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Passing the Torch

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"You can't be a friendly neighborhood Spider-man when there's no neighborhood to save"- Peter Parker in Infinity War (actual quote is debatable.)

Taking a break from re-saving pictures of the GIF OP of My Marvel Academia. Here's a quick art of Pro Hero "Iron-Man" passing his nanotech suit to Peter before being turned to dust after a fight with Thanos.

Note: The concept of this scene was heavily inspired by the first scene in the Third Opening song of My Hero Academia where All Might and Deku clasp each other's hand as a sign of respect. The characters in this scene belong to Marvel.
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But i still don't get how mark 50 and 85's nanotech work like morphing weapons and rocket boosters.
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You need to make a full art of Peter in The Iron Spider Suit so we can see the full design because it looks badass

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this is not what I was looking for. I was looking for that comic of Naruto passing the torch down to Deku. But this is some good art so its whatever, all good

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This is a great piece of passing the mantle on. I have a feeling when Tony had "Fury" make sure Peter got the Edith glasses, I'm absolutely sure Tony would no longer need to worry about protecting the world, leaving it in Peter's hands. I'm positive Tony knew that after the Time Heist was over, Cap was gonna get that life he was always telling him to get and I think he also knew Cap was gonna pass his shield to Falcon as well. But Tony knew Peter would be his successor much like how Deku is All Might's. He knew how dependable Peter was and probably even trusts him as much as Rhodey and any of his closest friends in the Avengers and even Pepper. I honestly wouldn't be surprised that Tony left some of his Stark Industries resources regarding any tech/projects for Spider-Man seeing how the jet in Far From Home contained a costume designing machine with all the files Tony had for new designs for Spider-Man much like how he did with his armor. And honestly, seeing Peter with that holographic gauntlet reminded me of Tony designing the MK II armor. Tony, you can rest now. Peter will carry on your legacy...after getting through some legal issues. But I think I can speak for everyone and say we love you 3000
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dude the oaralels bettwen what happen during the bakugo rescue and endgame are stupid ugh
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Ya pass the torch omg this is ………………… Teir 100 art

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Nah, it's good, I didn't need my heart anyways...
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Can anybody "foreshadowing"? 

... too soon?
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i cant believe it but do fanfic of end game and peter and wander becomes a ship
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Dont mind me 
Im just crying over here 
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The world needs the new ironman.
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Are you going to step up or not?
Peter: ...I am.
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No...a new Avenger.
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dude i think you just predicted endgame and far from home
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I'm in love with this idea! I'd like to see a comic/doujin about it! :eager:

I'm very curious about who would the "Endeavor" to Tony's "All Might" :D
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Prob captain America cause in the mu he doesn’t care about the rules and is a huge hypocrite

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I was Hero Academia so this is like 2 birds 1 stone All might passing the Torch to Deku and Iron man passing his legacy to Spiderman
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Tony Stark makes you feel, / He's a cool exec with a heart of steel.

As Iron Man, his vision goes darker, / "I don't feel so good, Mr. Parker."
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