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Gadgets Additions 4.1.0
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Published: March 11, 2018
Desktop monitoring inspired by the AddGadgets.com (and Orbmu2k) Windows Sidebar Gadgets.

This suite was created as addition to SilverAzide's suite to complete the move of our beloved Addgadgets.com collection from Windows Sidebar-Gadgets to Rainmeter.
Since many things like power control or volume control were never covered by Addgadgets, Orbmu2k's gadgets were a great addition at the time, so some gadgets were also redone for the suite.
Over time, many more gadgets have been added to the suite which none of both awesome collections ever had.

Rainmeter 4.3 and .NET Framework 4.5 or newer required to use this suite!

Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10


Each skin has a settings skin and can be scaled individually for any resolution.
Detailed descriptions for each setting can be found via tooltips, easily accessible by hovering the setting text with your cursor.

You can choose between several different styles through the launcher skin to set it globally and customize some of the used colors to your needs:
  • Default
    • Typical gradient styled background we know and love
  • Blurred Edges
    • Colored Background with blurred edges, the used color can be defined
  • Solid Color
    • Colored Background, the used color can be defined
  • Solid Accent
    • Colored background, uses the defined windows accent color
  • Modern Gadgets
    • Matches mostly the Modern Gadgets style by raiguard
  • Glass Blur
    • Windows 7 styled blurred background (Aero)
  • Glass Acrylic
    • Windows 10 styled blurred background
Both glass variations require Win8/10.

Media skins:

Media Control
  • All in one Media Control with 3 different skins changeable via the context menu
  • Simple Media Control:
    • Uses media-key-strokes to control the current local media player (works out of the box with more or less all local players)
  • Local Media Control:
    • Shows metadata from a local media player and the cover-image if available, hover the skin to reveal the controls
    • The used player has to be set in the settings skin! (AIMP, CAD, iTunes, MediaMonkey, Spotify, Winamp, WMP, WLM)
    • Not all features work with all players (more: docs.rainmeter.net/manual/meas…)
  • Web Media Control:
    • Shows metadata from a web media player and the cover-image if available, hover the skin to reveal the controls
    • A browser extension has to be installed!
      Chrome: chrome.google.com/webstore/det…
      Firefox: addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firef…
    • Supported sites:
      Amazon Music, Deezer, Google Play Music, Pandora, Plex (Music), PocketCasts, Soundcloud, Spotify, Tidal, Twitch, Youtube
    • Additionally the skin supports the Spotify Desktop App (including the cover what does not work with the Local Media Control), but sadly this doesn't work out of the box...
      • Currently this is the only available solution for Rainmeter:
        Patch your Spotify Desktop installation with Spicetify.
        Follow the how to but before applying enable the WebNowPlaying Extension on the second extension-page.
        This has to be redone each time the Spotify app gets an update.
  • Shows Title progression in percent, time and background-bar
  • The cover image can be undocked to an independent skin with a click on the icon located top left or with the context menu
  • Volume control via mouse wheel
Volume Control
  • Shows the audio output of the default audio device
  • The audio device name can be shown/hidden with the context menu
  • Shows the Volume level in percent, volume bar and speaker-icon-change 
  • The volume can be controlled via dragging or double-clicking the volume-bar or using the mouse wheel
  • Sound analyzers/visualizers are available in the context menu:
    • Block Analyzer in multiple sizes (3x3, 5x5, 7x7, 9x9, 11x11, 15x15, 25x25)
    • Histogram Analyzer with stereo support
    • Spectrum Analyzer with 20 bars
    • Surround Analyzer with 7.1 channel support
  • Many settings for fine-tuning the analyzers

System skins:

  • Shows a random image out of a local folder
GPU Load
  • Shows up to 21 HWiNFO sensors (HWiNFO required!) (Screenshot: sta.sh/019zw9uosegv)
  • All sensors can be easily reconfigured through the Shared Memory Viewer (HowTo: sta.sh/0aeysoxjgr3)
  • The first 6 sensors are predefined for all kind of Load-States of a NVIDIA-GPU but all can be completely changed to whatever sensor HWiNFO returns
  • The displayed name of the first 6 sensors can be customized for each sensor individually or leave the name-variable blank to use the sensor-name returned by HWiNFO
  • Additionally there are three groups for Compute/Decode/Encode usages which can individually be changed from 0 up to 5 sensors
  • All colors can be customized
  • Hover the sensor to show the minimum, maximum and average values
HWiNFO Monitor
  • Shows up to 20 HWiNFO sensors (HWiNFO required!) (Screenshot: sta.sh/02bz7byv41sr)
  • All sensors can be easily reconfigured through the Shared Memory Viewer (HowTo: sta.sh/0aeysoxjgr3)
  • They are predefined for all kind of sensors a current AMD Ryzen system offers but all can be completely changed to whatever sensor HWiNFO returns
  • The displayed name can be customized for each sensor individually or leave the name-variable blank to use the sensor-name returned by HWiNFO
  • All colors can be customized
  • Hover the sensor to show the minimum, maximum and average values
  • Shows the lock status of Numlock, Capslock and Scrollock
  • Lists all of my skins with their states (active/inactive)
  • Easy way to open/close each skin
  • Enable/Disable custom context menu suite wide 
  • Select the style suite wide
  • Change the used colors via RGBA values or ColorPicker
  • Shows up to 5 notes with titles
  • Shows a ping monitor for up to 5 destinations which works with any address/IP
  • Downtime counter, average measuring and max latency values
  • Additional skin accessible via the context menu for Ping with DNSlookup (but doesn't work with local stuff) (Screenshot: sta.sh/01cpohq54dq7)
    • Uses the API from hackertarget.com (~100 requests per day)
    • Tries to parse the A-Record from the DNSlookup and uses this IP as destination
    • Hover the address to see the pinged IP
    • Click the Mag-glass icon to open the DNSlookup of this address
Power Control
  • Shows the current power plan
Recycle Bin
  • Shows the recycle bin in elements, size and trash-icon-change
  • Shows a windows search bar
  • As default the search is globally but can be changed to only indexed files
  • Shows up to 6 shortcuts for files
  • You can use any file and combine it with any icon
  • The Settings skin contains [Gen.]-Buttons with which you'll automatically create and use the icon out of the entered filepath\filename (ex.: C:\Windows\explorer.exe)
Shutdown Control
  • Shows a shutdown control for
    Shutdown, Restart, Lock, Log off, Suspend (sleep)
  • A click on each button resizes the skin and shows the options
    Do it now, Do it in x seconds, Cancel
System Info
  • Shows information about the computer, logged-in user and OS:
    • Computer name
    • Domain-name/Workgroup-name and username
    • OS version, architecture (32/64bit) and build number
Usage Monitor
  • Shows the current system-resource usage by the following categories (perfmon.exe counters):
    • CPU
    • RAM
    • GPU (works only with Win 10!)
    • VRAM (works only with Win 10!)
    • IO-READ
    • IO-WRITE
    • Custom
  • The GPU/VRAM entries can be hidden via the context menu, useful for Win7/8 users
  • Each category can be clicked to open another skin which shows the top processes (up to 10)
  • Features:
    • Blacklist (ignore these processes)
    • Whitelist (monitor only these processes)
    • Enable/Disable grouping of process-instances
    • Process entries to show individually for each category (1-10)
    • Enable/Disable colorizing the entries through all opened instances based on the process-name
    • Enable/Disable custom perform.exe counter
    • Settings for custom perform.exe counter (Name, Category, Counter, Percent, Append)

Web skins:

  • Shows up to 5 earthquakes fetched from www.emsc-csem.org/Earthquake/
    • As default there will be shown all earthquakes world-wide but this can be changed to a regional feed too!
    • Use their configurator and copy the resulting RSS-Feed URL into the settings skin: www.emsc-csem.org/Earthquake/?…
  • Each earthquake entry:
    • Distance calculation to a given position
    • Show specific magnitude and distance values in red color
    • Globe-Button to open another skin which shows an image of this earthquake which is zoom-able in/out 3 stages (globe, regional, local)
    • Maps-Button to open a browser with google maps on this position
  • Europe/World-Buttons to open skins which shows all earthquakes in the last 24h Europe/World-wide
  • Miles/Kilometers can be set
Gallery Instagram
  • Shows the latest image of a Instagram feed
  • The feed can be set in the settings, most public feeds with images should work
Gallery Unsplash
  • Shows a random image from unsplash.com
Gallery Web
  • Shows a random image from a web-API (Default: www.desktoppr.co)
  • Sadly this API is often offline or in maintenance-mode but the alternatives are rare...
RSS Reader
  • Shows up to 10 entries of a RSS-feed (Default: BBC)
RSS Reader Alternative
  • Shows up to 10 entries of a RSS-feed (Default: reddit)
  • Mainly created for reddit but can be used for other atom or uncommon feeds
  • Difference to RSS Reader:
    • The date format on each feed-entry has to be "yyyy-mm-ddTh:i:s" instead of the long datetime
    • The link has to be in a href instead of inside the tags
Search Web
  • Shows a web search bar
  • As default the search is set to use google but can be changed to any other search engine

Market skins:

  • Shows up to 10 cryptocurrencies fetched from www.cryptonator.com
    • Combine whichever crypto currency you want (ex: btc to usd, btc to eth, eur to grc, ...)
  • Shows icons for From-/To-Currency
  • Shows the ranking next to the name 
  • Color-change on rise/fall
  • As an alternative there's a second skin available via the context menu which fetches the cryptocurrencies from www.coinmarketcap.com.
    Their current API-v2 will be taken offline and the new one requires a API-Key... if the API-v2 is taken offline, this alternative will be removed.
  • Shows up to 10 currencies fetched from www.cnbc.com
  • Use the symbol string out of the given URL from cnbc.com
    • Examples: USDEUR, GBP%3D, EUR%3D, JPY%3D, EURCHF%3D
    • Example URL: cnbc.com/quotes/?symbol=USDEUR
  • Shows icons for From-/To-Currency (uses the same batch of icon like the Cryptocurrencies skin)
  • Color-change on rise/fall
  • Shows up to 10 stocks fetched from www.cnbc.com
  • Use the symbol string out of the given URL from cnbc.com
    • Examples: .DJIA, DAX, GOOGL, MSFT, .SPX, @GC.1
    • Example URL: cnbc.com/quotes/?symbol=.DJIA
  • Color-change on rise/fall

BOINC skins:

  • Shows data fetched from boincstats.com for a given CPID
    • Switch between User/Team/Host CPIDs
    • Show/hide stats including shares with the context menu
  • Additional skins for the selected type (User/Team/Host)
    • Show up to 10 projects (use project name from "Project list" table out of your boincstats.com profile site in the settings skin)
    • Show the best ten days
    • Show the last ten days
    • Show the BOINC badges fetched from stats.free-dc.org
  • Since the new design of BOINCstats they have added a captcha, if the skin does only shows "loading", then use your browser, go to boincstats.com and solve the captcha
  • Shows data fetched from gridcoinstats.eu for a given CPID
    • If there's a fork or a chain replay in progress, you'll see a error-message (if replay then incl. percent)
  • Shows the status of the nodes
  • Additional skins for the given CPID
    • Show up to 10 projects (use project name from the specific project site (on the top left), NOT the name out of the "Active Projects" table in the settings skin)
    • Show the diagram from GridcoinStats for credit
    • Show the diagram from GridcoinStats for Magnitude
    • Show the diagram from GridcoinStats for Recent average credit


v4.1.0 (August 15, 2019):
  • [NEW] GPU Load skin for up to 21 HWiNFO sensors (6 completely individual, rest hardcoded naming)
  • [NEW] HWiNFO Monitor skin for up to 20 completely individual HWiNFO sensors
  • Currencies & Cryptocurrencies:
    • Updated icons to v0.16 (now 438)
  • Gallery Instagram & Unsplash:
    • Added individual icons for both
  • Ping:
    • [NEW] Ping skin which works with all local/web addresses/IPs
    • [NEW] Ping skin with an additional skin to get a complete DNSlookup of the entered address/IP, does not work with local IPs!
      • Uses the API from hackertarget.com (~100 requests per day) instead of the API from ip-api.com
      • The old api often returned the AAAA-Record (=ipv6) and the ping couldn't work, now the first A-Record (if exist) gets parsed from the DNSlookup
    • [NEW] Average latency calculation
    • Added Timeout setting
  • Volume Control:
    • [FIX] Blocks didn't refresh after changing spectrum settings
    • [FIX] Volume control with devices control thrown an error in logs on startup
    • [TWEAK] Blocks Analyzer uses now a single lua measure to colorize all blocks and checks if the block needs to be banged
    • Changed some default settings for Spectrum/Blocks

v4.0.0 (August 1, 2019):
  • [NEW] Style ModernGadgets: For anyone who needs some more gadgets styled in their common way
  • [NEW] Color Picker: Many colors can now be defined by the user globally through the launcher skin
  • [NEW] Gallery Instagram
  • [NEW] Gallery Unsplash
  • [NEW] Keylocks
  • General:
    • Added buttons while hovering on all skins with multiple entries to add/remove entries without the use of the settings skin
    • Added Rainmeter entry to all context menus
  • BOINCstats:
    • [FIX] Adjusted to new design of boincstats.com
  • Currencies & Cryptocurrencies:
    • Updated icons to v0.15 (now 437)
  • Earthquakes:
    • Auto-resize image skins
  • Launcher:
    • Updated ConfigActive plugin to v2.2.1
  • Media Control:
    • [FIX] Play/Pause button didn't work with docked cover
  • Ping:
    • [NEW] Redone skin to allow up to 5 ping monitors
    • Added Downtimes counter and max latency value
    • Hover the address to see the pinged ip, if ipv6 gets returned, the ping doesn't work, currently there's no workaround for this
  • System Info:
    • [FIX] Windows 7 showed zero in build-row
  • Volume Control:
    • [NEW] Block Analyzer in multiple sizes: 3x3, 5x5, 7x7, 9x9, 11x11, 15x15, 25x25
    • [REMOVED] Waveform visualizer since the histogram shows more or less "the same"
    • Added settings for sensitivity and min/max frequencies
    • Added drag-able volume-bar
  • Usage Monitor:
    • [NEW] Additional skin without GPU/VRAM for Windows 7 users accessible with the Context Menu

The complete changelog can be found in the rainmeter forum-thread


:iconsilverazide: for the Gadgets suite
:iconiamanai: for the ModernGadgets suite and the ColorPickerPlus skin used by the launcher skin and the modded HWiNFO Shared Memory Viewer
:icontjhrulz: for the WebNowPlaying plugin used by the media control skin

NighthawkSLO for the Mouse plugin used by the Volume Control and ColorPickerPlus skins
TheAzack9 for the FrostedGlass plugin used for the glass blur/acrylic backgrounds
stangowner for the HWiNFO plugin and the HWiNFO Shared Memory Viewer used by the GPU Load and HWiNFO Monitor skins

jsmorley for the 
- ConfigActive plugin used by the launcher skin
- ImageSize plugin used by the Earthquakes, Galleries and Media Control skins
- CursorColor plugin used by the ColorPickerPlus skin

brianferguson for the 
- HotKey plugin used by the Keylocks skin
- SysColor plugin used for the accent color backgrounds

pasnox for the oxygen-icons-package used through the whole suite
cjdowner for the currency icons used by the currency skins

You can find this suite on github too.
If you need for any reason a previous version you can always get them in the commits section.
Click the <> button next to the version you need and download the shown rmskin-file (click on it and then click the download-button).

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Comments (51)
Dudebaker's avatar
DudebakerEdited |Hobbyist Interface Designer
Some screenshots for the v4.1.0 update...

Ping Monitor with DNSlookup functionality:
v4.1.0 Ping DNSlookup by Dudebaker  

HWiNFO Monitor for up to 20 completely individual sensors:
v4.1.0 HWiNFO Monitor by Dudebaker  

GPU Load for up to 21 sensors (6 completely individual):
v4.1.0 GPU Load by Dudebaker  

And here a simple HowTo image for the reconfiguration of the used HWiNFO sensors:
  v4.1.0 HowTo HWiNFO by Dudebaker
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bobalazs's avatar
Can i get some help what setting do i have to change in the ini files to get proper measurements
gpu 0 is integrated, gpu1 is dedicated 
Reply  ·  
Dudebaker's avatar
DudebakerEdited |Hobbyist Interface Designer
Please try the one from SilverAzide too:
Top Process Meter - Gadgets Patch 5.0.0 by SilverAzide

If there's the same problem, maybe your Performance Monitor database got corrupted, then take a look at the Note of the following link:

And if it's working with SilzerAzides Version then please report back so I know I have to take a look at this.
Reply  ·  
bobalazs's avatar
thanks for your reply, it says top GPU Meter requires Windows 10 Fall Creator's Update 
I'm using windows 8.1

Reply  ·  
Dudebaker's avatar
Dudebaker|Hobbyist Interface Designer
Then I'm wondering why it's even working in your version.
I'm writing the same in my description, GPU needs Windows 10.

I'll have to check this in a Win8.1 virtual machine (but that's nothing what has high priority).
Reply  ·  
TarlC1's avatar

I can't get the RSS reader to work with reddit or npr.  Is there a setting I'm overlooking? It works fine with BBC though.  Thanks. 
Reply  ·  
Dudebaker's avatar
Dudebaker|Hobbyist Interface Designer
I've tested both and you're right, these feeds do not work with my regex no matter what you enter in the settings.
In the next version I'll take care of it. Maybe with a second skin or with another way of getting each single feed data piece.
With some luck it should be ready this weekend.
Reply  ·  
TarlC1's avatar
Thanks for the response. It took a little (actually a lot) of reading on my part but it has something to do with the shift away from RSS to Atom. I've been using LimeyCanuck's rss reader for now but even his has a few quirks that are off. And sadly it looks like he has fell off and no longer supports it. 
Reply  ·  
Dudebaker's avatar
Dudebaker|Hobbyist Interface Designer
Updated ;) (Wink) 
Reply  ·  
Dudebaker's avatar
Dudebaker|Hobbyist Interface Designer
Here's a screenshot of the new dock-able cover-image:

V3.3.0 by Dudebaker  
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Ansola's avatar
Hi! I just started to use rainmeter to monitor everything on my PC and this gadget collection is great!
I wanted to ask two improvement to the player gadgets:
1) It' possible to have cover and media control on the same gadget? I would love to have the cover gadget with 2/3 rows under it for title, author and album. And when I move my mouse over the cover it make appear the media buttons
2) It's possible to have one gadget for more players depending on what I'm using? For example: I have both Musicbee and Spotify on my computer. I would like to have a unique gadget that will display spotify or MB songs depending on what is currently playing.

P.S. Also I'm glad you put your code on github! I think that this kind of things should always be open source!
Reply  ·  
Dudebaker's avatar
DudebakerEdited |Hobbyist Interface Designer
I'm glad you like my collection!

1) Yes this is definitely possible but would take some time to do, maybe I'll add that to my ToDo list... ;)
2) And a Yes to this.

Here's the howto for, I think, the fastest way to do this:
1. Go to "C:\Users\---USERNAME---\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Gadgets Additions\resources\Variables"
2. Make a copy of the file "MediaControl.inc" and name it "MediaControl2.inc"
3. Go to "C:\Users\---USERNAME---\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Gadgets Additions"
4. Make a copy the folder "Media Control" and name it "Media Control2"
5. Open this new folder and change "#@#Variables\MediaControl.inc" to "#@#Variables\MediaControl2.inc" in the top of each file
6. Restart Rainmeter
7. Open this new skin through the Rainmeter context menu ("Rainmeter -> Skins -> Gadgets Additions -> Media Control2 -> Media Control with now playing.inc")

It will behave as the usual one, including it's settings skin which you can set for example to Spotify and the normal one to Musicbee.
The only difference, it will not be listed in the launcher skin (more modifications needed...)

Rainmeter skins are always open source, as you will see if you do these changes. :)
Even the downloaded rmskin-files can be opened by 7zip or equivalent.
Only the plugins, but the ones I'm using are open source as you'll see by their github links.
Reply  ·  
Dudebaker's avatar
DudebakerEdited |Hobbyist Interface Designer
Here's a screenshot of the new Version 3.2.0 with the colorized entries and (crypto)currencies and stocks skins which support now 10 entries:

V3.2.0 by Dudebaker  
Reply  ·  
e-Bits's avatar
Let's see if it will post now.

Reply  ·  
e-Bits's avatar
Great work! Thanks!

Hi everyone!

I'm hoping to help contribute somewhat by providing an edited Stocks.ini so that there are 9 working fields instead of 5.

There was also a spelling mistake for the word "open" when you hover a stock item to open in a browser so I corrected that too.

All I did was open the Stocks.ini in EditPad and copied/pasted a Market Measures section and normal Market section four times, after Market5.
Then went through every item that had the number associated with that particular field and changed it to 6, 7, 8, or 9.
A key parts was to adjust the y= line (2 for each field) for each field so that the field gets moved down the interface correctly.
Simply add 60 to the amount of the previous entry.

Here is the .ini to save people time. Of course you can open the file in a text editor and see that only those changes were made.
Otherwise you can just do the editing yourself but it took me over an hour.

MEGA NZ /#!qjgCTKrL!TynxSP5gB6i_yvKhL1QuBWi_1SpP9XkgxHV41HQ0ffI

Backup the original and copy this one there.

The interface seems to only accept 9 fields so I didn't try 10 or more.
This is set by right-clicking the interface - Settings and enter a number of 1 to 9 in the Entries box.

I haven't had time yet to edit the Settings file to have more fields but to add tickers for fields 6, 7, 8 and 9, just right-click the interface - select Skin Variables file and add the lines along with your CNBC ticker symbols:

Use the ticker symbols from cnbc.com (unless you've changed the source url in the Stocks.ini file already). Just go to the markets section and hover an item to see the ticker in the url.
A %40 is actually the @ symbol and if there is a %3D, keep that (see below)

I have 9 item successfully running. Everything works and looks great. There are metals, currencies and stocks (DJIA & other commodities).

Here are some examples:

EUR%3D (euro-usd)
.DJIA (Dow Jones)
@CL.1 (crude oil)

I can't figure out why the author set up settings to allow 9 fields but did not also edit the Stocks.ini to also have up to 9 fields.

Really hope this helps those who are interested. I'm really enjoying it and would like others too as well.
Please mirror the file elsewhere or maybe the author can add it to their release or update it after thoroughly checking the file of course.

Thanks again to the author for this great pack!
Reply  ·  
Dudebaker's avatar
DudebakerEdited |Hobbyist Interface Designer
Glad you like my pack!

Thanks for the info about the typo.

Only because my skins support more entries (wannabe responsive) and I've forgot to block you to enter more then five in the settings skin, that doesn't mean I felt the need for including more of them.
No one complained, so nothing was added... but ok now I have my complain and I'll add modified skins (currencies, cryptocurrencies and stocks) in the next version which support 10 entries too... ;)

One notice:
Please do NOT mirror my suite on other sites.
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redorbroder's avatar

I really like your Gadgets! Thanks!
I use "Frosted Glass" on SilverAzides Gadgets! Just love it!

Is it possible to add "Frosted Glass" using FrostedGlass plugin in this gadget?

VClouds Weather 2

Kind regards
Reply  ·  
Dudebaker's avatar
DudebakerEdited |Hobbyist Interface Designer
Glad you like our Gadgets!
I've took a look at this skin and this time the modification is even easier as for SilverAzides suite.

Add the following block above the meter [MeterBackground]:

Measure= Plugin

Refresh the skin (right click and refresh).
Go to the settings of this skin (arrow icon and then gear icon) and change the following:

Background = 1
Reflection = 1
Shade = 1
Shine = 1
Blur = 0

The gap on this skin is a little bit bigger than on mine or SilverAzides ones but this would need probably many more modifications to fix.
Reply  ·  
redorbroder's avatar
Excellent! That was spot on!
With my background wallpaper all the Gadgets get a soft frosty and kind of glowing feel. So pretty!
Reply  ·  
Dudebaker's avatar
Dudebaker|Hobbyist Interface Designer
Usage example of my suite with blur style combined with SilverAzides suite modified to be blurred too (see my comment under his suite for detailed instructions to do this modification).

  Gadgets Additions 3.0.0 blurred usage example by Dudebaker  
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kabrok's avatar
You, sir, know exactly how to do this shit absolutely perfect. Thank you!
Reply  ·  
devillnside's avatar
devillnside|Hobbyist Interface Designer
nice work.. looks very clean & nice
Reply  ·  
glacto's avatar
Awesome work!
Is any variant to change border color?
Reply  ·  
Dudebaker's avatar
DudebakerEdited |Hobbyist Interface Designer

Unfortunately there are no variants with different border-colors nor is there a variable to change the border-color directly.
But since all skins use the same template-files, you only have to change the colors in two of them.

Paths to these files (change "---your_user_name---" to your windows-username):
C:\Users\---your_user_name---\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Gadgets Additions\resources\Templates\AddGadgetsUI.ini
C:\Users\---your_user_name---\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Gadgets Additions\resources\Templates\AddGadgetsUIDynamic.ini

Since the windows editor shows all in one row, open the files with Notepad++ or SublimeText (they even have downloadable plugins for color-highlighting the Rainmeter syntax!) or a similar text editor.

In both files you'll find the line "; AddGadgets UI Meters" and below you'll find the background, borders and gradient skins.
The border-color is assigned by the command "SolidColor=x,y,z,a".
x = 0-255 for red
y = 0-255 for green
z = 0-255 for blue
a = 0-255 for transparency

It's on my todo list to add the same border-style-options as the ones in SilverAzides suite... ;-)
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