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Contest Ends
Winners will be announced over this coming weekend.
Current submissions for the contest can be viewed here browse.deviantart.com/projects…

CSS Journal Contest
Ok, now i've been hearing alot of non-subscribed deviants of how they're frustrated that they aren't subscribed in order for them to use CSS in their journals. And I can understand their frustration. So just to help ya guyz out am gonna hold this small little (lol?) contest ;)


Show your support for this contest by placing this badge www.deviantart.com/view/408454… in your journal (for subscribed deviants only). A preview of this badge can be seen in this journal on the top right hand corner.

Contest Details

The contest is open to only non-subcribers and subcribers whose subs are gonna end pretty soon (if your subcription is ending on/before 31st October, you are eligible to participate). The subs that are to be given away are for people who intend to use CSS in their journals, so if you aren't interested in wanting your journal to look stylish then please let people who want to use it take part :)... and spread the word 'coz everyone should take part otherwise it's no point, we need the pimpage... this is a community project and you're the community, so spread the word ;)

Maximum 2 designs per deviant

Deadline: 31th October 2006
(Deadline extended)

All you have to do is design an image of how you would want your CSS journal to look like, in photoshop or other image-editing software (don't worry about the coding/programming part as we'll be taking care of that) and send me a note titled "CSS contest" with a link to your css design which should be uploaded to your dA gallery. Submit your entries into the Community Projects -> Contests -> CSS Journal Contest category please. You are allowed to submit a maximum of 2 designs. There'll be more than one winner. Check the sponsorship update below for up-to-date subscription giveaways ;)


So far 52 runner-up winners will get 3 month subscriptions each.
and... 1st PLACE - 24 month subscription
         2nd PLACE - 12 month subscription
         3rd PLACE - 6 month subscription
         4th PLACE - 3 month subscription + 8.5x11 print*

* Any 1 print from either krash's or InsomniacStudios' gallery

Current Sponsors

Backed by
:icondesignerscouch: :iconmoonbeam13:

Here are some examples of good css styled journals around dA for you to get inspiration for your own design (Click on images to view)
Please don't ask me to include your design in this set 'coz I won't. The first rule is don't ask. If I find your journal to be inspirational, I will add it here myself.

The deadline for entries is on/before the 31st of October 2006, so you got plenty of time.

So with that said, design away. We're looking forward to your entries :D

So to sum it up;
Prizes: There's more than one winner. As the sponsorship grows, more deviants are eligible to win. Check the sponsorship update above for up-to-date sub giveaways.

Maximum 2 designs per deviant

Deadline: 31st October 2006
(Deadline Extended)

dA's very own resident CSS guru nichtgraveyet and CSS ninjas janvanlysebettens, zikes, MoleyVyrus, grubin, ipholio and rusty-nail will code the winners in this contest. All winners will get their winning design coded :D

Other Contests
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Want to win $500?
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CSS Coders: CSS Menu Contest
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Thanks to electricnet for helping me out with the journal css and the contest badge when i needed help. He's my little under-aged hero :bucktooth:

Journal Design Requests
If you css n00bs want your journal designed and coded, lemme know.

The following deviants are using journal designs done by yours truly.
MrsLoriVintage designersBLOCK CycloneNimrod

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catluvr2's avatar
:crying: Why did I have to find out about this NOW? :sniff::tears::cries:

Darn it, this should have been a news item.:shakefist:
duhcoolies's avatar
bran-muffin's avatar
I will submit stuff NOW!
duhcoolies's avatar
the contest was over a month ago :|
StarsWarsGuy's avatar
when is there another contest? I'm always out of date or well I found out about one and it's a month over, like this one... lol. 9: and I feel like winning something or helping out!
bran-muffin's avatar
Yeah I know.
Sheona's avatar
So when it says ALL the winners will have their designs coded...is that the four top winners, or all the runners up too? Because that is ALOT of coding for those poor souls!
duhcoolies's avatar
all the runner-ups will get their's coded as well :)
Sheona's avatar
Wow, that's incredible! And here was me thinking I'd have be struggling to figure it out myself. That's very good of them to do so many!
Poveda's avatar
When will the winner be announced?
Osa-Art-Farm's avatar
I've looked everywhere. What IS CSS???
duhcoolies's avatar
CSS is Cascading Style Sheets
You can read about it here [link]
Osa-Art-Farm's avatar
OOOOH ... That! ok. tyvm
roufa's avatar
no news my daer
rat-a-tat-tat-girl's avatar
aw shoot its already dun
tmpst24myst's avatar
My journal needs a new look... Perhaps if you're list is not tremendous, you may be interested is making a new one for me??
duhcoolies's avatar
u serious? awesome :bucktooth:
i'll get you one. Any particular theme u prefer :?
tmpst24myst's avatar
Wow, this took awhile for me to respond to :o My apologies, although I have been trying to think of something really .. umm, like me? I dunno.. I like monochrome colors (shades), dead flowers, nothing too flashy but enough to get someone's attention subtly. Not emo, I can be, but that's not what I want displayed on my page :giggle: I really don't know what else to say. I'd rather leave it up to you, see what you come up with.. I do have one request though.. If you don't mind, may I have a copy of the actual code? The step by step procedure you put together to make it? I have to learn how to do this myself and I learn better if I have something to learn from rather than something telling me how to do it. :slow: I don't expect you to include any explanations or spark notes.. just the code itself would be greatly appreciated. :heart:
duhcoolies's avatar
lol of course, u get the code anyway so why ask lol ;p
i'll see what design i can come up with :D
tmpst24myst's avatar
:confused: Maybe I did mean the long version.. :o
duhcoolies's avatar
hehe :D kewl... it's not that big a deal to have a small tutorial going for it. I'll include that when giving u the code :D
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