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Awkward... :iconduelist925:Duelist925 0 1
The strange machine beside the hospital bed went "Beep".
A dark blue alicorn stepped into the private room, slipping herself into a chair beside the bed, and it's contents, as she did most every evening.
The strange machine went "Beep".
She sighed softly, one surprisingly soft hoof stroking the thinned, straw colored mane.
A quiet, pained voice said, "...Why did you have to grow old? Why would you ever do something so....silly. "
The odd machine...what was it again? Ah..heart monitor. Such strange wonders, in this new age...
It went "beep".
"...My sister tried to warn, me I think." Said the dark alicorn quietly. "With her...stories. I thought her but bragging, speaking of her....lovers. Paramours. I think she was trying to warn me in her....own way. "
She smiled slightly, curling her neck to lightly nuzzle against a faded scarlet coat. "Or maybe she was...she sounded so happy, in those stories. Maybe...trying to tell me how...wonderful it would be. And it so wonderful. "
:iconduelist925:Duelist925 1 2
What the Hay Rhymes with Apple? Epilogue
Applejack and her brother sat beneath a tree on a fine summers day perhaps a week or three after the debacle that had been her first real "date" with Zecora.  They'd had a few more--for the most part, far less disastroust, except for an incident involving Cutie Mark Crusader Cupids which meant Appleloom was still grounded--and things were going well.
It was lunch time--and they were awaiting a little treat that had been promised them by the striped marefriend, who was even now making her way up the path towards them, carrying a basket. She set it aside once she arrived, giving Applejack an affectionate nuzzle.
"Hey Zecora....oh! You can settle a bet for us. " Applejack said with an answering little nuzzle. The zebra raised an eyebrow at this. "I keep tellin him it's obvious, so he should just go an ask'er out. He say's it aint. Tell me, who does Big Mac like?" The big red stallion in question was rubbing his forehead, looking more than a little annoyed with his sister.
:iconduelist925:Duelist925 0 0
What the Hay Rhymes with Apple? Ch 3
Applejack wondered, briefly, which would be less painful--letting this night continue, or just tossing herself into the nearest hydra filled swamp. So far, she was leaning towards the latter...this date had gone just about as wrong as it was possible to go without another paraspite invasion, or dragon nap, or ancient evil being brought back to life. And she wasn't convinced any or all of those weren't about to happen anyway.
And it had started so promisingly....
Applejack stared into the mirror. OK then....mane was brushed well, and she'd stolen one of Appleblooms bows to tie in the end. Stetson in place, looking nice with a new little hatband. And she had a nice looking little dressy vest she saved for "look nice" occasions on.
"Alright...ain't gonna bother with any ah that face goop or anything...." she muttered, checking herself in the mirror again. Nice bath, so she was clean, and she hadn't b
:iconduelist925:Duelist925 1 0
What the Hay Rhymes with Apple? Ch 2
What the hay rhymes with apple ch 2
It was another lovely day in the forest, the bright afternoon sun turning the shadows of the leaves above into a work of art on the forest floor. This natural artistry was somewhat lost on the pony standing in front of the little hut, trying not to panic and run.
Applejack felt her heart drop down into the pit pf her stomach as the door swung open.
Oh hay. Oh hay. Oh horseapples. She...she don't look happy, she thought.
Indeed, she didn't look particularly thrilled to see the orange pony.
"You've been pacing for what seemed like hours.
I thought to save...wait, are those flowers?"
She seemed a bit thrown by that.
Applejack nodded vigorously, trying to speak around the bouquet in her mouth.
"Ah anted oo ologie!" She tried, before shaking her head and spitting the flowers into one hoof to present them. "Aheh...sorreh. Um. Ah wanted tah apologize to ya, Zecora. Fer um. Freaking out so badly on yah t'other day. Castin aspersions on yer honor. I
:iconduelist925:Duelist925 1 1
What the Hay Rhymes with Apple?
What the Hay Rhymes with Apple?
It was a lovely evening, the sun heading towards the horizon as Celestia began to end her day, Lunas moon soon to ascend into the sky.  Even the Everfree forest looked beautiful, in a  wild, dangerous, disorderly sort of way, as a lone pony made her way along the path towards a hut.
There was a knock at Zecoras door. The rhyming zebra paused from adding a few ingredients to the stew within her cauldron, nudging the door open with a hoof, revealing a somewhat bedraggled looking pony with a stetson.  
"Ah, Applejack, my pony friend!" She said in delight. "What can I do for you? What may I mend? Come in, come in! " She paused thoughtfully as she led the cowpony inside. "Mind the bin."S he added as ana fterthought as Apple banged her hoof on a trashcan.
The orange pony looked oddly sheepish. "Ah do apologize fer botherin ya Zecora. I got a couple reasons fer comin over tho." She said. "My grannies hip is botherin her sumthin fie
:iconduelist925:Duelist925 0 0
PB, My dog. by Duelist925 PB, My dog. :iconduelist925:Duelist925 2 15 Baxter by Duelist925 Baxter :iconduelist925:Duelist925 2 6
The Courtesan looked at the red stain on his rapier calmly, as the shocked silence gave way to screams and the gasps of faint ladies
The young man had been gazing at the Lady the entire night, too stunned by her beauty to speak to her. Finally, emboldened by he-knew-not-what, he stepped forward and shyly introduced himself.
The Courtesan watched, strangely still and silent, as a crimson drop separated from the stain, slowly moving down his swords blade, a tiny scarlet river left in its wake.
The pairs love was the talk of the court. One was rarely, if ever, seen without the other, laughing, talking, as they walked hand in hand by the river, trading kisses, or simply lost in each others eyes.
He didn’t react in the slightest when the guards burst into the ballroom, his calm gaze locked on the bloody stream that was making its way down his rapier.
The court was a-flutter with gossip. The Lady had been seen dallying with one other than her shy, young courtesan…
He watched as the
:iconduelist925:Duelist925 0 3
Wren sighed, coaxing one last note from his fiddle, scraping cat-gut against horsehair. How he loved it卼he music, the love, the adoration. He took his bow as the audience leapt to their feet, applauding wildly. He drank in their praise, their emotions, the ones he had brought forth. He fed, draining them, their life. He was their idol卼heir god卆nd they worshipped him. He played, and they praised, and he fed, and they died, little by little.
:iconduelist925:Duelist925 1 4
You are not reading this. You aren't standing there, holding this bundle of yellowed parchment in your fist, wondering just what this strange tale is about, what I mean when I say these words. You eyes just pass over the strange symbols at the edge of the page, not really noticing them, or wondering what they are, or why they seem to twist and writhe. You don't really notice the light fading, since you can see the words on this page with ease. As the shadows lengthen, a sensation of something staring at you, multi-faceted eyes locked on you from beyond the pools of darkness. You start to realize, with a growing sense of unease, that you can't seem to tear your gaze from the words on the parchment, can't just toss this in the fire, and walk away. As the shadows begin to creep over you, you just keep reading, unable to run, to escape. You eyes continue to flick across the faded ink, darkness engulfing you. This manuscript thumps to the floor as you slip into the vast emptiness, filled wi
:iconduelist925:Duelist925 0 6
The Change
   Have you ever
                   felt  the Change?
   Bones, muscles, tendons
              shifting, moving, growing
   skin rippling, sprouting fur
         fangs, claws, teeth
              ripping, tearing, shredding flesh
smell, taste, touch, sight, hearing
    turned to the chase
                      the hunt, the kill
:iconduelist925:Duelist925 0 6
Alien Wrath
"Sir, I don't think is a good idea匶es sir, I know our orders, but-but it's an entire planet! They haven't even discovered warp travel yet. How could they be a threat to the galaxy? Sir? What are you doing? What's that卭n the screen卭h no卬o! Turn it off! Turn it off! They created this?! They created that purple horror?! Those mind-numbing things?! This is the planet that unleashed those horrors upon us?! Yes, sir, I see. They must be stopped. One planet is a small price to pay for stopping that singing purple reptile and those mentally challenged cherub-faced creatures. Yes sir, arming the lasers now. Firing in 54321"
:iconduelist925:Duelist925 0 2
He gazes out the window
Staring at the woods
He can hear their music
See them dance
Silhouettes against the fire
He imagines them, their beauty
The pointed ears
Pale, moon-kissed skin
Slanted, cat-slit eyes
They call to him, siren-like
Their sinuous, twisting bodies
Catching his eye
The haunting, wild music
Whispering across his skin
Pulling him to the forest
To join them
The wild-fae's revelry
:iconduelist925:Duelist925 0 0
"We've been waiting three hours"
The tavern-keeper glanced nervously at the leathern clad she elf who had growled the statement. More specifically, them many daggers she had strapped to herself.
"Be patient. Your guide will be here shortly." he muttered. Giving only a glare in response, the elfin female snagged a couple of glasses and a bottle of his best Fae wine. Heading back to her table, the elf plunked a glass down in front of her companion before slumping into her own seat. Observing this, the elf's previously silent companion remarked, "So, I take it you're using a glass this time, Alerinarai?"
"Don't call me that! It's Rin, you here me Remi! Rin!" Rin muttered darkly. Pouring a drink, Remi AKA Aerinielia teased, "But it's such a beautiful name! It just rolls off the tongue匒lerinarai!"
The glower Rin directed at her and the knife thunking into the table not an inch from her glass-and the hand holding it-did little to dissuade her.
They turned at the sound of the door opening.
:iconduelist925:Duelist925 0 0
Mating Flight
Desert sun glinted off the male's bronze scales; the female's copper hide gleaming in the noon day sun. Approaching the Elder, and laying their betrothal gifts at her feet, they inclined their heads, bending fore-claws in a draconic bow. Taking up the male's gift, the Elder examined the golden claw-ring, set with rubies and etched with serpentine symbols. Laying it down, the she looked over the emerald-studded silver choker offered by the female, noting the intricate designs engraved on it. With the Elders approval, the betrothals gifts, forged of the best of the couple's own horde and crafted by claw and flame, were exchanged.
Donning their gifts, the betrothed abruptly took flight in a flurry of sand, circling higher and higher, 'til they were naught but dots in the cloudless sky. Clasping claw to claw, talon to talon, tails intertwined, they dove, spinning, twisting, whirling toward the ground in their mating flight, 'til, barely seconds from the sand, they separated, wings snapping
:iconduelist925:Duelist925 8 36


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Hey yall. Updating this simply to say I plan on posting a lot more than I have been lately. (Which is to say...more than nothing. ) I actually have a fanfic series planned, first couple parts are up already. =P


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