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Year of Spider-man

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2 - "Alone, we're losers...but [2]gether, we can do whatever we want" - Venom <Venom>

0 - "You can't be a friendly neighborhood Spider-man if there's [0] neighborhood" - Peter <Infinity War>

1 - "When you help some[1], you help everyone" - Aunt May <Spider-man PS4>

8 - "Well...I count [8] Spider-men in this movie (Miles, Peter 1, Peter 2, Gwen, Peni, Noir, Porker, O'Hara)" - Me

2018 has been a great year. One reason why is because Spider-man has been represented better than ever before in digital media. He's faced off against Thanos in Infinity War, sacrificed so much for New York in the PS4 game, fought alongside other Spider-men to save the Spider-verse, and...well Venom's at least more competent compared to the last incarnation /and funny as shit too/. Stan and Steve have really left behind a hero who continues to inspire and teach their fans.

2018 was the year Stan and Steve passed away. 2018 was the year where every media with Spider-man in it was well received and lived up to the hype. 2018 was the year Spider-man became an Avenger, and died while trying to make sure there was still a neighborhood to be saved. 2018 was the year Peter lost his mentor Doc. Octavius, had to fight him, and had to sacrifice his aunt so others would live in the PS4 game. 2018 was the year where we were taught that anyone can be Spider-man (there's this thing now called #spidersona ). Spider-Verse didn't make us feel like Spider-man...but it made Spider-man feel like us. Venom at least taught us that no one can fight alone, and that we need companionship to face our problems.
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Boy, did I pick the perfect year to get into Spider-Man! 😁
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Nice work. ^^ Rest in peace to Stan Lee and Steve Ditko though. T-T

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I’m kinda late, but yeah 2018 was really spectacular year for our favourite superhero character Spider man! Nice artwork!
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theres actually 9 spider-men in spider-verse, the 1960s cartoon spider-man in the post-credits scene
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* Venom was fucking awesome.
* MCU Spidey sucks ass and is everything I despise in a portrayal of Spider-man...only the Vulture was good.
* That game's story is cool.
* Not only was it a fantastic flick but it deserves an even better sequel. Would be great if they met Spider-Carnage..
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heres what the 4th quote should have been:

Anyone can wear the mask

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this is really good work thank you
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I’mma keep the quote thing rolling:

“But no matter how many times I get hit, I always get back up.”
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9 if you count 60's Spidey
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Was really good years 
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 What an Amazing year that was for Spidey. 
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Spectacular even!
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Damn that really was a good year :)
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I want venom in the mcu so badly rn
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Nice art work you did.
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It was a good year. ;-) 
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Great work dude.
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