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Ok, now i've been hearing alot of non-subscribed deviants of how they're frustrated that they aren't subscribed in order for them to use CSS in their journals. And I can understand their frustration. So just to help ya guyz out am gonna hold this small little (lol?) contest ;)

Contest Details
The contest is open to only non-subcribers and subcribers whose subs are gonna end pretty soon. The subs that are to be given away are for people who intend to use CSS in their journals.

All you have to do is design a CSS journal for yourself in photoshop or other image-editing software (don't worry about the coding/programming part) and send me (duhcoolies) a note titled "CSS contest" with a link to your css design (which should be uploaded to community projects -> contests --> CSS journal contest ). You are allowed to submit a maximum of 2 designs. There'll be more than one winner. Top winners will be chosen and awarded bigger subscriptions ;)

So far 49 runner-ups are eligible to be awarded 3 month subscriptions each.

and the grand prizes winners get...

1st place - 24 months subscription
2nd place - 12 months subscription
3rd place - 6 months subscription

You have an opportunity to win an addition 12mths subscription and a print worth $25 if you choose to do a design for designerscouch journal.

2nd Runner Up gets 6mths Subscription
3rd Runner Up gets 3mths Subscription

Note: Submit with topic "dC CSS Journal"

Check here… for up-to-date subscription giveaways.
The prizes are ever increasing to get as many deviants subscribed and is constantly being updated.

Current Sponsors
:iconduhcoolies: :iconthespook: :icondepthskins: :iconlolly: :icongodofodd: :iconmaskedmarvel: :icontarkie: :iconskaeleen: :iconccyto: :iconelandria: :iconlateralsnowflake: :iconcjgraphix: :iconskyrail: :iconneo-the-foxycoon:

Backed by
designerscouch Moonbeam13

Here are some examples of good css styled journals around dA for you to get inspiration for your own design:

newklear, thespook, jark, janvanlysebettens, zilla774, depthskins

The deadline for entries is on/before the 31st of October 2006, so you got plenty of time.
So with that said, design away. We're looking forward to your entries :D
So to sum it up;

There's more than one winner. As the sponsorship grows, more deviants are eligible to win. Check the sponsorship update here… for up-to-date sub giveaways.

Maximum 2 designs per deviant
Deadline: 31st October 2006

dA's very own resident CSS guru thespook and CSS ninja janvanlysebettens will code the winners in this contest. All winners will get their winning design coded (if they want) :D

Support this Contest
Show your support for this contest by placing this badge [link] in your journal (for subscribed deviants only). A preview of this badge can be seen in duhcoolies's journal.
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i guess i'm 2 yrs late!!
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Docali Traditional Artist
:giggle: too XD
KittyGirlXD's avatar
rawr too bad im late -_- lol xD
KittyGirlXD's avatar
im not really sure how were supposed to make these things -_-
i need SERIOUS help -_-
CK7's avatar
anybody can help me with this?Im new here in devian and I need some help...
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RunaryKatHobbyist Digital Artist
Please make a new contest! *o*
Kaoru-hime's avatar
if only i knew how to css properly haha
catluvr2's avatar
catluvr2Hobbyist General Artist

I'm too late. And this would have totally :b0x0rz:, too. :cries:
furubafan3's avatar
furubafan3Student Interface Designer
Too bad it's over. Just found out about it now.
weredragon93's avatar
I'm tying the contest!
duhcoolies's avatar
duhcooliesProfessional General Artist
yes, CSS is enabled only for subscribers.
Erlkonig-Shadowsnake's avatar
If I understood, we just have to imagine the design, we don't need to code? Can it then just be a .JPG picture? Because, I would like to try the contest, but I don't know how css works, I just know some html bases...then ^^°
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duhcooliesProfessional General Artist
yes that's exactly what u had to do... but the contest is now over.
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vincentvcStudent Digital Artist
And who won the contest?
duhcoolies's avatar
duhcooliesProfessional General Artist
winners will be announced this weekend
vincentvc's avatar
vincentvcStudent Digital Artist
Erlkonig-Shadowsnake's avatar
geez, I only saw that today é_è...
I'll try next time >_<
WessexKnight's avatar
WessexKnightHobbyist Photographer
Ohhh no I missed my chance at this competion.

vincentvc's avatar
vincentvcStudent Digital Artist
And who is the 'happy' winner?
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roufaProfessional Photographer
this is my link of my small gallery please chick it & i need your comment its important to me any way winning subscriptions or not i need ur comments
lorddarq's avatar
lorddarqProfessional Interface Designer
and by spamming you really expect someone to actually click you ? don'tcha ? :rofl: man you are so funny ! :rofl: took me 2 years to get some reasonable attention throughout dA,but I did it without spamming,almost like everybody on this site.Just think about that. Good luck ! :)
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i second that.
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