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Gadgets Additions 4.2.0

By Dudebaker
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Desktop monitoring inspired by the AddGadgets.com (and Orbmu2k) Windows Sidebar Gadgets.

This suite was created as addition to SilverAzide's suite to complete the move of our beloved Addgadgets.com collection from Windows Sidebar-Gadgets to Rainmeter.
Since many things like power control or volume control were never covered by Addgadgets, Orbmu2k's gadgets were a great addition at the time, so some gadgets were also redone for the suite.
Over time many more gadgets have been added which none of them ever had.

Rainmeter 4.3 and .NET Framework 4.5 or newer required to use this suite!

Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10


Each skin has a settings skin and can be scaled individually for any resolution.
Detailed descriptions for each setting can be found via tooltips, easily accessible by hovering the setting text with your cursor.

You can choose between several different styles through the launcher skin to set it globally and customize some of the used colors to your needs:
  • Default: Typical gradient styled background we know and love
  • Blurred Edges: Colored Background (changeable) with blurred edges
  • Solid Color: Colored Background (changeable)
  • Solid Accent: Colored background, uses the defined windows accent color
  • Modern Gadgets: Matches mostly the Modern Gadgets style by raiguard
  • Glass Blur: Windows 7 styled blurred background (Aero)
  • Glass Acrylic: Windows 10 styled blurred background
Both glass variations require Win8/10.

Media skins:

Media Control
  • All in one Media Control with 3 different skins changeable via the context menu
  • Simple Media Control:
    • Uses media-key-strokes to control the current local media player (works out of the box with more or less all local players)
  • Local Media Control:
    • Shows metadata from a local media player and the cover-image if available, hover the skin to reveal the controls
    • The used player has to be set in the settings skin! (AIMP, CAD, iTunes, MediaMonkey, Spotify, Winamp, WMP, WLM)
    • Not all features work with all players (more: docs.rainmeter.net/manual/meas…)
  • Web Media Control:
    • Shows metadata from a web media player and the cover-image if available, hover the skin to reveal the controls
    • A browser extension has to be installed! Chrome Firefox
    • Supported sites: Amazon Music, Deezer, Google Play Music, Pandora, Plex (Music), PocketCasts, Soundcloud, Spotify, Tidal, Twitch, Youtube
    • Additionally the skin supports the Spotify Desktop App (including the cover what does not work with the Local Media Control), but sadly this doesn't work out of the box...
      • Patch your Spotify Desktop installation with Spicetify
      • This has to be redone each time the Spotify app gets an update.
  • Shows Title progression in percent, time and background-bar
  • The cover image can be undocked to an independent skin with a click on the icon located top left or with the context menu
  • Volume control via mouse wheel
Volume Control
  • Shows the audio output of the default audio device
  • The audio device name can be shown/hidden with the context menu
  • Shows the Volume level in percent, volume bar and speaker-icon-change 
  • The volume can be controlled via dragging or double-clicking the volume-bar or using the mouse wheel
  • Sound analyzers/visualizers are available in the context menu:
    • Block Analyzer in multiple sizes (3x3, 5x5, 7x7, 9x9, 11x11, 15x15, 25x25)
    • Histogram Analyzer with stereo support
    • Spectrum Analyzer with 20 bars
    • Surround Analyzer with 7.1 channel support
  • Many settings for fine-tuning the analyzers

System skins:

  • Shows a random image out of a local folder
GPU Load
  • Shows up to 21 HWiNFO sensors (HWiNFO required!) (Screenshot: sta.sh/019zw9uosegv)
  • All sensors can be easily reconfigured through the Shared Memory Viewer (HowTo: sta.sh/0aeysoxjgr3)
  • The first 6 sensors are predefined for all kind of Load-States of a NVIDIA-GPU but all can be completely changed to whatever sensor HWiNFO returns
  • The displayed name of the first 6 sensors can be customized for each sensor individually or leave the name-variable blank to use the sensor-name returned by HWiNFO
  • Additionally there are three groups for Compute/Decode/Encode usages which can individually be changed from 0 up to 5 sensors
  • All colors can be customized
  • Hover the sensor to show the minimum, maximum and average values
HWiNFO Monitor
  • Shows up to 20 HWiNFO sensors (HWiNFO required!) (Screenshot: sta.sh/02bz7byv41sr)
  • All sensors can be easily reconfigured through the Shared Memory Viewer (HowTo: sta.sh/0aeysoxjgr3)
  • They are predefined for all kind of sensors a current AMD Ryzen system offers but all can be completely changed to whatever sensor HWiNFO returns
  • The displayed name can be customized for each sensor individually or leave the name-variable blank to use the sensor-name returned by HWiNFO
  • All colors can be customized
  • Hover the sensor to show the minimum, maximum and average values
  • Shows the lock status of Numlock, Capslock and Scrollock
  • Lists all of my skins with their states (active/inactive)
  • Easy way to open/close each skin
  • Enable/Disable custom context menu suite wide 
  • Select the style suite wide
  • Change the used colors via RGBA values or ColorPicker
  • If there's a skin-suite update available a message will appear
  • Shows up to 5 notes with titles
  • Shows a ping monitor for up to 5 destinations which works with any address/IP
  • Downtime counter, average measuring and max latency values
  • Additional skin accessible via the context menu for Ping with DNSlookup (but doesn't work with local stuff) (Screenshot: sta.sh/01cpohq54dq7)
    • Uses the API from hackertarget.com (~100 requests per day)
    • Tries to parse the A-Record from the DNSlookup and uses this IP as destination
    • Hover the address to see the pinged IP
Power Control
  • Shows the current power plan
Recycle Bin
  • Shows the recycle bin in elements, size and trash-icon-change
  • Shows a windows search bar
  • As default the search is globally but can be changed to only indexed files
  • Shows up to 6 shortcuts for files
  • You can use any file and combine it with any icon
  • The Settings skin contains [Gen.]-Buttons with which you'll automatically create and use the icon out of the entered filepath\filename (ex.: C:\Windows\explorer.exe)
Shutdown Control
  • Shows a shutdown control for
    • Shutdown, Restart, Lock, Log off, Suspend (sleep)
  • A click on each button resizes the skin and shows the options
    • Do it now, Do it in x seconds, Cancel
System Info
  • Shows information about the computer, logged-in user and OS:
    • Computer name
    • Domain-name/Workgroup-name and username
    • OS version, architecture (32/64bit) and build number
Usage Monitor
  • Shows the current system-resource usage by the following categories (perfmon.exe counters):
    • CPU
    • RAM
    • GPU (works only with Win 10!)
    • VRAM (works only with Win 10!)
    • IO-READ
    • IO-WRITE
    • Custom
  • The GPU/VRAM entries can be hidden via the context menu, useful for Win7/8 users
  • Each category can be clicked to open another skin which shows the top processes (up to 10)
  • Features:
    • Blacklist (ignore these processes)
    • Whitelist (monitor only these processes)
    • Enable/Disable grouping of process-instances
    • Process entries to show individually for each category (1-10)
    • Enable/Disable colorizing the entries through all opened instances based on the process-name
    • Enable/Disable custom perform.exe counter
    • Settings for custom perform.exe counter (Name, Category, Counter, Percent, Append)

Web skins:

  • Shows up to 5 earthquakes fetched from www.emsc-csem.org/Earthquake/
    • As default there will be shown all earthquakes world-wide but this can be changed to a regional feed too!
    • Use their configurator and copy the resulting RSS-Feed URL into the settings skin: www.emsc-csem.org/Earthquake/?…
  • Each earthquake entry:
    • Distance calculation to a given position
    • Show specific magnitude and distance values in red color
    • Globe-Button to open another skin which shows an image of this earthquake which is zoom-able in/out 3 stages (globe, regional, local)
    • Maps-Button to open a browser with google maps on this position
  • Europe/World-Buttons to open skins which shows all earthquakes in the last 24h Europe/World-wide
  • Miles/Kilometers can be set
Gallery Instagram
  • Shows the latest image of a Instagram feed
  • The feed can be set in the settings, most public feeds with images should work
Gallery Unsplash
  • Shows a random image from unsplash.com
Gallery Web
  • Shows a random image from a web-API (Default: www.desktoppr.co)
  • Sadly this API is often offline or in maintenance-mode but the alternatives are rare...
RSS Reader
  • Shows up to 10 entries of a RSS-feed (Default: BBC)
RSS Reader Alternative
  • Shows up to 10 entries of a RSS-feed (Default: reddit)
  • Mainly created for reddit but can be used for other atom or uncommon feeds
  • Difference to RSS Reader:
    • The date format on each feed-entry has to be "yyyy-mm-ddTh:i:s" instead of the long datetime
    • The link has to be in a href instead of inside the tags
Search Web
  • Shows a web search bar
  • As default the search is set to use google but can be changed to any other search engine

Market skins:

  • Shows up to 10 cryptocurrencies fetched from www.cryptonator.com
    • Combine whichever crypto currency you want (ex: btc to usd, btc to eth, eur to grc, ...)
  • Shows icons for From-/To-Currency
  • Color-change on rise/fall
  • Shows up to 10 currencies fetched from www.cnbc.com
  • Use the symbol string out of the given URL from cnbc.com
    • Examples: USDEUR, GBP%3D, EUR%3D, JPY%3D, EURCHF%3D
    • Example URL: cnbc.com/quotes/?symbol=USDEUR
  • Shows icons for From-/To-Currency (uses the same batch of icon like the Cryptocurrencies skin)
  • Color-change on rise/fall
  • Shows up to 10 stocks fetched from www.cnbc.com
  • Use the symbol string out of the given URL from cnbc.com
    • Examples: .DJIA, DAX, GOOGL, MSFT, .SPX, @GC.1
    • Example URL: cnbc.com/quotes/?symbol=.DJIA
  • Color-change on rise/fall

BOINC skins:

  • Shows data fetched from boincstats.com for a given CPID
    • Switch between User/Team/Host CPIDs
    • Show/hide stats including shares with the context menu
  • Additional skins for the selected type (User/Team/Host):
    • Show up to 10 projects (use project name from "Project list" table out of your boincstats.com profile site in the settings skin)
    • Show the best ten days
    • Show the last ten days
    • Show the BOINC badges fetched from stats.free-dc.org
  • Shows data fetched from gridcoinstats.eu for a given CPID
  • Shows the status of the nodes
    • If there's a fork or a chain replay in progress, you'll see a error-message (if replay then incl. percent)
  • Additional skins for the given CPID:
    • Show up to 10 projects (use project name from the specific project site (on the top left), NOT the name out of the "Active Projects" table in the settings skin)
    • Show the diagram from GridcoinStats for credit
    • Show the diagram from GridcoinStats for Magnitude
    • Show the diagram from GridcoinStats for Recent average credit


v4.2.0 (September 15, 2019):
  • General:
    • Settings skins:
      • Added checkboxes
      • Redone radiobuttons
      • Added increase/decrease buttons
      • Added some clamps (not everywhere) to avoid useless values
    • Added UserAgents to all Webparser measures
    • Redone add/remove button logic (no measures)
  • BOINCstats:
    • [FIX] Skin was broken through the new website-design
  • Currencies:
    • [FIX] Regex sometimes results in a error through slightly different site constructions
  • Cryptocurrencies:
    • [REMOVED] Coinmarketcap api skin since it's now been only available with api-keys (as mentions in other changelogs...)
  • HWiNFO Monitor & GPU Load skins:
    • [TWEAK] The min, max and average values are now colored individually
  • Launcher:
    • [NEW] Skin-Suite Update Checker, if there's an update available a message including current version and latest version tooltip will appear
    • The title color of all skins can now be changed
  • Ping with DNSlookup:
    • [FIX] Contextmenu entries on DNSlookup view didn't work
  • Web Media Control:
    • [CHANGE] The spicetify rainmeter skin is now incompatible with the latest spotify version, luckily the same creator made another workaround to which the context menu entry now points

v4.1.0 (August 15, 2019):
  • [NEW] GPU Load skin for up to 21 HWiNFO sensors (6 completely individual, rest hardcoded naming)
  • [NEW] HWiNFO Monitor skin for up to 20 completely individual HWiNFO sensors
  • Currencies & Cryptocurrencies: 
    • Updated icons to v0.16 (now 438)
  • Gallery Instagram & Unsplash: 
    • Added individual icons for both
  • Ping:
    • [NEW] Ping skin which works with all local/web addresses/IPs
    • [NEW] Ping skin with an additional skin to get a complete DNSlookup of the entered address/IP, does not work with local IPs!
      • Uses the API from hackertarget.com (~100 requests per day) instead of the API from ip-api.com
      • The old api often returned the AAAA-Record (=ipv6) and the ping couldn't work, now the first A-Record (if exist) gets parsed from the DNSlookup
    • [NEW] Average latency calculation
    • Added Timeout setting
  • Volume Control:
    • [FIX] Blocks didn't refresh after changing spectrum settings
    • [FIX] Volume control with devices control thrown an error in logs on startup
    • [TWEAK] Blocks Analyzer uses now a single lua measure to colorize all blocks and checks if the block needs to be banged
    • Changed some default settings for Spectrum/Blocks
The complete changelog can be found in the rainmeter forum-thread


:iconsilverazide: for the Gadgets suite
:iconiamanai: for the ModernGadgets suite and the ColorPickerPlus skin used by the launcher skin and the modded HWiNFO Shared Memory Viewer
:icontjhrulz: for the WebNowPlaying plugin used by the media control skin

NighthawkSLO for the Mouse plugin used by the Volume Control and ColorPickerPlus skins
TheAzack9 for the FrostedGlass plugin used for the glass blur/acrylic backgrounds
stangowner for the HWiNFO plugin and the HWiNFO Shared Memory Viewer used by the GPU Load and HWiNFO Monitor skins

jsmorley for the 
- ConfigActive plugin used by the launcher skin
- ImageSize plugin used by the Earthquakes, Galleries and Media Control skins
- CursorColor plugin used by the ColorPickerPlus skin

brianferguson for the 
- HotKey plugin used by the Keylocks skin
- SysColor plugin used for the accent color backgrounds

pasnox for the oxygen-icons-package used through the whole suite
cjdowner for the currency icons used by the currency skins

You can find this suite on github too.
If you need for any reason a previous version you can always get them in the commits section.
Click the <> button next to the version you need and download the shown rmskin-file (click on it and then click the download-button).

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Just now noticed SilverAzide gadgets suite is no longer to be found.

Anyone got info about that?

Dudebaker's avatar
DudebakerHobbyist Interface Designer


you can get it on github, take a look at his rainmeter forum thread: https://forum.rainmeter.net/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=20699

The only thing I could find about that it's not on deviant anymore is this answer from him in a rainmeter forum thread:


redorbroder's avatar


Thanks for the info!

Hopefully SilverAzide will be back in here soon!

rye74's avatar

I'm having minor trouble using the Media Control. I'm using MusicBee and when i set the player to CAD nothing works and i get "No Player Detected!". Strangely, if i leave it blank the controls will work (back, play, next) but the album cover and song information are all missing.

Love these widgets. Thanks alot for all you work.

Dudebaker's avatar
DudebakerHobbyist Interface Designer

I'm glad you like my suite.

Since I've never used MusicBee I had to test this myself too.

And you're right, on a new installation the skin doesn't get any values from MusicBee.

The key to get this to work is:

- Go to the MusicBee settings

- Go to Plugins

- Enable the plugin "cd art display" and check the "launch on startup".

After a restart of MusicBee and the Media skin the available infos will be shown and the play/pause/next/previous/skip to functions will work.

rye74's avatar

Thanks, its working now. You da man!

godandeli's avatar

this is awesome thank you

faxuno's avatar


Is it happened something? It is from 3 days, I have found Rainmeter closed suddenly, from that moment Cryptocurrency widgets stop to work (all other widgets work fine). I have try many times to close and open Rainmeter but the result is always the same.

Annotazione 2020-07-23 133610
Dudebaker's avatar
DudebakerHobbyist Interface Designer


it seems cryptonator has added CloudFlare protection to their API.

Rainmeter now sees at first the CloudFlare protection page and then it would be redirected to the correct API page but since this redirect requires a full-blown Browser-Engine this doesn't work with the Rainmeter WebParser.

My only solution is now to change my Skin to the CoinGecko API.

Will take a look at this but no exact ETA... maybe this weekend or next weekend.

Dudebaker's avatar
DudebakerHobbyist Interface Designer

It seems Cryptonator has removed the CloudFlare protection from their API

-> the Cryptocurrencies skin works again.

So I'm not in a hurry, the switch to CoinGecko has to be done, but now I can take my time...

faxuno's avatar


Yessss, before you write me I have discovered that is not an error, but a question of decimals; before to discovered it I have look in the .ini but everything was ok :brushteeth:

I have also duplicate the "Cryptocurrencies widget", fantastic!

For the "32x32 .png" missing, I have made the best with CoinGecko (before I have try with Coinmarketcap, Coin360 and Investing, these sites have PNG icons) that have WEBP icons to convert in PNG. I have added HBar, Erd, One, Band and TFuel. I have made with Coingecko because is the site with more crypto, but some crypto there is not on Cryptonator, like Seele, For, Top, Hit, Bitcoin HD (BHD), Mx. Ok, patience.

I see you there is "C:\Users\ xxxUserNamexxx \Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Gadgets Additions\@Resources\Images\Currencies" 438 crypto icons. I see your icons are all with a circle, on the websites I have mentioned some crypto doesn't have circle (like you see in the image). Where did you get these icons so we may have the same style with new icons to insert?

However it is all very cool! ;P

Is it also possible to have the change of variation not only with "1 hour", but also with "24 hours", maybe instead of the volume or before it? Perhaps the volume it will be better in dollars, the investors and the main websites express usually the volume in dollars.

Very very good! It is very useful to have always a global vision for people that invest in cryptos, instead of entry in the wallet or in some website via web or app everytime.

Annotazione 2020-06-08 024825
Dudebaker's avatar
DudebakerHobbyist Interface Designer

For the icons I'm using, there's a link in the credits ( https://github.com/spothq/cryptocurrency-icons).

The package is not as complete as I would like to but it's, I believe, the only available package with really many of the most used coins.

Since, more or less, there are on a daily basis new coins, this would anyway be a never ending pithole.

For the 24hours change, sadly the Cryptonator API (https://www.cryptonator.com/api) doesn't deliver this value and the CoinGecko API (https://www.coingecko.com/en/api) doesn't deliver the 1h change, at least not in the simple request, only the extended one.

The API of Coin360 is very limited and Investing doesn't have one.

Maybe I'll create a second skin in the future which uses the CoinGecko API as alternative.

Then I could add again the rank of each coin and maybe even directly download the given images from CoinGecko but that's nothing what you do in some hours...

Using both in a single skin wouldn't be as easy (CoinGecko needs other IDs as Cryptonator, for example, CoinGecko needs "holotoken" and Cryptonator "hot").

faxuno's avatar


I have updated my Gadgets Additions set! Because I have 22 cryptos to show, I have made groups of 5 cryptos to have a better view for me. What a shame that on Cryptonator there aren't 6 cryptos I am looking (RSR, TOP, FOR, SEELE, MX, BHD).

Then I have changed icons with CoinGecko PNG, so I prefer and there are also new logos for some cryptos (I had to modify with a graphic program some PNG, like STORJ, cause transparency problem).

I have see the API of Cryptonator and CoinGecko you have linked, perhaps we may ask to these sites to add some other line of code to have 1 day change :? . And CoinMarketCap and TradingView have some API to use? TradingView is spectacular.

Using different API in a single skin I think is not very good, also the idea to show also the rank is nothing bad!

If you want I may help you with CoinGecko to made something. I think your widgets have the possibility to be more powerful yet, for example with Coingecko there are alerts on variations, price or %, that are working, also with Trading View alerts work perfectly, I have try the alerts with Investing and don't work, and CoinMarketCap doesn't have.

Another thing dudebaker .... I have see that when I have Rainmeter working my PC doesn't go in suspend mode, when I have Rainmeter disable the PC go in suspend mode; do you know if it is a problem of the skin or a problem of Rainmeter?

Thank you! :+fav:

Before - Gadgets Additions
After 1 - Gadgets Additions
After 2 - Gadgets Additions
Dudebaker's avatar
DudebakerHobbyist Interface Designer

Previously I had a skin for CoinMarketCap but since they now need a API-Key I switched back to Cryptonator (even with a API-Key you were limited to about 100 request per day or something like that...).

TradingView needs a username/password authentication which is even less user friendly (wouldn't work out of the box after installing the skin).

The only way to go would be a CoinGecko skin, but currently I do not have the time to implement it, maybe in the near future.

For your alert request - this is not possible with the CoinGecko API (since there is no authentication via username the API doesn't know which alert settings it should use...) and would only maybe be possible with a TradingView skin (which I will not implement as described above).

For your issue with Rainmter - I've never had such a problem with the suspend mode nor heard of it, but to be honest, I'm only using PCs and not Notebooks which either run 24h or will be shutdown anyway each time.

faxuno's avatar

Hello! I am very happy to have discovered this fantastic Rainmeter set!

For me is very useful to see my cryptocurrencies watchlist in real time. I think it is the only that do this thing, and very well.

But there 1 error with a crypto I have inserted, HOT. The value on Crytonator is

0.00063842 USD , but the price of HOT on the widget is 0.001.

Another thing. I see that we can insert a maximum of 10 entries for cryptocurrencies. Is not possible to duplicate the widget to have another watchlist?

Stefano from Italy

Annotazione 2020-06-07 042739

Annotazione 2020-06-07 042942
Dudebaker's avatar
DudebakerHobbyist Interface Designer

Hi, I'm glad you like my rainmeter suite!

The error you've mentioned is not really an error.

It looks like you've set in the Settings for this Cryptocurrency a decimals-value of 3.

In this case the skin rounds the given value 0.00063822 USD to three decimals which results in 0.001 USD.

You only have to rise the decimals count to, for example, 4 or 5 and you'll see a value of 0.0006 USD or 0.00064 USD.

For the second question, yes it's possible to duplicate the skin and here's the how to:

  1. Go to "C:\Users\xxxUserNamexxx\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Gadgets Additions"

  2. Duplicate the folder "Cryptocurrencies" and name it "Cryptocurrencies2"

  3. Open this new folder, open the file "Cryptocurrencies.ini" and change the line "VarPath=#@#Variables\Cryptocurrencies.inc" to "VarPath=#@#Variables\Cryptocurrencies2.inc"

  4. In this folder, open the "Config" folder, open the "Settings.ini" and change the line "VarPath=#@#Variables\Cryptocurrencies.inc" to "VarPath=#@#Variables\Cryptocurrencies2.inc"

  5. Go to "C:\Users\xxxUserNamexxx\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Gadgets Additions\@Resources\Variables\"

  6. Duplicate the file "Cryptocurrencies.ini" and name it "Cryptocurrencies2.ini"

  7. Restart Rainmeter and open the new skin through the Contextmenu (right-click one of my skins -> Rainmeter -> Gadgets Additions -> CryptoCurrencies2 -> Cryptocurrencies.ini)


As I see one of your Currencies doesn't show an image (HBAR).

If you want to have an image for this one, you'll only have to add one called "hbar.png" in the folder "C:\Users\xxxUserNamexxx\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Gadgets Additions\@Resources\Images\Currencies"

bejecek's avatar

Great job! Really appreciate your work dude.

just a little question - my currency widget is not showing right icons for Euro and GBP:

2020-04-03 16 18 44-D  Dokumenty Rainmeter Skins G

When I add another 7 rows, there are some rows where Euro is blue with right icon, the same for GBP. Any idea how to fix it?


FrozenPhoton's avatar

Starting a few days ago, the 'Usage Monitor' Gadget starting reporting N/A for all of the entires on my PC. Here's a snip of my desktop with your and Raiguard's "Modern Gadgets" mixed together. I've also added the main usage monitor skin to the snip but normally I only have the popout skins organized in the corner for CPU/RAM/GPU/VRAM (8/8/3/3)


AFAIK, the HWinfo sensors are reporting things fine (at least that's the case for my other skins as part of Raiguard's skins) so nothing can be an issue there - and I don't think I've made any significant changes to my system in the past few days that would have altered my skins or system settings. I've also checked your 'HWinfo monitor' skin and the few sensors that I have set up are reading fine...

Any idea what could be going on here?

Dudebaker's avatar
DudebakerHobbyist Interface Designer
It seams your Counters Database got corrupted.
Take a look at the following link on the part "Rebuild Counters Database": docs.rainmeter.net/manual/plug…
Maybe it helps, please report back if this was successful or not (I've never seen this issue on any of my PCs).

PS: The Usage Monitor doesn't use HWinfo for showing the values, it uses Performance Counters from native Windows perfmon.exe
SinaAxis's avatar
SinaAxisHobbyist General Artist

Is it possible to change language in settings?

Dudebaker's avatar
DudebakerHobbyist Interface Designer
No there's no multi language implementation, maybe in a future version...
ylye33's avatar

Thank you!!! I really love the gadget you design. But I am annoyed about how can I change the style of skin? I want to change my RSS reader appearance to glass (Aero) Style but I can't

anonymous's avatar
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