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Commissions are currently closed while I am away on vacation


In addition to this DA journal, all of this information can be located on a newly created carrd page.

It's much neater and presentable. Check it out!


:redalert: :redalert: Please take a look at my TOS (Terms of Service) before commissioning me. :redalert: :redalert:
By commissioning me, you are agreeing to the TOS:… 


Please keep in mind there is a slot system in place with 5 slots in total.
To check the availability of slots, please check out the front of my DeviantArt page or preferably my Carrd.Co page


General Commission Pricing!

Sketch - $ 15 (U.S.D) 

  +$5 for full body
+$8 for each additional character
  +$8 for scenic/complex backgrounds

If you would like to add color to your sketch:
+$5 for flat color
+$8 for shaded color

Lineart - $25 (U.S.D) 

  +$8 for full body
  +$10 for each additional character
  +$10 for scenic/complex backgrounds

Flat Color - $30 (U.S.D)

  +$10 for full body
  +$12 for each additional character
  +$12 for scenic/complex backgrounds

Shaded - $35 (U.S.D) 

  +$10 for full body
  +$15 for each additional character
  +$15 for scenic/complex backgrounds


(Pieces that do not necessarily fit the above categories)

$30-$35+ (U.S.D) depending on the complexity

+$10 for full body
  +$8 for each additional character
  +$8 for scenic/complex backgrounds

I also have Patreon page if you would like to support me on a monthly yet inexpensive basis 



Twitch & YouTube profiles bundle pricing

Twitch has recently revamped how profiles look so I will need to familiarize myself with 
the required dimensions before I can confidently take on any commissions relating to it. 
I will still keep the information here for future reference.

(Buying bundles saves you money!)
(Artwork will be flat color. Shading will cost an additional $5)



Icon: $25

Thumbnail: $25

YouTube banner: $30

Icon & YouTube banner: $40

(Additional $5 for each additional character in banner if applicable)

New sub/follower pop-up notification/profile panel: $10

Icon: $25

Profile Banner: $30  

Offline Image: $30

Icon and profile banner: $40

Icon, profile banner, and offline image: $50

Icon, banner, offline image, and 1 panel: $60

Icon, banner, offline image, and 2 panels: $65
[Includes 1 free sub/follower notification if desired]

Icon, banner, offline image, and 3 panels: $70
[Includes 1 free sub/follower notification if desired]

(Additional $8 for each additional character banner/offline image if applicable)


  • Pieces that include detailed backgrounds, somewhat detailed armor/mecha, a certain degree of blood/gore, and any pieces that will overall include more detail/complexity than my usual work will cost extra (approximately +$5 - $8)
  • As of November 1st, 2020, I am no longer taking on general commissions that include NSFW (sexually explicit/suggestive) content.
    For more information, please read this post.
  • Please be specific with your commissions! Provide as many reference/specifications as you can (but let me have artistic license/freedom!)
  • The full-body charge applies mainly to characters that are mostly humanoid. If the character(s) is a creature that is not humanoid, the charge may not apply.
  • Your commission will be drawn in my normal art style. If there is an alternate style that I've done or believe I can replicate another style, let me know!
  • I'm open to both digital and traditional commissions. Digital requests will be completed faster than traditional requests. The prices for either one will generally be the same.
  • PayPal payments only!

Thank you for taking the time to check out my commission info! I look forward to doing business with you!

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I need to unbroke myself to do more pictures~

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