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Domino’s luck has always made me think how the hell she ended up that way. I know it was genetic engineering, didn’t pay attention in social studies, or 8 smurfs crawled in her mama’s Xbox and jerked off to the I <3 Bettie Page pinups on the walls. So riddle me this, if she has the power of “probability manipulation,” then why doesn’t she drain every casino in Las Vegas and Indian Reservation? My guess is that she’s hiding some lucky charms in magically delicious places. Rabbit foot in her cleavage, a horse shoe hanging from her VCH (which now looks like a ranch owner’s door knocker) and a bag of dried up four leaf clovers that she smokes with a whishbone pipe.

                However I digress and would like to know why she’s scared of chickens.  She gives them a look as if the chicken left their shopping cart in the middle of a parking lot and watching it aimlessly float around like a tumbleweed with Kenny Chesney’s “do you think my tractor’s sexy?” playing in the background and the chicken points a gun at her head ,forcing her to let the cart ding her car……but that’s just me. I could understand if there was a chicken with its head cut off flopping around her bed ( my bad) that woke her up, but chickens are an absolute good.  She still gets the shivers when I eat a chicken quesadilla in front of her, so I immediately make nauseating noises and give off theatrical orgasmic faces when I’m eating it, just to be a dick. I know what you’re thinking, that I don’t think highly of Domino, that’s not true, I just think very highly of chicken quesadillas.


Chris Pucheu
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United States
I really don't see myself as an artist, though many people would cut off their right thumb, left big toe, third eye, 6 of their teeth, put it on string and pop it in the corn shoot to be able to do half the shit it do. I make costumes for Anime conventions (for myself of course because I’m an egocentric prick). Most of them tie into what I find interesting, which excludes Bishoshen. I also cook for shits and panty flavored lollipops. Japanese cuisine and pastries are my forte, but I’m a Cajun by blood so I work that into everything I make. I'm not opposed to bleeding out a bit to add the extra spice. Basically I think, I create, I drink. Lather, rinse repeat, even though my head is a big phallic symbol.


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Happy Birthday!
CourtneyKiller9 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Happy Birthday