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Three vigilantes from three dimensions. Costumes are inspired by the Wrestler, Vigilante, and Homemade suits from Maguire, Garfield, and Holland's Spider-man films respectively.

Looking at my finished work, I really do wish they'd be in the same movie or series. :<

Note: Spider-man is Marvel property. This is mere fanart.

Spider-ssemble 2:…
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Spider-Ninja, is my favorite of the beginner suits.
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I cant say anything about Andrew‘s, nor Toby’s. They both held a place in my childhood, but I see a lot of people talk about andrew jusy putting on a ski mask and some clothes, but thats what I would do. I remember after reading a comic of peter parker revealing under his shirt was a costume, I went into stores with family, and would walk up to random people to unzip my hoodie to reveal my spiderman costume.

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i like the homecoming homemade suit.

the tobey one is alright and the andrew one is kinda of bad.

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Nah! they're all good suits :3
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yeah,i know.

but i dont know,the vigilante style fitted for the amazing-films

but the other two are mpre fitting for the character of spiderman

creatity used for the simple stuff-tom suit

a humble yet defining suit-tobey

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Ay it's the Web Warriors
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wonderful angles
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Rookie Level Spideys FTW ^^
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Like the first and third one.
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The third one just works
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If there was ever a Spider Man crossover like this, I'd love a scene of them all together in their first suits.
(Probably could make a joke about how Garfield's Spider Man is just a mask with sunglasses).
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I still prefer Toby's wrestling spider look. That spider sweater just works. 
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I would say the Wrestler suit looks silly, but it could be my nostalgia blocking me from saying anything negative. The Vigilante costume actually kinda looks decent, I like how it looks like Garfield just took some clothes that were lying around, and used them for his costume. I know some say it's bad, but I like it. Holland's Homemade suit feels like a hybrid of different suits from other Spiders: Namely the symbol being similar to Miles' symbol, and the looks of the outfit taken from Scarlet Spider. Though I might get hate for this; but I haven't seen that many MCU movies, but I do think Holland is a decent Spider man :)
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Sony-spidy: "Hey how come you dont run out of Webfluid?"

Rami-spidy: "the heck's 'Web-fluid'?"

MCU-spidy: "He probably has a better cartridge, you wanna talk design details later?"
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Rami-Spidey: Uh....... *a few blocks later*

MCU-Spidey: Dude...that's cool!

Sony-Spidey: That's not.......okay its kinda cool.
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Pretty funny exchange XD
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Raimi Spidey: Really wished our suits weren't in the wash.

Sony Spidey: Your aunt is okay with this?!

MCU Spidey: She's pretty chill with a lot of things.
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Probably what they'd say when they're not fighting crime.
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Really good. 
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Nice work!

i gotta ask one thing, I haven't seen much of the marvel academia stuff. Did you just discontinue the au? I'd like to know what happened, I would love to see more art of that
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Shitty super suits are my favorite trope
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