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A.J. Pseudo Atomic by Duelboy12 A.J. Pseudo Atomic :iconduelboy12:Duelboy12 5 4 MLP OC Steel Stud by Duelboy12 MLP OC Steel Stud :iconduelboy12:Duelboy12 1 0 When You See A Noob In Any FPS: by Duelboy12 When You See A Noob In Any FPS: :iconduelboy12:Duelboy12 2 0
Taco Visits Wedgies! Spankings! preview
A stallion wearing a blue shirt and matching shorts decided to visit a new club opened in Ponyville called Wedgies! & Spankings! He was excited to try out the services!
He had a light green coat, with a dark green and yellow mane and tail and his name was Taco M. Tacoson or Taco for short.
He approached the purple painted building and after paying the 20-bit admission he entered the club, generic dance music blasting. He saw many mares wearing maids outfits serving ponies at tables, some kind of uniform he believed.
He saw a weird photo booth looking-thing and decided to enter. Once inside he saw a slot for bits and dial listing wedgies. Confused he put some bits in and chose "Atomic".
Once he did so, a panel opened up two arms came out a pantsed him revealing his blue taco-print briefs, a panel behind him opened up and two more arms came out and grasped the back of his briefs...
:iconduelboy12:Duelboy12 5 14
Request For JuriHanFan2014 by Duelboy12 Request For JuriHanFan2014 :iconduelboy12:Duelboy12 5 7
RP Ideas
The Mane 6 Gets Hypnotized By A Mysterious Stallion.
The Mane 6 Gets Their First Wedgies.
Celestia & Luna And/Or Cadence Gets Their First Wedgies.
The Mane 6 Gets Robbed & Wedgied One By One.
May Add More Later...
:iconduelboy12:Duelboy12 1 22
Mature content
Chloe Adore Meets Steel Stud: Preview :iconduelboy12:Duelboy12 0 0
Ask Steel Stud
This Where Those Of Those Who Care Can Ask My OC Steel Stud Questions In The Comments Of This Post, You're Aloud 10 Questions Per Comment.
I'll Answer As My OC To The Best I Can.
:iconduelboy12:Duelboy12 0 9
Mature content
Wedgies 101: Rainbow Dash :iconduelboy12:Duelboy12 14 0
Mature content
Wedgie Questionnaire: :iconduelboy12:Duelboy12 2 33
MLP OC: Bloodfang by Duelboy12 MLP OC: Bloodfang :iconduelboy12:Duelboy12 3 1 MLP OC: Shinobi Black by Duelboy12 MLP OC: Shinobi Black :iconduelboy12:Duelboy12 0 1 MLP EQG Rainbow Dash Alternate Design by Duelboy12 MLP EQG Rainbow Dash Alternate Design :iconduelboy12:Duelboy12 4 2
Mature content
Charlie The Silly Deer Meets Steel Stud: Part 1 :iconduelboy12:Duelboy12 3 18
Mature content
Charlie The Silly Deer Meets Steel Stud: Preview :iconduelboy12:Duelboy12 2 2
Wedgies 101
"Hello there world", I said with a smile on my face as I talked to the camera addressing the audience of my first video. I was wearing my standard athletic attire; plain black muscle shirt and gym shorts.
"Really, is that the best you can come up with?" Questioned my rainbow friend as she floated next to me. She was a cyan-blue pegasus mare with a rainbow mane and tail and magenta eyes bearing a competitive smirk. She was wearing a light blue short-sleeved shirt and white gym shorts with streaks of red, blue, and yellow adorning the sides. She was also wearing a pair of fuzzy rainbow socks on her hind legs as a final accessory to top off her outfit.
"Oh Rainbow darling lay off him, keep in mind that this is his first video after all", said a white-coated unicorn mare with a purple accentuated mane and tail. Her cerulean eyes flicked toward me and for a moment it almost seemed as if she was peering into my soul with that charming gaze of hers. She was wearing a baby-blue dress that rest
:iconduelboy12:Duelboy12 17 18


(Request) Elastigirl Atomic Wedgie by TheExistentialist515 (Request) Elastigirl Atomic Wedgie :icontheexistentialist515:TheExistentialist515 547 12 Experimenting with Wedgies by MasterWedgier Experimenting with Wedgies :iconmasterwedgier:MasterWedgier 40 12 Stan Lee Tribute by MLP-TrailGrazer Stan Lee Tribute :iconmlp-trailgrazer:MLP-TrailGrazer 48 43 Stony Moss - Training tickle pet by Pegasus-Hellfair Stony Moss - Training tickle pet :iconpegasus-hellfair:Pegasus-Hellfair 4 1 Stony Moss - Crossdressing by Pegasus-Hellfair Stony Moss - Crossdressing :iconpegasus-hellfair:Pegasus-Hellfair 2 0
Cookies and Cream - Backstage (FULL STORY)
Cookies and Cream. One of the biggest things to come from Fillydelphia, at least if you weren't into sports. A four-mare band, consisting of three sisters and a childhood friend, who performed all over Equestria to enormous crowds. Bands, especially girl bands, weren't exactly uncommon, but fans always said there was something special about this one. Something that made them feel less like some industry-pushed music machines, and more like real ponies, just like them. A spark of love and friendship that wouldn't die...
"Fudge, if you're already changed, at least get your fat flank out of there so I can get a new shirt!"
...but it sure tended to flicker when the fans weren't looking.
Cream Cheese groaned as she got no response from inside the dressing room - they all had to share one - and just walked over to flop down on the floor in a sitting position. Cream was the lead singer of the band, making her to many the face of Cookies and Cream. Naturally, this got to her ego, and wh
:iconponypantser:PonyPantser 10 5
Alex Rider spies on DEATH BATTLE!

Alexander "Alex" Rider
Real Name: Alexander John Rider
Alias: Alex, Rider, & Cub
Age: 15
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 120 lbs
  - Has worked for the MI6, CIA, SCORPIA, and ASIS as a secret agent
  - Has completed numerous missions given to him by the agencies
  - Foiled the plans of many villains including:
Stopped a smallpox virus from being unleashed upon the children of Britain through mega-computersThwarted a plan to control the world's major businessmen Foiled a plan to make Russia gain back its lost gloryPrevented all the drug sources in the world from being destroyed by missilesAverted an operation in which all the children in Britain would be killed by poison capsules inside themStopped a plan to destroy a space hotel and Washington, D.C.Foiled a plot to kill a group of significant people by a tsunami-making bombThwarted a scheme to steal money from the general public as well as a plan to cause e
:iconthetruth40:thetruth40 14 7
Randy Cunningham smoke bombs into Death Battle!

Randy Cunningham
Alias: Cunningham, 
Andy, Sandy, Mandy, Rudy, Tandy, RC, Raginald Bagel, Randall, Randy, The Ninja, & Ninja
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
  - Defeats robots and monsters on a daily basis
  - Defeated the bird demon, Tengu
  - Foils the plots of McFist and The Sorcerer regularly
  - Helped the First Ninja defeat The Sorcerer
  - Defeated The Sorcereress
  - Fought off armies of Robo-Apes
  - Defeated a robot in his human form, when his identity as the Ninja was being compromised 
  - Managed to escape from Detention Island and Scrap City
  - Is the chosen Ninja protector of Norrisville 

Enhanced Strength:
  - Kicked a door off its hinges
  - Can carry and lift Howard around easily
  - Can punch out giant mo
:iconthetruth40:thetruth40 32 44
Agent 47 is hired to take out Death Battle!

Agent 47
Alias: The Hitman, 47, & Mr. 47
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 187 lbs
Barcode: 640509-040147 (Meaning: September 5th, 1964; Mark IV; Class 1; Number 47)
    - Killed The Five Fathers, his five genetic fathers
    - Has killed armies of hitmen, soldiers, and etc.
    - Capable of doing stealth in impossible places
    - Has assassinated over dozens of important targets
    - Has escaped elite soldiers many times 
    - Saved the President from being assassinated
    - Saved the Agency from being liquidated and corrupted
    - Killed The Praetorians and The Saints, elite groups hired by Benjamin Travis to kill him
    - Killed the genetically-altered giant Sanchez in a fistfight
:iconthetruth40:thetruth40 43 25
Custom Brony Magiswords (2) by MLP-TrailGrazer Custom Brony Magiswords (2) :iconmlp-trailgrazer:MLP-TrailGrazer 45 11 Commission GravityPulse by OddlySmutty Commission GravityPulse :iconoddlysmutty:OddlySmutty 169 6
The Terrarian Mines their way into DEATH BATTLE!

First Appearance: Terraria
Age: Unknown (Young adult, most likely)
Gender: Up to the player (Male by default)
Height: 6' (Not counting hair)
Weight: Unknown
-Survived in Terraria's hostile world
-Defeated the legendary Eye of Cthulhu
-Slew the eater of worlds, Skeletron, the Brain of Cthulu, and King slime
--all before entering hardmode
-Mined his way to hell and killed the Wall of flesh, releasing the ancient spirits of light and dark
-Destroyed the Mechanical trio
-Killed Plantera, a monster hidden deep within the underground
-Destroyed the Golem, alerting the Lunar Cultists to his prescence
-Braved the Celestial events and slew the Moon Lord, the most powerful monster in Terraria
-Swings around giant blades with ease
-Can possibly pull the moon down with a grappling hook
-On par with giant monsters like the Moon Lord
-Moves fast enough to leave afterimages
-Dodges blasts of sound, lasers, and bullets with ease
-Can fire and reload arrows
:iconzephyrosomega:ZephyrosOmega 7 3
Twilight and Flash Clogdance by Robukun Twilight and Flash Clogdance :iconrobukun:Robukun 17 4
DWOAH: Venom vs Alex Mercer
Deadliest warriors of all history
Venom vs Alex Mercer
Welcome to the top of the food chain
Eddie Brock aka Venom info:
Height: 6 foot 3 (as Eddie) 7 foot 6 (as Venom)
Weight: 230lbs (as Eddie) 795lbs (as Venom)
Weapons: Bare Hands, Tooth and Claw, Tendrils
Strengths: One of the greatest and most recognized anti-heroes of the Marvel Universe and is almost as synonymous as Spider-Man himself thanks to their rivalry, Is in the top five of S.H.I.E.L.D’s greatest threats to humanity list, Was deemed ‘too dangerous’ to be interacted with by both Magneto and Doctor Doom, Became San Francisco’s ‘Lethal Protector’ after coming to a truce with Spider-Man and willingly leaving New York, Superhuman strength (Their true strength is unknown but at their deemed weakest they lifted a 200+ ton Ferris Wheel, Easily out strengths Spider-Man many times over, Held off the Hulk, Changed the Juggernauts trajectory by pushing against him, Easily out strengths the likes of
:icongarchompisbeast:Garchompisbeast 19 41
Crypto's secret by BladeDragoon7575 Crypto's secret :iconbladedragoon7575:BladeDragoon7575 30 4
Mature content
The Postal Dude Blasts Into DEATH BATTLE! :icononlyherefordb:onlyherefordb 3 4


Watch "SKYDOESMINECRAFT IS BACK!?......sort of" on YouTube
Hey!✌️ Download a new cool game Kick The Buddy! It's hilarious!!! Download Kick The Buddy FOR FREE right now!…
Hey!✌️ Download a new cool game Kick The Buddy! It's hilarious!!! Download Kick The Buddy FOR FREE right now!…
Hey!✌️ Download a new cool game Kick The Buddy! It's hilarious!!! Download Kick The Buddy FOR FREE right now!…
Hey!✌️ Download a new cool game Kick The Buddy! It's hilarious!!! Download Kick The Buddy FOR FREE right now!…

My New MLP Wedgie & Spanking RP Discord Server
Watch "ghost rider 1 bike 1st time" on YouTube



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Just wanted to say I'm going to try my best to work on the fics involving TacoMyTaco's OC Taco M. Tacoson and CyberApple456's OC Chloe Adore, I do not own them I'm just making a fic with them in it after asking for their permission a while back, go check out their content which is no doubt better anything I can make
TacoMyTaco CyberApple456


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