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Draugrs Vs. Feral Ghouls Analysis
- The Undead Enemies Of Skyrim.
- Almost Or As Tall As The Player.
- Can Survive Hundreds If Not Thousands Of Years In Their Tombs When Left Undisturbed.
- Will Wear Armor They Were Buried With.
- Sometimes Wears Ebony Helmets and Wield Ebony Shields.
- Mostly Wear Ancient Armor That Is Made Of Steel Or Iron.
- Also Wields Iron Or Steel Shields At Times.
- Wears Very Little And Rarely If Ever A Full Suit.
- Normally Use Weapons They Were Buried With, Not Smart Enough To Requip Themselves If Disarmed.
- Wields One-Handed Swords, Two-Handed Greatswords, Battle And Waraxes, and Bows.
- Sometimes Will Be Using Ebony Swords Which Are Much Stronger Than Normal.
- Some Draugrs Will Use Magic, Specifically Ice Magic That Slows Attackers Down Making Movement Difficult.
- Relatively Weak Attack Potency And Medium Range.
- Draugr Death Lords Will Be Equipped With The Unrelenting Force Shout.
- Used To Stagger, Rarely Uses Full Force That Can Send Foes Flyin
:iconduelboy12:Duelboy12 1 9
Mature content
Deadliest Warriors: PoT Pirates :iconduelboy12:Duelboy12 1 6
Deadliest Warriors: Thieves Guild Thief
Thieves Guild Vs. Sea of Thieves
Steel: These two warriors are less fighters and more well thieves but these two are separated by one thing, gunpowder so this is gonna be interesting.
Bendy: The way we chose the Thieves Guild Thief's weapons were by giving them some of the best weapons available, and before you ask, after the Dragonborn started killing dragons Skyrim gained access to dragonbone which is why we gave him access to Dragonbone.
Thieves Guild Member:
Age: Around mid 20's.
Weight: Unknown.
Gender: Male.
Race: Nord.
Close: Dwarven Sword.
Mid-Range: Ebony Battle Axe.
Long Range: Daedric Bow & Steel Arrows.
Special: Dragonbone Dagger.
Armor: Thieves Guild Armor.
Dwarven Sword:
- Length: 30-45 inch blade with it being 2-3 inches in width.
- Weight: 12kg.
- Made of dwarven metal which is stronger then Steel.
Ebony Battleaxe:
- Length: Around 5ft Long.
- Weight: 26 Ounce.
- Made of Ebony a material which is muc
:iconduelboy12:Duelboy12 1 7
Main Weapon: Edge Yiga Footsoldier.
Secondary Weapon: Edge Even.
Ranged Weapon: Edge Dark Brotherhood Assassin.
Armor: Edge Dark Brotherhood Assassin.
- Location: Skyrim, forest depths, Late At Night -
A lone red-clad Khajiit sneaked along the sides of a stone road hiding in the bushes and behind trees to remain hidden searching for his prey.
He stopped when he saw the target, a lone traveler who didn't have any striking features. Grinning to himself the dark kitty drew a curved blade known as the Blade of Woe and snuck up behind the traveler dagger poised to strike the heart from behind, but the mark disappear in a puff of smoke.
Sheer surprise almost cost the catman his life as he barely managed to leap back as a sickle was swiped at him earning a scrape to the stomach that his armor thankfully defended against.
"I won't allow a simple cat to halt my goals, ". The now revealed Yiga Footsoldier said with anger lacing his voice.
"Unlucky for you a Khajiit's been paid to stop
:iconduelboy12:Duelboy12 1 0
Yiga Footsoldier Bio
Race/Species: Sheikah.
Obsessed with bananas.
 -  Teleportation: Shown to teleport around the battlefield when in combat, disappearing in a cloud of smoke each time.
 -  Traveller Disguise: Can easily disguise themselves as travellers, usually disperses it in a cloud of smoke when confronted.
 -  Superhuman Agility: Shown to preform fantastic flips and dashes during combat to try and get a hit in.
Vicious Sickle:
- A Steel sickle weapon used by most Footsoldiers.
- relatively fragile and can break with enough uses.
- Is meant to deliver fatal wounds in a rapid session.
Demon Carver:
- Basically a giant medieval saw blade.
- This lethal weapon is forged by the Yiga. Its unique shape facilitates the sound dispatching of any target and strikes fear into the hearts of all who see it (The Hyrule Compendium).
- Can cut down trees in a single blow.
- One of the strongest one-handed weapons in game.
Duplex Bow:
- Fires 2 arrows instead of one.
- Favored
:iconduelboy12:Duelboy12 1 2
Dark Brotherhood Assassin Bio:
Race: Khajiit (The Stealthiest Race).
- Stealth: Great Stealth as it's required to do their jobs plus the Khajiit's natural stealth.
- Claws: Deals Great Damage with their natural claws.
- Teeth: Due to being feline in nature have sharp teeth.
- Night Eye: Has natural night vision.
- Strong Stomach: Can eat raw meat without fear of disease.
- Has a natural talent with bows and one-handed weapons as well as alchemy, lockpicking and pickpocketing.
- The Unwelcome Guest:
 -  Opens an Easy lock.
- Baronoff's Bloody Icicle:
 -  Deals frost damage through firing a icicle sat the enemy (30 points).
- Black Winter:
 -  Deals frost damage on target (20 points), and paralyzes target for 2 seconds.
- Deathly Visage:
 -  Becomes invisible for 35 seconds on cast.
- Shroud Walk:
 -  Increases stealth by 15% for 30 seconds on self.
- Bloodhunt:
 -  Detect life within 50ft for 150 seconds.
- Night Mother's Caress:
 - &
:iconduelboy12:Duelboy12 3 6
Shrouded Boots by Duelboy12 Shrouded Boots :iconduelboy12:Duelboy12 0 0 Shrouded Gloves by Duelboy12 Shrouded Gloves :iconduelboy12:Duelboy12 0 0 Shrouded Armor by Duelboy12 Shrouded Armor :iconduelboy12:Duelboy12 1 0 Shrouded Cowl by Duelboy12 Shrouded Cowl :iconduelboy12:Duelboy12 0 0 Potent Poison by Duelboy12 Potent Poison :iconduelboy12:Duelboy12 0 0 Ebony Arrows by Duelboy12 Ebony Arrows :iconduelboy12:Duelboy12 1 0 Ebony Bow by Duelboy12 Ebony Bow :iconduelboy12:Duelboy12 0 0 Ebony Sword by Duelboy12 Ebony Sword :iconduelboy12:Duelboy12 0 0 Blade of Woe by Duelboy12 Blade of Woe :iconduelboy12:Duelboy12 0 0
Mature content
Grove Street Families Vs. Ballas: The Battle :iconduelboy12:Duelboy12 2 0


Death Battle: Killer Convicts prelude
Martial arts were originally developed as a form of physical and mental discipline and many masters of these disciplines follow a strict code to only fight if provoked, but to criminals of the world these rules do not apply and anything goes, such as with Spec one of the Most Evil Death Row Convicts and Akande Ogundimu A.K.A Doomfist, leader of Talon. Only one of these escaped convicts can win a Death Battle!
Name: Spec
Age: 97 
Height: 7'3"
Nationality: USA
Known as "The God Hands of Karate" in Japan
Based on the real-life serial killers Andrei Chikatilo and Richard Speck.
History: In the world of Baki many men dedicate their lives to the strict discipline of Martial Arts from the Boxing technique crafted by the Greeks, or Chinese creation of Kenpo, while these students of these figh
:iconmajorm117:MajorM117 10 10
Death Battle: Spec Vs Doomfist

Dr. Isiah Friedlander could hardly contain himself, this was going be his big break, a one on one with one of the worlds most vicious criminals after this he would write a book called "Face to face with America's greatest criminals", then his career would be golden, he had everything he wanted, interviews, his own talk show, and of course a line up of college groupies just waiting to get some of his teachings.
Though before he even met the prisoner he was in a debriefing room being stripped of all his most valuable items. "Alright, wristwatch, lighter, and pen. I feel like I just lost everything in a hand of poker. Can I go in now?" Officer Cash looked unamused at Friedlander's joke and pointed back to the desk where his belongings were. "Sorry, but you got to leave your tie and cufflinks as well."
The Doctor chuckled to himself, "This guy may be some big criminal but he's still behind that bulletproof wall, right? An
:iconmajorm117:MajorM117 15 14
Sackboy Creates Death Battle

AKA: Sackthing, Sackgirl
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Age: Unknown 


-Has defeated...
 -Sheriff Zapata
 -Ze Dude and his Guards
 -The Terrible Oni (With the help from Flame-Throwing Cat)
 -The Collector and his machines
 -Metal Gear Rex and Liquid Ocelot
 -The Kraken
 -Kling Klong
 -Meanie Attack Robot
 -The Infection
 -Dr. Porkchop (Formerly Hamm)
 -The Warden and his Mech
 -Lex Luthor (Though he was using a machine called the Mecha-Lex)
 -La Marionetta
 -Driller Thriller
 -The Puppeteer
 -The Firepede
 -The Trash Monster
 -Nana Pud's cast-iron catastrophe 
 -And the Three Titans with the help from Oddsock, Toggle and Swoop
-Helped everyone in the original Litte Big Plan
:iconnanoisepic:NanoIsEpic 26 4
Ryu Hayabusa Tears Through DEATH BATTLE!
Ryu Hayabusa

Also known as: Dragon Ninja, Super Ninja, Morden Day Ninja, Ultimate Ninja and Master Ninja.
Height: 5'10".
Weight: 154 Ibs.
Age: 23.
Date of Birth: June 15.
Blood Type: A.
-Before he had the Dragon Sword, defeated Bladedamus, the leader of the Cult of Nostradamus.
-Defeated Cyborg Spider.
-Defeated Gregory the kickboxer and Jack the small manger.
-Defeated Colonel Allen.
-Defeated Nobleman Fūkisai.
-Defeated Emperor Garuda.
-Defeated Murai, Ryu Hayabusa's uncle.
-Killed General Dynamo, one of the Vigoor Military leaders.
-Eliminated two Hydracubus.
-Defeated a Bone Dragon.
-Inflitrated Vigoor's military base and destroyed its communications.
-Defeated three Electric Worms.
-Defeated Paz Zuu, an evil deity created by Vigoor.
:iconnanoisepic:NanoIsEpic 27 4
wedgie panty and stocking by Alermg
Mature content
wedgie panty and stocking :iconalermg:Alermg 412 17
Fluttershy Wedgie by SemirulalMite
Mature content
Fluttershy Wedgie :iconsemirulalmite:SemirulalMite 49 14
Themadman420 Comission by wazacaka
Mature content
Themadman420 Comission :iconwazacaka:wazacaka 12 1
Duelboy12 Request by wazacaka
Mature content
Duelboy12 Request :iconwazacaka:wazacaka 31 2
Hit or Miss Ya! | Tik Tok Wedgie Time! Pt. 2 by AnTiandTheDarkness
Mature content
Hit or Miss Ya! | Tik Tok Wedgie Time! Pt. 2 :iconantiandthedarkness:AnTiandTheDarkness 69 1
Hit or MIss Ya! | Tik Tok Wedgie Time! Pt. 3 by AnTiandTheDarkness
Mature content
Hit or MIss Ya! | Tik Tok Wedgie Time! Pt. 3 :iconantiandthedarkness:AnTiandTheDarkness 71 4
Power of Ten: Wind and Lightning by WedgieNinjaaa Power of Ten: Wind and Lightning :iconwedgieninjaaa:WedgieNinjaaa 124 24 The Wedgies of Grisaia - Yumiko Sakaki by twedgie
Mature content
The Wedgies of Grisaia - Yumiko Sakaki :icontwedgie:twedgie 221 3
Sonia and Shield wedgies- new Pokegirl treatment by TheFairytaler Sonia and Shield wedgies- new Pokegirl treatment :iconthefairytaler:TheFairytaler 421 26 Queen blade angel by Womenmooning
Mature content
Queen blade angel :iconwomenmooning:Womenmooning 112 6
Mitsuki Bakugo Hanging Wedgie by TheExistentialist515
Mature content
Mitsuki Bakugo Hanging Wedgie :icontheexistentialist515:TheExistentialist515 282 6
[SFM] Kaat by defreemanlol
Mature content
[SFM] Kaat :icondefreemanlol:defreemanlol 38 2


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Hey!✌️ Download a new cool game Kick The Buddy! It's hilarious!!! Download Kick The Buddy FOR FREE right now!…
Hey!✌️ Download a new cool game Kick The Buddy! It's hilarious!!! Download Kick The Buddy FOR FREE right now!…
Hey!✌️ Download a new cool game Kick The Buddy! It's hilarious!!! Download Kick The Buddy FOR FREE right now!…



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