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Digimon World 2 HD Remix

By Dudemon
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This is just a fake screenshot of a the old Digimon World 2 PSX game if the graphics are updated. The reason I made this is because I am a fan of that game and the Digimon franchise in general. The player Digimons above are my actual Digimon team in that old game, but sadly I don't have the save data anymore.

The models are from Digimon Masters Online and Digimon Cyber Sleuth. 
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Do you by any chance have the artwork for chaospiedmon in that exact position?
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Greg... The WarGreymon..... I am tempted to ask the reason for that name
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Greg=Greymon :lol:
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Lol I think I only took to really naming my Mons when I played Cyber Sleuth although it made me much more attached to my mons then I thought it would
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Same here. Though I suck at naming them :lol:
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I may be worse and Well here is all the names I can remember:

Chaosmon: ChaosGear
Beelzemon: Jackal
Dynasmon: Zero
Omegamon Zwart: PlasmaBite
Chaos Dukemon: Ignite
Evil Churibimon: Viral
Craniamon: Knight
Examon: Crimson
Imperialdramon: V-Kill
Shinegreymon: Burst
Titamon: Titan

I'm so original
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Well, at least you didn't give them weird names like OHMIGAWD for my other Omegamon and well... Dudemon for my Dukemon.
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The weirdest there names got was when the Mon was created via Fusion I had to fuse the names together DBZ style

V-kill= V-Drake + Buzzkill
PlasmaBite= PlasmaBurn + FrostBite
ChaosGear= ChaosLancer + Gear
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I kinda want to play this...
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Good luck defeating the cheap bosses :lol:
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Ohohoh oh.
I'll win somehow 😜
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With cheats of course :lol:
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I don't know how to use cheats.
I'll try and retry until I win... or rage Quit 😜
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Well, there's always Gameshark
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But I don't like using cheats.

They make everything too Easy.
I find it more satisfying to finish a game without cheating.

If anything... I'd use something to RAISE the difficulty.
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Well, that is if you can even finish the game in regular difficulty. There are just certain kinds of games that just force you to play unfair.
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 It would be Great if that remake were true ;c 
Hey!! try to make a Digimon world 3 simulation picture with alphamon vs omegamon *-*
it would be great!
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Digimon Cyber Sleuth is the closest we got for a Digimon World 2 style game. And sadly, I don't play Digimon World 3, so I don't know how the simulation looks like.
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I wish this was a reality
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Well technically, you can consider Cyber Sleuth as some sort of a reboot to Digimon World 2
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