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Hello there! I'm Ducky. I also go by Serena.

I'm a digital and traditional freelance artist who enjoys drawing colorful characters and creatures. Check out my gallery! There's lots to see.

Thanks for checking out my page. Have a lovely day!

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I am open for commissions, both one-off work and long-term projects. I specialize in character design and illustrations. I can draw a variety of characters including: humans, anthros/furries, animals, fantasy creatures, and more!

Head over to my commission info journal for pricing and additional info.

My Trello page to see slot availability and my current work queue.

(Only one-off commissions will be counted in the slot system.)

Please inquire for commission work via Notes or email:

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Here are other places to find me and my art outside of DeviantArt!

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Commission Info!

Commission Sheet 2021 (Commissions are OPEN!) by DuckyDeathly, visual art

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WIP of a Pokémon comic I’m working on ft. my starters of choice (within the last 3 mainline games) in their middle-evolved forms! Stay tuned to see what these three are talking about!
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I have DA Core again! Yay!! With that, I customized my profile quite a bit. Be sure to check it out!!
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Hi all! Just wanted to give you guys a bit of news in regards to some tech troubles I've been having lately with my Macbook (aka the laptop I use for a majority of my digital art) About a week ago it started giving me issues with the display (if I open it any wider than about 45 degrees, the backlight starts working and I have to restart it and reopen it to that specific amount.) I had tried to bring it in for repairs because they have a warranty service that would fix my specific issue for free. However, my MacBook is no longer eligible for this covered repair due to it being 5 years past the original purchase date -_- I can easily get around this issue by plugging in an external monitor, which is what I have been doing. However, this renders the portability of having a laptop kind of useless. My bf Mike is quite tech savvy so he's going to help me either find the right people to talk to in order to get the repair covers or maybe even fix it himself. Until I get this issue
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