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❀ ❀ ❀ I am a teacher who likes to doodle

every now and then. :) ❀ ❀ ❀

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UPDATE: Congrats to :iconsugarbunme: for catching my kiriban!!! :heart: Hey everyone! If someone catches my 200,000th pageview, screenshots it, and sends it to me in a note (NOT a comment), I will give you 500 dA points. c: I will accept the FIRST person who notes it to me, and it has to be the exact number not 200,001 lol. Also how do I have so many random pageviews lately??? I've been dead on dA in the last couple weeks and will be dead for a while since my students will be state testing soon and I don't understand how I get these random-ass spikes get every month or two. XD  I'm grateful but just baffled as to how they come to be.  If
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I'm procrastinating as usual and haven't been on dA for like a year, but I saw that I'm almost to 1,000 llamas.  SOOOO I will do llama 4 llama (if you give me a llama I'll give you one in return) so I can see what comes next. NO. SPOILERS. PLEASE. I want to find out what the next llama is the old fashioned way by bribing people for llamas so I can level up to find out.  XD . . . Anyway I've been pretty inactive on dA for the past few years, busy with being a teacher and adulting since I'm OLD NOW and getting older this month and need to pay bills and massive student loan debt (seriously massive, not exaggerating).  Since drawing doesn't p
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Hi everyone, long time no see! Today is my birthday...25, I feel old but mature.  ;)  In honor of my birthday, I treated myself by getting a new Cintiq tablet and ZOMG it's the best thing ever to be able to draw directly on the screen.  *U*  I've wanted one for over 8 years and I finally decided to buy it for myself because it's an investment for my favorite hobby.  c:  So I plan to be drawing more regularly since I also finally bought Photoshop again.  <3 Life is good otherwise, still teaching and in my 7th (AND FINAL) year of college.  I already have my master's degree, and once I finish this semester, I'll also have my cleared CA teac
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Why aren’t you uploading?

Hi you take Requests?

Do you have request open?

I have a question, i was gonna use your stamps, but the thumb code is not visible, is there another way like that?

Sorry for the late reply! TBH, I'm completely inactive on dA and have no idea how Eclipse works. I know there is a way to add a link, but I'm not sure if it makes thumbnails. I apologize that I'm not more help! I used to know these things. XD