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Wallpaper of the Lighthouse in Canal Park at Sunrise.
This image is intended to be used as a Desktop wallpaper. This image is not stock or to be used as stock. This image is not free to use however you choose. If you would like to use this image in a project please send me a note here and I we can work out any conditions or requirements. If an agreement is reached, then I will send a higher resolution for you to use.
***Edit*** I was just reading over the description, and I realized I failed to mention this is the second of my HDR attempts. It didn't do much with the light really, but it did bring out the light on the pavement leading up to the lighthouse. Shows us the shadow and all. I think that makes a world of difference. There is still plenty that I need to learn about the HDR process though***

Canal Park
Duluth, MN
May 17th 2007

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The HDR is working. Aside from the light and shadow leading to the light house, I bet the lighthouse itself has far more detail than a single exposure could provide. I'm curious as to how many exposures you used on this one? ANd which program.

I saw your link to GIMP in the above comment and snagged it to my favorites for later downloading. I was discussing this program with someone the other day and have been intending to try it out. So, a comment snoop says thanks for the link. :)