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Gunpowder :iconduke-devlin:Duke-Devlin 0 0
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Privilege :iconduke-devlin:Duke-Devlin 0 0
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Don't you see him? :iconduke-devlin:Duke-Devlin 1 0
DA ID... Nummer Funf... But with an umlaut. by Duke-Devlin DA ID... Nummer Funf... But with an umlaut. :iconduke-devlin:Duke-Devlin 1 0
Out in the sunshine you watch her play,
Balloon on a string and the brightest smile.
Wisps of cloud drift gently by,
Floating in the sky of the most beautiful hue.
The breeze catches her hair, but also the string;
It rises away, soft pink against blue.
Tears prick at her eyes, she turns to scream,
And right there is mummy;
With a new balloon and string.
:iconduke-devlin:Duke-Devlin 1 0
The charred remnant of a feather floats softly to the ground, it's airy path undisturbed by strong wind or the slightest breeze. Silence has fallen over the city, in every direction you look there are discarded items of lives long gone – purses, bags, shoes; even the roof tiles of the many once proud standing buildings have chosen to loosen from their bonds and slip away to the ground.
Smashed glass litters the pavement, each pool of glistening fragments a mere memoriam of the cars and windows that once bore the winds and weather. For a brief moment you feel the warmth of the sun on your skin before it is once again snatched behind the sheet of perpetual cloud – it is comforting. Daylight is quickly retreating, and tonight will be a fresh battle.
Today? Today is just day 53.
:iconduke-devlin:Duke-Devlin 2 2
Dev. ID nummer.... Vier? by Duke-Devlin Dev. ID nummer.... Vier? :iconduke-devlin:Duke-Devlin 1 2 Jessica - Jester by Duke-Devlin Jessica - Jester :iconduke-devlin:Duke-Devlin 0 23
Earn Your Wings
The moment she slips through the window, you feel your heart stop. You can almost hear the thundering of her heart in the silence, but slowed, like the world had ceased to spin – time impossibly halted. You freeze, the confessional note dropping from your hand and hitting the floor without a sound. Your hand still holds the shape of the envelope that conceals your feelings, the emotions you were about to admit. You had promised her. You had said that you would go away together, always together, never leave each other.
Surely this isn't happening? You inhale shakily as you start forward, panicked, though seemingly in slow motion as the wind whips at her dress in the night air. Her ribbon looses from her hair, fluttering back through the open window. Her eyes, wide open, gaze back at you, a smile curling onto her pale lips. You watch, your mouth agape as her body slips over the edge, hidden from view. Dignified even in suicide, she bows her head as she disappears.
You gulp down air,
:iconduke-devlin:Duke-Devlin 3 12
Out with a Bang
I've found the one I'm waiting for -
I've found the life worth dying for.
We'll run with the wolves, my darling -
You know we can keep up.
Bonnie & Clyde 'got nothing on us, my Angel.
Fearsome duo?
Meet us.
We're a fucking force of nature.
A comet, tsunami, storm--
We're the lifeblood of this planet;
Hearts beating, pulsing - worn.
Our life was given meaning,
This life in which we hang.
We've found the one worth dying for -
And we're going out....
:iconduke-devlin:Duke-Devlin 0 0
  A sharp dot of light – just in the periphery of your vision – spoils the perfection of the inky blackness. The blight broadens even as you turn to gaze in wonder, it becomes larger, greater: an immense chasm of ethereal light radiating in the gloom. Great shadows dance away, as if in fear of the beauty that invades their otherwise nondescript existence. Among these shades figures seem to shimmer, fading in and out of your view, as transient as the glow that causes them.
  You frown, confused by the sudden change of scenery – you had been here, in this nothing, since your passing. Nothing had ever attempted to disturb the quiet tranquillity that filled this place – never in all the time you had waited – How long have you been here?
  You tilt your head (or rather, your consciousness tilts it's imaginary one), and squint up at the brightness ahead. Though it is hard to see, just beyond that brilliance you perceive something more wo
:iconduke-devlin:Duke-Devlin 2 2
Dancing Fool
A smile graced the lips of all within the Court.
Countenance hidden beneath the decorative folds of vibrantly gay fabric, The Fool danced. The tinkling of tiny bells filled the room, echoing minutely through the halls extending off of the majestic hall; with each step, stamp, stride, the bells became a symphony – a cacophony of ringing. Through the thinly slit eye-holes, pools of ice watched the mocking, laughing crowd.
Discord rang from the keys of the well-tuned instrument in the corner. Fingers danced over the fortepiano – the travelling duo yet ill-equipped to afford the newer, longer Piano model – quickening their pace, and with them, the music. A small frown broke across the features of the pianist as his fingers jumped almost in time to the Jester a mere ten feet from him.
A fall, a leap, a twirl. The shuffle of feet on the sawdust covered floor was almost inaudible over the inharmonious, jarring notes of the instrument. Spinning, spinning spinning.
Spinning. Turn
:iconduke-devlin:Duke-Devlin 1 0
NEW ID March 2011 by Duke-Devlin NEW ID March 2011 :iconduke-devlin:Duke-Devlin 0 2 DA ID March 2011 by Duke-Devlin DA ID March 2011 :iconduke-devlin:Duke-Devlin 1 4
Mature content
Mechanics. :iconduke-devlin:Duke-Devlin 7 2
Mature content
Heart Beat :iconduke-devlin:Duke-Devlin 0 3


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It's not October anymore...


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