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Latvian Takeover (Pt 2) .:ALT HISTORY:. by Ducksauce-splash Latvian Takeover (Pt 2) .:ALT HISTORY:. :iconducksauce-splash:Ducksauce-splash 6 0 Latvian Takeover (2000 - 2018) .:ALT HISTORY:. by Ducksauce-splash Latvian Takeover (2000 - 2018) .:ALT HISTORY:. :iconducksauce-splash:Ducksauce-splash 4 1 Ukrainian Breakup - 1999-2005 by Ducksauce-splash Ukrainian Breakup - 1999-2005 :iconducksauce-splash:Ducksauce-splash 9 6 Friendship Stamp by Ducksauce-splash Friendship Stamp :iconducksauce-splash:Ducksauce-splash 17 0 National Pride Contest Entry by Ducksauce-splash National Pride Contest Entry :iconducksauce-splash:Ducksauce-splash 4 0
Moon's Delicate Flower - Chapter Three and Four
Chapter 3
It had been two moons since that play-fight and Stormkit, Stonekit, and Swirlkit were now apprentices, the nursery had become a lonely prison to Moonkit, or so it seemed. Goosekit had been spending more and more time with the medicine cat, Cloudwisher. Mistleleaf, Moonkit's mother, had told Moonkit one night that Goosekit would be the next medicine cat. Moonkit was ecstatic, but sad at the same time, she hated to think that she would have to train without her brother at her side.
She looked out of the nursery and into the rain, it had been raining for three days now and everyone was getting restless, she had heard her mother and Leafshade whisper of the gathering that would be in a few days, but if the rain kept up, no cat would be able to go.
- - - - -
Moonkit padded around the nursery restlessly, the rain had slowed down to a drizzle, but Mistleleaf still wouldn't let her outside.
"Moonkit," Mistleleaf meved, "Come here and eat, Hatchfoot and Tansystem brou
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The Leader ~ Prologue
The tall, once elegant woman was laying in her bed, a coughing fit erupted from her chest.
"Madeline, are you alright?" a short, dark-haired man asked the woman, Madeline.
"My time has almost come, Henry," Madeline replied, a defeated expression in her once strong, proud eyes.
"Don't say that, I've known you all of my life, you are my role-model," Henry replied he hated to see her like this, he thought back to when he met her, young and beautiful, when she had walked into a room she had demanded respect in her posture and actions and people gave her the respect she deserved.
"Oh Henry," the frail Madeline replied,"You know as well as I do that I'm old and sick, I will die soon, and I want to pick my successor."
"Very well then," Henry replied.
Madeline showed Henry a small scrap of paper, yellowed with age.
"Are you sure," he gasped.
"Yes, I am quite sure," she replied, her voice growing, as if daring him to question her choice, "Damian will be the new leader."
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Pandora Internet Radio Users Stamp by Ducksauce-splash Pandora Internet Radio Users Stamp :iconducksauce-splash:Ducksauce-splash 23 1
Imprudent and Meek - Chapters Five and Six
Chapter 5
Lilacpaw had finally left camp. She followed Perchfin and ShadowClan's medicine cat, Featherspeck. As they neared the Moonpool, Petalspot, ThunderClan's medicine cat, Kestreltail, WindClan's medicine cat, and Frostpaw, WindClan's medicine cat apprentice joined them.
"Guess what?" Frostpaw mewed to Lilacpaw.
"What?" Lilacpaw replied.
"Gustybreeze got the top half of one of his ears torn off, and I helped treat it!" Frostpaw was estatic.
"That's awesome!" Lilacpaw mewed, she remembered the handsome tom from WindClan at Gatherings, she had always thought that he had been a strong, handsom tom and she his Clan had been lucky to have him.
"You must be so exited that you're getting you full name tonight, I know that I would be!" Frostpaw rambled on, she was such a chatterbox at times.
Once they entered the valley holding the Moonpool the medicine cats made a half-circle around Lilacpaw.
"Lilacpaw, do you promise to uphold the medicine cats' code and treat sickness
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Flannel Stamp by Ducksauce-splash Flannel Stamp :iconducksauce-splash:Ducksauce-splash 8 1 Commission - NicoleDaney by Ducksauce-splash Commission - NicoleDaney :iconducksauce-splash:Ducksauce-splash 4 3 Don't Cry by Ducksauce-splash Don't Cry :iconducksauce-splash:Ducksauce-splash 126 18 Portal by Ducksauce-splash Portal :iconducksauce-splash:Ducksauce-splash 1 0
Imprudent and Meek - Chapters Three and Four
Chapter 3
Frogpaw heard the rumors, also, and he liked them, they made him feel important, and he always wanted to feel that way.
"Frogpaw!" Shiningpelt yowled, "We're joining Fallenpetal's hunting patrol."
Frogpaw yawned and sighed, Why did they have to hunt, training was so much more useful. He gave his black-and-white pelt one last lick before padding over to join his mentor at the entrance to camp.
Fallingpetal gave him a curt nod and Frogpaw raced, beside Lilypaw, out of camp. Once they slowed, Frogpaw allowed his pelt to brush against Lilypaw's.
"Frogpaw, come with me, Lilypaw go with Shiningpelt," Fallenpetal ordered.
Frogpaw sighed but had no choice other than follow Fallenpetal. Out of all of the cats in the Clan, Fallenpetal was Frogpaw's least favorite.
"Let's try the brook that runs over the hill down there," Fallenpetal mewed, pointing towards a hill with her tail a few fox-legnths away.
Frogpaw nodded, though he wasn't exited at the prospect of hun
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Imprudent and Meek - Chapters One and Two
Chapter 1
Frogpaw's brown eyes blazed as he lept at his opponent, his claws slashed through thin air, though, as Finchpaw rolled away.
"Use the time that Finchpaw takes to get back on her paws to attack!" Shiningpelt, Frogpaw's mentor, called across the training-area.
Frogpaw took his mentor's advice and as his littermate, Finchpaw, was regaining her balance, he lept, and pummeled her on the side of the head.
"That's enough for now," Finchpaw's mentor, Voleblaze, called, "very good, Frogpaw, you've improved greatly, and Finchpaw, as you stood you were more vunerable."
The apprentices nodded, and though Frogpaw tried to control himself, his chest puffed out with pride. Finchpaw noticed, and rolled her eyes, sometimes her brother could be so full-headed! Cats called him imprudent, somehow the name fit Frogpaw. He was bold, sometimes too bold, and he thought a lot about himself.
"Come on," Shiningpelt said, jarring Finchpaw from her thoughts, "Let's go back to camp."
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Imprudent and Meek - Characters
Fishstar - silver tabby tom
Dewstream - silver-pelted she-cat with a black-tipped tail; Deputy
Perchfin - black tom with green eyes and a graying muzzle; Medicine Cat
Voleblaze - brown tom; Finchpaw's Mentor
Brownoak - big, brown tom
Fallenpetal - gray-and-white she-cat; Lilyblossom's former Mentor
Shiningpelt - black she-cat with silver tipped fur; Frogstep's former Mentor
Lilacface - silver she-cat with amber eyes and a white mark on her head; Apprentice Medicine Cat, Formerly Lilacpaw
Frogstep - black and white tom with brown eyes; Formerly Frogpaw
Finchpaw - ginger-and-white she-cat
Lilyblossom - small, beautiful, tortoiseshell she-cat with big blue eyes; Formerly Lilypaw
Morningstream - gray tabby she-cat with beautiful green eyes and a torn ear; Mother to an unknown tom's kits
Brookkit - black tom with amber eyes; Morningstream's kit
Lightningkit - tabby she-cat with thick fur; Morningstream's kit
Darkberry - dark she-cat wit
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Latvian Takeover (2000 - 2018) .:ALT HISTORY:. by Ducksauce-splash Ukrainian Breakup - 1999-2005 by Ducksauce-splash
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