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Hello friends. I am pretty lazy about posting on DA these days. You can see regular posts on FB and Instagram, as well as the theater on my website:

Hope to see you there!

I like to keep my art world and my political world separate. But these are strange, frightening times. And in fact, my world of art and the world of politics are in grave danger of colliding, and so I choose to speak out.

I pay FULL PRICE for my Obamacare coverage, and I am grateful for it. If Trump is elected, and we loose Obamacare, I may very well loose my ability to be a full time independent artist, because I will not jeopardize my family by living without healthcare. So no health care = fewer independent artists. Plain and simple. Your world just got a little bit more boring.

There are many more important reasons to not vote Trump than me loosing my business. To quote Lincoln, "The struggle of today, is not altogether for is for a vast future also." Would you rather the Supreme Court be defined for decades by Clinton or Trump. Do you want a President that believes climate change is a Chinese hoax? Who would you rather trust with our nuclear codes? If somehow, after considering these grave issues, you have not yet made up your mind, if you are still truly on the fence, then maybe let something more frivolous tip the balance. Cast your vote for art, cast your vote for Clinton. Even if everything awful you've ever heard about Clinton is true (and it isn't), she still is a far better choice.

And if you are a firm Trump supporter, there is no need to post here. You won't change my mind. I won't change yours. Post whatever you want on your own page, but please don't turn this post into a vitriolic exchange. Really. Don't.

Truly wishing the best for all humans,

Now go out and vote for zombies and monsters and for Clinton!!!

I am, for the most part, healthy. And that is a blessing. But it is not a blessing all of us share. If you are feeling flush, if you feel like an angel, consider helping out Nita Collins, a wonderful 45 year old artist who has been hit by cancer:

You can see her work here:

And you can help crowd-fund her fight against cancer here:

Go angels!

lilacblack: failure to thrive by Sleetwealth
This is a beautiful place, a parent's memorial to their child and his art. Spend some time here and help Jermeiah live on:…

Invisible Man-lg by jeremiahkauffman
Monsterpalooza 2016 by DugStanat

This weekend, Pasadena, Monsterpalooza! If you are anywhere near LA, it is gonna be fun, so GO! And if you go, come by and say "Hello" to the weirdo at booth 89! Thanks to Eliot and the excellent crew at Monsterpalooza for putting together this cool graphic. Hope to see you there!

The Pasadena Convention Center
April 22-24, 2016
Demons' Psalm By Candlelight by DugStanat
I spent much of January developing a stop-motion system so I can get high quality 360 degree spins with whatever kind of lighting I want.  The rig continues to evolve and I continue to explore the possibilities, which are really quite endless. I am creating soundscapes by dredging public domain files from the depths of the internet and then butchering what I find. The whole process is time consuming, but I feel that I have finally found a way to adequately show sculpture on the internet. I hope you will visit my theater and enjoy...drop me a line if there is a piece that you particularly enjoyed, or if there is a piece you would like to see given the movie star treatment.
Conjoined by DugStanat
Hey Southern California people please check out Conjoined 6 at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica this Saturday! A sculptural dark art group show curated by Chet Zar, it is going to be great! I have two pieces in the show, and I'll be there Saturday night! Hope to see you!

The artist of this beautiful piece is Akihito Ikeda.
Maleficium 2015 by DugStanat
I feel very honored to have my "Vultures" sculpture used as the main image for Anthony Kosar's annual dark art exhibition, Maleficium. Anthony has put together an amazing roster of over 60 powerhouse artists, all throwing their darkest works at the walls (and pedestals). The opening reception is this Saturday (November 14, 2015, from 3 PM to 10 PM )...if you live in Chicagoland, come check it out and say hello, it is going to be great!

More information, including the artist roster and bios, can be found here:…
This weekend, Sacramento is the place to be if you are looking for the wrong end of the rainbow.

SinisterCreatureCon by DugStanat
I am proud to have three mixed media pieces in Night Gallery Fine Art's group show "A Little Darkness...2". This promises to be an amazing show, with dozens of great artists showing their dark side. Running September 5 - October 3, 2015, please check it out if you are anywhere near Santa Ana, California! Can you spot my piece? Answer below the poster:

A Little Darkness...2 by DugStanat
Of course you found it all the way on the know, the evil side :) (Smile)
I love deviantArt...people come here to show and see art, and that is what I want to do, and those are the people I want to interact with. And as long as that is the case, I will stay on DA!

But people keep telling me I need to use Instagram as well, so I am trying to post two instagrams a day. If you like my work, please follow dugstanat on instagram...there will be some overlap in content, but I guarantee you will see alternate views and WIP shots that you will not see on deviantArt.

Endless thanks to all who follow!
This September I will be doing my first Con, Son of Monsterpalooza. It is sure to be a fun and educational experience for me.

I will be selling one-of-a-kind sculptures, which is unusual for this sort of venue, as most sculpts being sold are casts. With this in mind I have been working on some small pieces that can be sold fairly cheaply. While I am not exactly sure what I am bringing at this point, you should expect to see:
- simple ceramic totems (under $50);
- ceramic busts ($80 - $150);
- small mixed media monsters ($200 - $400);
- things that you will want to be buried with ($1000+).

While I really love offering singular pieces, I might also do some cast magnets or something else super small so people with only $10 bucks can go home with a piece of my soul.

Please come by and say hello!

Burbank, September 18-20, 2015…
If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, please come to my show at FM Gallery in Oakland! Details can be found here:
Hello friends. If you can make it to Oakland, California this July or August, please visit my solo show at FM Gallery, opening 7/3/15! Details can be found on the splash page of my website, or below:

Untold Stories

new sculptue by

Dug Stanat

July 3rd - August 29th, 2015
opening reception: Friday July 3rd, 5 til 9pm
artist's reception: Thursday, July 16th, 6 til 9pm

Third Thursday Gallery Walk: Aug 20th, 6 til 8pm

FM Gallery
483 25th Street, Oakland, California
open Sat 1 - 5pm, Sun-Fri by appointment

Some notes:

  • FM Gallery is an easy walk from the 19th Street BART station :)
  • The artist's reception will be quieter.
  • Miss the receptions but still want to say "Hello"? Most Saturdays in July and August I will be sculpting on-site at FM Gallery from 1 to 5pm! If you are planning on visiting on a Saturday, please feel free to contact me to confirm that I will be there.
  • There are many more galleries in this area, so if you have time please check out the other shows!
The most frequently asked question I get is, "What are your sculptures made of?"

For the ceramic pieces, the answer is easy...stoneware clay, oxide washes, and underglazes, fired to over 2000 °F. But people are usually asking about my mixed media pieces. The short answer for that is: I use any materials that will get the job done and result in a sturdy piece that the vermin won't want to eat (read: "no flour based paper mache!").

Here is a longer answer:
  • wood base;
  • wire armature;
  • metal foil for volume where needed;
  • epoxy putty for strengthening the armature and sculpting details such as faces and hands;
  • cloth and other fibers saturated with glue or acrylic for clothing, hair, and fur;
  • sheet metal, rocks, sticks, elastomeric paste, and anything else I want, where appropriate;
  • painted with acrylic paint and mediums (I love the Golden brand, especially their fluid acrylics);
  • varnished for UV and scratch protection (usually with Testors Dullcote).
This is not an exhaustive list, and there are often exceptions. For example, sometimes I will sculpt hair with epoxy, rather than glue and fibers.

Sculpting this way is a constructional process...each step is straight forward, and there is no magic. Just plodding step by step. It usually involves many curing and drying periods. Mixed media sculpting is about exploration of and experimentation with materials, and is very appropriate for children as it can be done without toxic materials.

My mixed media pieces tend to be lighter and sturdier than they look. If you were to throw one across the room, it would most probably need repairs, but it would likely still be in one piece.
A warm giant THANK YOU to psoty and STelari for the Daily Deviation on Vultures, and more thanks to everyone who takes the time to explore my work. It is all very much appreciated! :)
Hey folks:

Etsy: I have opened an etsy shop! Currently I only have four pieces listed, but I will be adding more soon.…

Direct Sales: All my work is available for sale directly from me (unless it is already sold or currently in a gallery). Feel free to contact me regarding specific pieces. My general price structure is as follows:
ceramic sketches: $50 - $200
finished ceramics: $300 - $900
mixed media sketches: $150 - $900
refined mixed media: $1000 - $4000

Thanks to all for your interest!

Brace yourself, this is very exciting. Today I am switching to the metric system for the labeling of my work. That is all.
It is wonderful to wake up to a Daily Deviation. Thank you Backsackandjack for the DD, and thanks to everyone who took the time to look at my work, fav it, watch it, comment on it, or just click past it...
Two DA artists (lintu47 and Entwinedbliss) have been kind enough to interview me. Their interviews can be found here:……

For those that are interested in my work as a character technical director, there is an interview I did back in 2005 here:…

Thanks to the interviewers and readers for your time and interest!