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Victoria The Ninja Hamster


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My 5 Fave Nicktoons Inter-racial Pairings


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Dance With Me

dance with me  let me feel your touch answer the gentle flow of notes   that make me yearn for you so much dance with me    let me lay my head on your shoulder strong show me as you glide me across the floor     that tonight will not end here, but will go on long, long dance with me      my eyes close as the dance goes on music becomes the conductor of passion's stirring       awakening desires thought lost - stolen - gone dance with me        take me and make me part of you the notes are the conductors of magic        that sparkles in my eyes sea green blue dance with me        oh I beg you never let this dance end for whi

Dancing Couples

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Wedding Decor 4

Vintage Wedding

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Underwater Romance


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Wedding Decor 4

Rustic Wedding

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All I Need's a Whisper|Steve Rogers x Reader| 2

"Ah, c'mon, Bucky, slow down, would ya?" Steve panted, bent over with his hands on his knees as he tried to catch his breath. At thirteen years old, he was skin and bone, barely the size of his friend's younger cousins, and not to mention a head shorter than everyone else. Ahead of him, Bucky Barnes paused and turned back, rolling his eyes at his best friend. "You and that asthma," he teased, stuffing his hands in his pockets and walking back. He patted the small blonde on the back, laughing at the look Steve sent him. "Sorry. Insensitive, right? You poor lad, you." "Shove off," Steve grumbled and straightened, taking one last deep breath b

Captain America Stories

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Tour de France


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Minions!  Despicable Me face paint


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much title

Despicable Me

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Depicable Days Chapter 6

Despicable Days Summary: Gru attempts to fill his role as a father while the girls settle into their permanent family. However, with a Super Villain father and three girls with wildly independent spirits, no task is simple and no day is boring. Chapter 6: It's Christmas for the girls. Umm, surprise? No, I have no self control at all. I wasn't even thinking of doing a Christmas chapter, but then this just popped into my head randomly and I knew I would have to do it this year, or it would never get done. This is a little different then my other stories because you get to see the girls in the orphanage. Also, in this chapter I play with the

Despicable Me- Literature

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Clover, Alex and Sam v2

Totally Spies

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LearnManga Basics Hands Part 1

Motor Bikes

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Hipster Bow N Arrow Link

Weapons- Bow and Arrow

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Tomb Raider

Laura Croft

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The Book of Life


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A Nice Ride Home

A Nice Ride Home Midnight and on an empty highway a single car streams down the three laned road, the lamps beaming onto it's black painted body work reflecting off it.  The driver was pushing this car to its top speed already hitting 180 mph and rising.  He looked ahead to see the open road with a smile on his face as he knew there were no cars nor speed camara's to stop him from watching his limit, this could be the only chance he gets to run his car at its full speed so he wanted to take it.  Before he continued he looked over to his young woman passenger, she lay over from the passenger seat and ws wrapped around his arm her head nesstle

The Lord of the Rings

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In Love With You

Your untamed soft hands touch me in ways I always crave for, Tease me in sweet ways I could never prepare for, Hold me in between like I am the only one, And always distract me unexpectedly when we kiss. I can feel your love in the movement of your lips, A total warm pleasantness as you cling to me. And maybe a small part of my mind actually registers the surprise, As your warm hands reach curiously for more. In sweetness your love blinds me, In my heart your love completes me, Come tomorrow I hope you'll still crave me, And oh, I think I'm in love with you, completely.


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Guide to Writing Romance

EmpressTuiLa's Guide to Writing Romance Stories Welcome, welcome! I recently got a request to create a guide to writing romance stories which, I would like to say is my specialty but alas I don't want to sound conceited, so I will say it is definitely my favorite genre to write! I'm no expert and this is not the definitive way to write romances, but hopefully this will give you a good idea on where to start and what to do. Also, please do comment about what I have written and what else you would like to see! Sometimes I want to put something in but forget, or you'll have an idea that I didn't even think of and would love to put in the guide

Mass Effect- John and Liara

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Manga- Emma

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To be a Hopeless Romantic

Love is something that everyone in life is trying to obtain. Even those that build themselves up like a brick wall, all they truly need is someone to shine some light into their heart and set their souls free. Since everyone is trying to obtain it, it is probably the hardest thing in life to come by. True love is rarely seen now in our time. Divorce is the newest way to make some money. Affairs are all the rage to add some thrill to your relationships. Lust has now overpowered love.  Money has blinded true beauty with greed. We all dream of the perfect love, but few, if any, will truly find life long happiness. Though many believe they are


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Silent Warrior - Viking!SwedenxCeltic!Reader P1

The Silent Warrior Viking Sweden x Celtic Reader Ireland during the 9th Century Give a brief little history lesson to set the scene... "Ireland 800 AD: the Vikings of Norway conducted various raids around the North and Baltic seas, during this time they conducted their first raids in Ireland instead of following the Danish trend of attacking England and Wales. The Norwegians did not settle fully at first, not until 821 when the raiding increased and eventually in 853 Olaf the White took the title of King of Dublin – a port they developed for overwintering. A power struggle ensued and they were eventually removed, only to return again

Romance Stories

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The Stoppable home, an average house which was well kept by a house wife who loved her family, the house was always clean and neat with a place for everything and everything in its place.  However Mr and Mrs Stoppable were not home tonight as world famous teen hero Kim Possible sat on the sofa in the main living room waiting for Ron to come down so they could finish their date, it had been interrupted when Drakken decided to try and steal a computer hard drive from the Middleton space station in order to take control of a security defence laser and threaten the world with it, not the best idea seen as how the attempted robbery took place righ

Kim Possible- Literature

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Strawberry Addiction


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Vienna #03


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Pineapple Upside Down Cake


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Strawberry and Pineapple


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Fairy Tail Couples - Adults


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Big Hero 6 Villain Mask

Big Hero 6

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Mario Evolution in Super Smash Bros.


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War Child

War Photography

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James Hiller-Liberty's Kids

Liberty's Kids

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Chris, Martin, and Zoboomafoo


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The Wild Thornberrys

The Wild THornberries

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Darren and Ginger - Photos

As Told by Ginger

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APH - Give Italy Back


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Milo Thatch in winter


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Book of Life

The Book of Life

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Howling Otter


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Scooby Doo

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The Princess Bride Cat :3

The Cat Returns

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Mayan Jaguar mask #1


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The Power of Chubbies

My Little Pony

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