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The Grand Design - Synopsis Form - Part 5
Intro –  
Part 1 –  
Part 2 -
Part 3 –
Part 4 –
AUTHOR’S NOTES: This part may seem a little shorter than normal, but there’s a few parts of this particular part of the story that I was struggling a little bit to try and come up with for quite a while – the scene where Lars is discussing a logging job with a building contractor panel and a nature activist group about the pros and cons of his latest job, without making EITHER side look like a strawman – I’m trying to avoid making the activists an Anim
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My Australian Experience
I am fairly jet-lagged so forgive me if I do not sound cohesive here. :faint:
Gaining experience in the zoo industry is something I always wanted to try, particularly as a potential future career. Additionally, Australia is one of the top countries I have wanted to visit, particularly for its unique wildlife. Flag of Australia  One of the major pluses was being able to interact with animals (that I quickly grew fond of) such as wombats, koalas, kangaroos, cockatoos, dingos, bilbies, echidnas, cassowaries, blue-tongued lizards and more! There were multiple shows every day at the sanctuary and I got to see all of them (one of the best being the Crocodile feeding). crocodile escape D:    
What I liked about my experience was that it gave me an idea of the tasks and environments that I do and don’t like:
DO: physically active and hands-on, surrounded by nature and animals, co-workers
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Pictures from my favourite artists! :)

I've set up quite a few upcoming Pokemon characters, but which of the following side characters are you most interested in seeing in future drawings? :evileye: 

8 deviants said Louanne the Oranguru :evillaugh:
7 deviants said The Ultra Beast characters I've drawn in the past
5 deviants said Tira the Yungoos :ohnoes:
3 deviants said Helios the Sableye :evillaugh:
3 deviants said The Fellowship of Four (Aolani the Oricorio's family) :D
3 deviants said Dreadlie the Mareanie :meow:
3 deviants said Tecton the Steelix (when I get back to The Mega Frontier) :o
2 deviants said Ophia the Shiinotic :evillaugh:
1 deviant said Toma the Passimian :o
1 deviant said Any other upcoming Alolan Adventure characters I've mentioned in the past that you're interested in? :meow:

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Hello everybody! :wave:

It's been quite a while since I uploaded a journal, isn't it? Well, I have been thinking of quite a few concepts for my upcoming stories recently, and I saw in the recent poll that I posted that some concepts for the characters were something that a lot of people were interested in seeing. I don't have access to a scanner at the moment (I'm currently on holiday in Scotland as I write this out), but I would like to share a few ideas for the stories I have for you all. :D

Please comment with any thoughts you have on the concepts I'm thinking up. :D


This one was the number one choice on the poll last time I checked, so I'll start off by sharing some ideas I have for some of the characters and a few little personality traits I'm thinking up for them. :aww:

A big part of this story will be showing the effects that the morphing of the imaginary and real world will have on the characters, and how their own dreams, nightmares, aspirations and fears will have on it (as I said, Silent Hill and American McGee's Alice were big inspirations for me while coming up for this story), and I have a thing for having big casts in my stories. :aww:

Cedric Allardyce: The main character of the story - an apprentice clockmaker and crafter of automatons who, while skilled in his work and happy to do an honest day's craft, does have some self esteem issues. He has been becoming concerned about his place in Victorian England society, crime rampant in the streets and reports of the so called 'Gemini Murders', among other crimes, and making a name for himself and living up to his mother's legacy, and having just come into adulthood, does have a bit of a longing for when times were simpler in his life when he saw the world through rose tinted glasses as a young man.

Things become more taxing for the young man when he one day discovers that his imaginary friend from his youth, his old rabbit doll Miss Cottontail, seems to have taken on a life of her own and bring fun back into his life, along with a new creature he doesn't recognise, Queen Orderly, seemingly a living form of his first clock he created, who comes at odds with the rabbit, and trying to convince Cedric to keep on the straight and narrow.

On top of this, Cedric discovers 'Imaginarium' (TITLE DROP! :D), another world filled with wonders and sights that are beyond imagination for anyone from the human world, which seems to be morphing and melding together with the real world, for reasons unknown, and with ramifications far more horrifying than he could ever imagine..... :fear:

Miss Cottontail: When Cedric was a child, he owned a stuffed rabbit toy, who his mother said could be a friend who always taught him to have fun, not be so hard on himself and look for a bright side in the darkest situations, something that has stuck with Cedric more than he realised, as the rabbit has suddenly become a real life creature/Tulpa - a rather unkempt, heterochromic rabbit wearing a bowler hat (Cedric accidentally pulled out one of the toy's eyes one day as a child and had to have a mismatched button as a replacement eye :lol: ), vest and ripped gloves. :o

As bizarre as the origins behind this creature are, Miss Cottontail is a rather interesting individual - a rather impish and snarky individual who finds anything not involving adventure or excitement to be rather boring, and after so many years of becoming separated from her creator, she's become rather sooty and ill tempered. While she has interest in adventure, she can become a bit overbearing for those trying to work, and as such, while Cedric does want to relax every once in a while, she is literally UNABLE to relate to doing a hard day's work or thinking logically, as that is what she was made for originally.

(A big part of my story does involve Tulpas and imaginary friends based on different aspects of someone's personality and aspirations.... and perhaps any friction they may have when they come to odds with each other, their owners, and a world that is more adult and dangerous than those they are not a part of - a more dark take on the 'fantasy meets reality' angle and deconstructing what would happen if they were to enter the real world with any individual thoughts of their own - you may be able to see some Paranoia Agent inspirations from this story too. :evileye:)

Queen Orderly: A clockwork creature resembling the first clock that Cedric crafted, Queen Orderly came into existence as a representation of Cedric taking a leap into a more responsible role in society and his desire to be more mature. She is the polar opposite of Miss Cottontail - rather methodical, calm and concise, but she can be a bit of a know-it-all and is frustrated by those who aren't very knowledgeable about the real world.

This puts Queen Orderly at odds with Miss Cottontail and Cedric during the times where he needs to think of anything besides his career and when he tries to wind down - both of his imaginary friends mean well, but are like two halves of the same person and can't agree on many problems.

Beatrice Allardyce: Cedric's mother, Beatrice is a respectable member of the British aristocracy, who has been trying her hardest to support and guide her son through this difficult period of his life.

While she does respect her son's wishes, she knows that there's a time for dreaming and a time for the real world, and when she starts hearing about her son's doubts, she tells him that it's dangerous to let your imagination get the better of you and you can't lose grip on the real world.... She tries to remain grounded in reality, almost as if the idea of becoming too imaginative for your own good scares her....

The Pandemonium: A term coined by one of the first people to witness the otherworldly sights plaguing the London populace, calling the horrors 'pandemonium on Earth', The Pandemonium is a name given to the collective entity that is affecting and changing the landscape and sights that everyone can see.... It is unknown what the source of this abstract entity is, and whether it is even sentient or a simple force of nature, but one thing can be certain - the effects it will have on the real world will not be pleasant.....

Dr Dale Allardyce: Beatrice's brother and a respected doctor at Wrenwatch Asylum and Correctional Facility, Dale has been keeping an eye on the reported incidents of people becoming increasingly delusional and claiming to be seeing imaginary creatures and structures appearing in London. However, as time goes on, these 'imaginary' observances don't seem quite so imaginary anymore, and the cases involving otherworldly appearances are beginning to worry Dale, as it seems all too familiar with another case that occurred thirty five years ago but was quickly forgotten and written off as a hoax.....

The methods that are usually employed in dealing with lunatics are seen as the best methods of the day (classic Victorian instances like trepanning, leeches or hosing down and the like), but Dale is rather concerned with the number of cases he's taking on - if it's such a widespread case of 'hallucinations and delusions of grandeur', it can't be a simple case of insanity, and there must be more to it than simple lunacy. Speaking of which, as his own asylum begins undergoing strange changes in both the patients, staff and the architecture, he may begin questioning his own sanity.....

Serena Blake: A famous writer who has published more than forty novels in her career, Serena has become known for her imagination and expertise in the stories she writes, which has captured the imagination of the public for decades. A close friend of Beatrice Alladyce and her son Cedric, Serena takes an interest in the strange occurrences in London, but tries to keep Cedric calm throughout his experiences, and has made a habit of donating a large portion of her royalties for her publications to local charities and establishments throughout the city.

The chaos created by the imaginary and real worlds merging together has given her drive to record all of the incidents in the hope of assisting any victims and spreading the word to anyone who may help, but the imaginative writer in her finds it strangely fascinating...

Edward Lester: Cedric's co-worker and friend, Edward is a man who Cedric looks up to and almost envies. At the age of 18, Edward started taking to using his father's cane and pipe, seeing himself as a respectable gentleman, believing that 'clothes make the man'. However, as someone who is determined to prove himself as a grown up individual, it seems that Edward's dream will cause him problems.

Marjorie Brodie: Another friend of Cedric's, Marjorie is a farm worker who often delivers goods to the Allardyce household. (I'm thinking a little bit about what her dreams and wishes could be, but she's someone else who will have some bizarre run ins with the imaginary world - anyone have any concepts? :D)

B. D. Fanshaw: A circus ringmaster from the USA who recently moved to England to see the sights and show the wonders of his trade from abroad, B.D. Fanshaw hopes that his time in England will help him improve his craft, but when he sees what becomes of London, what will happen to his dream?

Veronica and Kyle Prenderghast: The so called 'Gemini Killers', Veronica and Kyle are the twin sibling pair of criminals who have recently started a reign of bloody crime throughout the London underworld. Growing up penniless in the slums, the two decided to use their knowledge of the cobblestone streets, sewers and run down districts of London to 'take what's theirs' from the upper crust of society.

Both siblings are surprisingly cultured for their upbringing - Kyle in particular has been known to sneak around the theatres they break into and glimpse at the performances, learning from the actors and actresses he watches to perfect his acrobatic movements, while Veronica takes inspiration from crime novels she steals to learn how to foil the police and slip under their watch unnoticed and orchestrate their capers.  Veronica is the more determined of the two siblings, convincing her brother that their fortune being earned in blood is a necessary evil to 'share the wealth', but Kyle is the one who hesitates whenever it comes to violent crime, but feels that he can't betray his sistr.

The Pandemonium may just give them an opportunity the need to commit crimes like those never seen before....

Andrew Pegg: A mysterious young man that Cedric discovers in the imaginary world, it seems that Andrew has become separated from a friend of his, and is trying his hardest to find her. A man who does not remember anything besides his friend, Andrew remembers a promise he made to keep a smile on his face and try to look for the light at the end of the tunnel no matter how bad it can get, and he tries to guide Cedric through tough times when he becomes separated and alone. However, it seems that Andrew is finding it hard to keep his spirits up as of late.....

Mr Cheshire and Mr Beakly: No-one knows exactly who these two strange men are, but it is a rumour that whenever you look upon a poster depicting two masks, one looking like a Cheshire cat and another resembling a dodo, these two men will come to you and assist you with fulfilling your wildest dreams.

Having incredibly lanky and bizarre appearances to them, the two men are very shrewd and charismatic talkers, and they can certainly manage to deliver results to those who wish for their presence. But.... at what cost?

:bulletblue:Red Fingers

When it comes to this story, I am still thinking of some of the names of the characters, but as I said, I will be playing with a lot of horror tropes and deconstructing/averting/subverting horror tropes that I don't like, like 'Black Guy Dies First', 'The Car is My Enemy', 'The Law Is Useless', 'Eight Deadly Words', 'Death By Sex', and quite a few other instances like characters tripping up when running, those stupid scenes of characters partying and taking drugs.

When it comes to the monster himself, I'll also be playing around a little bit with the 'Implacable Man' trope, and making it so that he actually runs after his victims rather than just walking slowly and 'menacingly.' Also.... I'm planning to have it so that there will be MORE THAN ONE individual to keep an eye out for in this story.... Red Fingers won't be the only killer to keep an eye out for. :evillaugh:

:bulletblue:The Grand Design

As I said, I have been working on illustrations for the chapters of The Grand Design that I've already typed up, but for the next part, I'll be attempting to write in another fight scene, as there's a rather large creature approaching Mika's family's log cabin, and it could get a bit violent for our heroes... :ohnoes:

But in actuality, the next part of the story is an adaptation of a PILOT COMIC I was thinking about drawing - I was thinking about doing this story in comic form, and the comic would have Mika and her companions teaming together to calm down a rampaging animal inflicted with the mythical rock spears that have been corrupting the wildlife, but I didn't get around to drawing it - but this next part will be a different version of what I had originally planned for a preview comic. :evileye:

I'm also planning to include some more mythology of the world and more details about the mysterious Chequawatei…. and some more of Mika's backstory will be explored in future parts too. :plotting:

(For those of you who are waiting for the instance where Mika and her companions will be travelling the Canadian wilderness like on the cover, don't worry.... in about two or three parts, the true adventure will begin - what we've been getting so far has all been appetisers. :evillaugh: )

:bulletblue:New Untitled Fourth Story Project

While I've been on holiday in Scotland, I've been researching Scottish folklore, and taking photos of the country's architecture and landscape has given me some ideas for a fantasy story that I'll be thinking about a little in the future.

Kind of like Grand Design and Imaginarium, the story will ALSO be involving an ordinary person coming across something from another more fantastic world, but this time I'll be taking inspiration from fantasy stories like Dark Crystal, Song of the Sea, Secret of Kells, Labyrinth, Willow and Neverending Story - paying homage to those, and involving the main character, a Scottish farm girl and photographer whose name I'm having a think about, meeting a warlock from another world who needs her help to take care of the mythical creatures under his care and protect them from an order from his world that hopes to round up and destroy all of the creatures that he takes an interest in, seeing them as impure and evil. :evileye:
(From those descriptions, you may be able to pick up on a few Author Appeals of mine in the recurring themes in my story concepts. :XD: )

:bulletblue:BONUS for my Pokémon Tales Watchers :aww:

The next Alolan Adventure page will be featuring Acrid, Moana and Sparkplug interacting with each other, and some of the team building a much better sandcastle than that ridiculous monstrosity Dyna 'made' last time. :XD:

Also, I'll be giving a bit of information regarding Moana's elusive father, Toma the Passimian, as he'll be becoming an important character to the overarching plot involving the House of Symeon and  Louanne's sinister plot.... :evileye: Also, watching LPs of the Yakuza video game series has been giving me a bit of inspiration for the criminal gang plot. :D

I saw the poll that I had posted had the most popular opinion being involving Splash and Cascade exploring the Melemele Bay and discovering a new Mareanie friend. Some of you may remember this picture I drew of the team I drew of my Pokémon Ultra Sun team:…

The Mareanie in question will be Dreadlie, the Toxapex from this drawing. :meow: She's the first one of the Ultra Sun team side characters I'll be implementing, and I had actually drawn this scenario's start quite a few months ago, so I'll be colouring this in after I'm done with the next part. :aww:

As for new characters, I may be drawing something involving Cuddles the Bewear's family members, as I have an interesting idea for a relative of hers that did her tattoos for her when she evolved from a Stufful to a Bewear, and one who inspired her to start working as a kind of masseur. :meow:

(And in concern with The Mega Frontier, I haven't cancelled this story, it's just been on hiatus for a while - ideas are slowly coming through for me, it's just that Alolan Adventure is one that I have the most ideas for at the moment as to how the story will all fit together - with Mega Frontier, I've been struggling a little to try and fit it all together. I'm getting ideas, but it is a bit more tricky as I have more to work with with Alolan Adventure.)

Please comment with any thoughts about these concepts I have and any questions you may have.

See you soon! :wave:
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Hello everyone! :wave:

I know it's been some time since I posted an update or uploaded any artwork on here, but I have been checking out quite a few video games that I've been meaning to check out since I bought myself a pre-owned PS3. Here's some progress I've been making on some games I've been playing. :D

- Having completed Sly Racoon and Sly 2: Band of Thieves a few months ago again, I've revisited Sly 3: Honour Among Thieves and just completed Flights of Fancy (I will admit, I do like Sly 3, but I do prefer Sly 2 and Sly 4 over this game and the first one - a reason being that I will admit that it feels a bit lacking without the clue bottles and treasures to find)
-Started playing the Journey: Collector's Edition (played one playthrough of Flow, the first three levels of Flower and found all of the hidden flowers in the first three levels and made it to chapter 5 of Journey - the eerie underground chasms)
- Made it to the Glittering Grotto in Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (I had to do a bit of grinding to get some fire familiars up to the required levels to face the next few levels - I've clocked in about 55 hours in total on this game so far! I have a team of favourites so far and I'll tell you my favourite familiars if you're interested :D)
- Started Bioshock Infinite (I loved the first two Bioshock games and never played this when it originally came out - and I'm enjoying it so far - I am curious to see if anything akin to the Little Sisters or anything referencing the first two games or Rapture will get mentioned)

Also, seen as I recently bought Bendy and the Ink Machine on Steam, I started downloading it this weekend - but seen as our internet is really slow around where we live, I've had it on for about 18 hours total downloading over the weekend, and it's about 45% done, so it won't be until next weekend at the earliest when it can play it. ^^; (I probably could have downloaded more yesterday, but my laptop was updating too - everything needs to do updates at the same time way too often. :XD:)

While I have my laptop downloading my game, I'll probably be playing more of my PS3 games I bought while I'm waiting for Bendy and the Ink Machine to download, so I may be taking a bit of a hiatus from uploading for a little while until it's done - my inspiration has been a little low lately, but I may get some ideas while I'm playing my games. :aww:

See you soon! :wave:

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I haven't heard of that show - is it good? :)
vivian334 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Very, it's already completed with 3 seasons and has an over-arching storyline. Actually at first it was intended to be a movie, but partway through they changed it to a show. So like, all the character models & animations are REALLY high quality for a 3D animated show. (Seriously, the fight scenes are so entertaining to watch.)

But anyways. The show is about 15 year old Jim Lake Jr. Coming across this magical amulet that chooses HIM to be the next protector of the hidden magical world underneath their feet. Quite literally, as Trolls live underneath his home of Arcadia Oaks in a place called Heartstone Trollmarket. He needs to protect this world and the human world from dark forces that wish to destroy it.

Sounds a bit like a cliche teenage superhero show. But it's really not. Idk how to explain it, but you should definitely watch it for yourself. It has great characters, a lot of humor, quite a few moral dilemmas -they actually point out how wrong it is for a 15 yr old to have this heavy of a burden- and just, an all around good show.
Crescendodragon Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Say Duckyworth, my sister informed me of the very infamous European Union internet copyright law, Article 13, that is going to be the absolute end for memes, fanart and the virtual freedom of every European including us Brits. I do not suppose you are concerned about this matter because if so, then this kind of news feels really alarming to me.
Duckyworth Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is it just like SOPA, PIPA and all of those other poorly written bills that are being passed? To be honest, every single time they make a new one of these, they keep being shot down. But if it really starts picking up traction, I may try to vote to stop it from coming into motion.
Crescendodragon Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Then things like that may be nothing for us to worry about.
alditoquerido Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2018
If you liked Starlight Glimmer as a villain. You're gonna LOVE her in Season 6-8! I gave her a chance and I think she's the most realistically developed character in the entire series. She became my second favorite MLP character, only behind to Twilight Sparkle.

Also, she's not a Mary Sue...unlike Rey from The Last Jedi (why did Rian Johnson screwed her up so badly?)
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Did you think of making Top 15 Moms and/or Dads in cartoons meme? ^^; Unless you did already.
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alditoquerido Featured By Owner May 30, 2018
Hey, buddy! Have you seen this trailer of upcoming Pokémon game for the Nintendo Switch?…

Personally...I cried with this trailer the first time I watched it. The nostalgia overwhelms me. It looks like it's gonna be a remake of Generation I (the Yellow version in particular) where you have to choose between the iconic Pikachu or the multi-evolutions Eevee. They're both cute anyway. Not to mention they'll be compatible with the Pokémon Go app. But my favorite new feature is the Pokéball Plus, that it seems that you can play it as a Joy-Con and you can transfer your Pokémon inside of it to take it for a walk! This heavily reminds me on those Tamagotchi-like devices from Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver where you can transfer your Pokémon into those devices to take it for a walk and gain experience points.

Oh boy, I wanna buy a Switch right now! Which version should I choo-oh, who am I kidding? I'll choose BOTH!
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Thanks for the RogerxJessica watch.
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I have a game to recommend for you:…
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