I have this weird obsession that anything I upload should be "different". "Original". I've got plenty of drawings that I keep on my hard drive just because I feel I already have enough drawings of various characters standing around in my gallery.
I'm weird like that.

This has been way overdone. I mean... crazy goggled scientist, with a pipe that blows bubbles, on a winged flying bicycle? Jesus H. Christ, man! But, it just stuck in my head and I decided to go through with it. Call it "my rendition".
I like the fact that he stole a little girl's bike (see the basket? yeah, that's how you tell). And I like the color scheme.
Still, it's nice to know that I actually completed something, for a change.

Textures from Mayang's, by the way.
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pl kalh douleia!! :) tha phgaine pl an to tupwnes se mplouzaki (sth Dwra as poume tha tairiaze pl!):ahoy: