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Nemiside - black and white

Nemisde, one mean ass mother fucker from 'the fire within'. He is the commander to Dueces personal army, which is made entirely of spirits. The spirits are from people she has killed and fought, and they join her ranks in a way of 'join or die' situation. So this pretty boy Nemiside is acutally a spirit, but a fucking evil one at that.

mucho love to the jon hair cut ;)

character and image (C) Sarah Reed
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whoa! thats one badass mother fucker!! i love your talent for designing costums!!:clap:
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I read the name and started thinking Nemesis from Resident evil. lol It looks awesome.
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you surprise me girl this looks great
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smashing work dude. deserves a thumb up.
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dude... well not called that often, but thanks ;)
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soz.. it comes natrually. what about 'lady'??
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too tired to comment as it deserves,.
just gonna say what it is
awesome :)
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i'm starting to check this comic right now

by the way, you draw pretty well !
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thank you :aww: you wont find the comic just yet, Ive not scanned anything ;)
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the secon i can get it on market i buy 345 832 copies ...really badass
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wow that's fucking awsome! i simply love it! ^^
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truly beautiful
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thank you! im in the process of colouring it :aww:
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cant wait to see that..!
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heeeeeh....... amazing!!!!!
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:hug: :D i love uR woRks!!!!!
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goddiggittydamn that's sick. :-) I likes!
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damn, that's amazing!!!
good job!
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thank ya very much! and thanks for the faves!
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