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Marvel Academia

Presenting Marvel characters in the same character presentation format as Studio BONES’ “My Hero Academia’s first opening song “The Day’. 

i unfortunately do not have the money to buy animating software so I made do with imgplay. Ehh, this isn’t anything official or anything so just bear with that watermark. 

Along with my other My Hero Academia and Marvel crossover art: My Marvel Academia, this GIF was heavily based on the two series and neither characters nor presentation style/format is mine. This is mere fan art of two of my favorite series/universes.

Special Mention:
credits go to Deviantartist “timfortune9” for the Excelsior class motto idea and some of the characters to be included in Class A.
Deviantartist "Retro7" added music to it on his Twitter account right here (…). Go check it out

Heroes (in order)

Scarlet Witch
Amadeus Cho
Agent Venom
Iron Fist
Kid Kaiju 
Luna Snow
Kamala Khan
Luke Cage
Sister Grimm
Ghost Rider
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I. Freaking. LOVE IT!

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Imagine this as My Marvel Academia's theme:

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Spider-man - Deku

Scarlet Witch - Uraraka

Amadeus Cho - Shou

Agent Venom -Bakugo

Gwenpool - Ashido

Iron Fist - Kaminari

Kid Kaiju - Mineta

X-23 - Yaoyorozu

Quicksilver - IIda

Luna Snow

Azari - Ojiro

Cloak - Tokoyami

Nova - Sero

Groot - Koda

Kamala Khan - Asui

Luke Cage - Kirishima

Sister Grimm - Jirou


Ironheart - Hatsume

Ghost Rider - Todoroki

I tried placing them as Class 1-A. Let me know which character suits them better :)

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I think Amadeus suits Iida's role better, as the smartest one of the gang. As for Quicksilver, he's just a turbo-charged punk, so I honestly don't know where he fits into this whole dynamic.

Isrlvldz96's avatar

I can see that. I had this thought that if Peter, Wanda and Pietro were best friends like Deku, Uraraka and Iida. That would make Quicksilver's death and Wanda becoming a villain much more tragic since in this universe, She and Peter were in love.

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Fantastic! Can’t wait to see the individual images! By the way; who are the Pro Heroes besides Iron Might?

sonicspeedster92's avatar

I'm thinkin' the Avengers and X-Men. Maybe the Fantastic Four and Defenders too, but I dunno.

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Who do you imagine for class 1bs teacher and students

Sgtmarkhayes's avatar

I personally hate riri i find her ungodly insufferable and annoying if i had to replace her id chose psylocke.

Also i dont get why a prince like tchalla would be at an American hero school especially since hes from a place like wakanda

sonicspeedster92's avatar

Azari is T'Challa and Storm's son from "Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow". He's basically the best of both worlds with Storm's electrokinesis and the powers of the Heart-Shaped Herb.

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I accecpted this :D (Big Grin) 
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Who should be Hitoshi Shinso in this universe?

mcuanimefan's avatar

i don't know about you guys but i think quicksilver should take ida's role.


they're both fast.:)

sonicspeedster92's avatar

Yeah, but Amadeus is the smartest one here. Pietro is just a turbo-charged nut-job.

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In case you need it, the correct translation should be 僕のマーベルアカデミア (Boku no Marvel Academia)
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You also could call Amadeus by his new codename in the comics of "Brawn" if you wanted.
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New students in class 1-A 
Wave= tsuyu 
Shuri=iida, because they both have big brothers.
chamba2244's avatar
Theres new character from marvel future fight and comic named wave. Tsuyu: wave.
chamba2244's avatar
It should be Anya corzan= Yaoyorozu 
And ben reilly= todoroki, because Anya and yaoyorozu are smart and same hair.
Ben reilly and todoroki are same  they had their rights eyes red mark.
They put Benxanya 
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This is a cool idea. :) Sweet line up too. 
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Where is stan lee as the 1 hero? he should be in here
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