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I've got a flying machine

I'm really not sure if I like this.

It's been so long since I last uploaded something that I felt "anything would do" so long as I added something to my gallery. Still... I have this weird obsession that anything I upload should be "different". "Original". I've got plenty of drawings that I keep on my hard drive just because I feel I already have enough drawings of various characters standing around in my gallery.
I'm weird like that.

This has been way overdone. I mean... crazy goggled scientist, with a pipe that blows bubbles, on a winged flying bicycle? Jesus H. Christ, man! But, it just stuck in my head and I decided to go through with it. Call it "my rendition".
I like the fact that he stole a little girl's bike (see the basket? yeah, that's how you tell). And I like the color scheme.
Still, it's nice to know that I actually completed something, for a change.

Textures from Mayang's, by the way.
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pl kalh douleia!! :) tha phgaine pl an to tupwnes se mplouzaki (sth Dwra as poume tha tairiaze pl!):ahoy:
DukeOGlue's avatar
Heheh... arkei na mhn to typwsei katheta... ;P
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I like this piece.
DukeOGlue's avatar
Thank you, that's nice to know :)
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Wonderful! His little basket is the best :) Nice work!
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Thank ye kindly (for the fav as well)!
There are also little girly strings hanging off the edge of the handlebars, but those are harder to notice.
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I love it!
Really cute!
Definately could tell a story off that picture...^^
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I agree with the dearest bunny, 'screw what you think'. That's one of your best pieces; it also satisfies my passion for the past - almost any era, really. So, yes, screw what you think, I'm adding it to my favs and I will pet it and love it. Warm, lovely colours, it smells of Jules Verne. :aww:
DukeOGlue's avatar
I'm not sure if I want this to be one of my best pieces :D
It just... isn't really "me".
Still, I guess it has more character than most (of my work), and so, in a way, I can't help but agree.

Ah... Jules Verne, that's real nice of you to say ;)
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OK, here's an idea.
If you like Jules Verne, you could illustrate some of his characters in this style.
Then, it might become more 'you' - since you do like him as a writer...
DukeOGlue's avatar
Even though I'd rather try something new, that's definitely not a bad idea...
I might, I might.
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I hope you do!
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Very nice colour pattern, I like duotone alot. The character is really something from 1920's or so. Great work Dim
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Yeah, I like duo(dual?)tone, too. And that was the feeling I was going for, anyway, so 'sall good.
I would've played with the textures, more, if I went at it again. It's not like there was a lot of computer work involved, so I could've spent more time... I just wasn't able to find any cool-looking "old-movie" filters. You know, with dots, and lines running down the image.

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Screw you and what you think, man, I'm putting this in my favs... I warned ya :P
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When Dim showed to me I said "that's nice" and he got offended cause it wasn't a proper comment :P

So.. "exceptional work sir" is in order here.
No really, it is very nice, I just thought it's gonna have more details like gears n stuff.
DukeOGlue's avatar
"It's nice".
-You like that guy?
-Weeell... he's nice...

MMmmmnot so good :P
It's like saying "yeah, ok, I saw it".
Leaves you wanting more.
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I love this.
I think it is a very neat drawing.

:+fav: from me :D
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Heya! Thanks girly-girl! :D

Nice to see you're uploading stuff, again, too...! Way ta go!
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