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Hey everyone.  Sorry for the lack of updates.  Life has been busy busy busy. Mal and I haven't been feeling too creative lately, especially with the little tyke running around.  While we haven't been creating many new crafts, we have been dabbling in making Youtube videos.  Specifically, Lets Plays (so far, just flash games).  The main goal will be to create video tutorials on how to make crafts.  The Lets Plays have been a way to help us get comfortable with our own voices and recording things in general. 

Anyway, check out our videos if you're interested.  We would love feedback.

Here's our Youtube channel:…

DC is back in business. As in I'll be posting more regularly again. Maybe once a week, maybe more or maybe less, but it won't be a little as it was.

A few things since I've been gone. I've started an Instagram. If you'd like to follow me on there you can find me at DuctileCreations

I've also set up a Patreon, literally just launched. I would appreciate any feedback anyone would be willing to give. The link to it is:…

Classes started off easy enough but as always they devolve into what essentially is a foreign language class. My notes become nothing more than a series of letters with both superscripts and subscripts, matrices, numbers and greek letters. I write down everything I see on the board but it does not seem to make a difference in learning the subject matter. Classes are happening and passing at a rapid pace. Homework is being submitted and graded... All-in-all sounds like normal engineering college classes. Hate every minute of them but you gotta do what you gotta do I guess. Hopefully won't have to take 2 next semester. Then I can focus more on crafting.
So hard to believe that November is already coming to an end. This year has really flown by.

I was originally going to wait until December to post this, but I feel like I should post it now. After I upload all of the December content, Mal and I will be taking a break from creating new content. We're just burnt out after the craft show overload, working full-time, going to school and taking care of our newborn. We'll be back though, these crafts are a passion of ours and we just need a break.

We may upload sporadically, however we are going to focus on giving our websitesite another facelift, a version 3.1, and creating a better studio for taking pictures.

Sorry for the delays everybody.  I've been taking on a lot of work and I'm getting ready for my next show. Anybody going to be at the VA Comic-con?
And with an updated website!
I wanted to take a minute to let everyone know that I am taking a short break from updating the website for a few weeks. I am moving again so it may take a while to get things up and running again. Plus I have a few craft shows coming up. I will be coming back with a major site update (which includes a new section!) and will backlog the entries that I miss. See you guys soon!

Also, I decided to start a Tumblr page for fun. No real reason in particular but I thought maybe it would be a cool thing to try out.

If you want to connect with me on there my tumblr is:
Greetings folks

I decided to start a Tumblr page for fun. No real reason in particular but I thought maybe it would be a cool thing to try out.

If you want to connect with me on there my tumblr is:

Here's a little sneak peek at the Pokemon I'm going to upload next week.

Some new items have been added to my shop (and for a cheaper price as well).

Check them out if you're interested:…
This video goes along with my two latest posts.

Sorry for the lack of video updates.  Been crazy busy with work and life. Being an adult sucks. Anyway, I made a video today, unrelated to my duct tape creations, to quench that video thirst.

I got into Skylanders recently and I couldn't help but laugh when I saw Sonic-boom's "trailer." This is what I hear in my head whenever I see it.
Hey everyone.

I'm planning on doing some craft fairs this year but I've never done one before. Anybody out there who has done one have some advice for a newbie?

I've decided that I'm not going to hold a poll this month.  Work has been keeping me busy (yay 12 hour days) and I didn't really get a chance to finish the last one on time.  I'm just going to pick a Pokemon from one of the two previous polls.  That way I'll have a little extra time to work on it.  

Hopefully work cools down before next month. Anyways, keep being awesome everyone.

And the winner is Hitmonlee!
I'm going to start this one early. Which Pokemon would you guys like to see for February?

Here are the choices:

I will let this one run a bit longer than the last one. I'll close it on February 15th.

Thanks for being awesome guys
WHAT!? Voltorb is evolving

For more videos check out my Youtube:…
And the winner is Psyduck with 2 votes!  Expect to see my duct tape Psyduck on Wednesday January 29.

Thanks to all that voted, like I said I want to try and hold one of these every month this year so gather your friends and let everybody know!
And this time I'm hoping to make it monthly. That's right! I'm going to attempt to upload one Pokemon piece a month. Hopefully this way I'll be 1/3 closer to my goal of making the first 152 (including Missingno.) Pokemon out of duct tape. I'm going to treat these polls a little different and narrow the choices down. I haven't set up my premium membership yet so I'm just going to poll everyone here.

Which Pokemon would you like to see at the end of January?
    1.) Vileplume
    2.) Psyduck
    3.) Tangela
    4.) Dugtrio

I'll stop taking votes on Sunday, January 26th.