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Hands of my friend :)
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800x1100px 382.8 KB
Canon EOS 450D
Shutter Speed
1/21 second
Focal Length
18 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Oct 28, 2010, 9:43:37 PM
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See your art at Pinterest: [link]
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Wow :) again :) thanks a lot Madam :hug:
this makes me happy today :dance:
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hi :)

your excellent work has been featured in my journal concerning "the HANDS" theme --> [link] :) hope you like it ... and hope you gain even more :+fav: for this ...

have a great weekend :)


PS. if you want me not to feature your work ... just send me the note ... and i'll delete this ...
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Merci cher ami pour cette délicieuse rencontre, votre art honoré [link]
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Interesting stuff, I have to say!

I feel that the hands could have been dead in the centre there... but other than that, it's not too bad, I guess. I suppose we could look at it and see some significance in the fact that it's not right in the centre, but eh.

I like the darkness of it and how that coupled with the black and white contrast really adds atmosphere and mood to this piece. I feel as if the shadows add great depth and.. yeah, the lighting is very good indeed.

I can't say I like the intensity of the contrast that much... It makes this piece more effective in impact but... eh, it feels a bit too dark and intense? =/

I also feel that you could have lowered yourself a bit more and then sorted out the composition... or rather, the positioning of the light because it's not quite... it's not that balanced? =/

That's just me, though. All in all, it's a profound piece, especially in concept. :)
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thanks a lot for you comment on this :) :hug:
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Stunning shot.
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I like this very expressive photo.
As far I'm concerned, a good shoot is an image who catch my mind and open doors of thought.
So you done! This hands make me travel beyond the ring, on the W&B road. Thank's :+fav:
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Thanks a lot. this is also got an unexpected surprise on my hard work :D
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I can feel it, good work! :nod:
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would you please tell me what has been written on the ring ...?:) i can notice only "eyes" \
great work .... must be in my collection ... :)
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hi :D
sorry for the late reply hope you understand.
it was "I feel you even when I close my eyes"
thanks a lot for everything :D
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great photo and great words ... i'll remember them :)
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:D have a nice day :D
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w e l l . d o n e
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thank you for the compliment Sir :D
have a nice day:)
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m y . p l e a s u r e . =)
i . w i l l . t r y ...
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:D oh why you will try?
ok i wish you a great day Sir :D
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b e c a u s e . i s . n o t . p o s s i b l e . t o . d o . g r e a t . p h o t o s . e v e r y t i m e
i . w i s h . y o u . a . g r e a t . w e e k =)
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