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Iron Might versus Sentinel | My Marvel Academia

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"A Hero can turn around any bad situation" - All Might against Nomu

Recreated the scene where All Might squares off against the Nomu in Episode 12 of Boku no Hero Academia season 1. 
Wish me luck for these last few weeks of high school guys. Going all in on this. So this'll be the last you'll hear of me for a while.

Note: The setting and scene is inspired by My Hero Academia's Nomu vs All Might fight. The characters are from Marvel comics. This is mere fanart. 
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Those centinels were so badass, glad to see them again.

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I haven't read all of the marvel comics, but bet Tony has made a suit that has the power comparable to All Might.

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Hulkbuster, EndoSym, Bleeding Edge, Mark 85 and Prime Armor. All of them can go head to head with All Might.

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"He said your Quirk was only Shock Absorption, not nullification! That means there's a limit to what you can take, right?!"

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THEY SAY You were designed to defeat me okay let's try see that if that is true

Lesson number one

you may have heard these words before and I'll teach you what they really mean i am iron man

SPIDER-MAN SEE BATTLE “iron man giving it his all, even though he’s injured. Those aren’t random punches either, they’re targeted. And every single one of them, is more than 100% of his power”.

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Now imagine if this were Superman and Doomsday instead. I mean imo, Nomus in the series are like a cross between the Sentinels and Doomsday.
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Is Iron Might quirkless or not?
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id assume its simply a transformation quirk where as he can morph his skin kirishima style and also emit energy blasts as tony stark got handed his transformation quirk in armor for all and thats where peters newest suit comes in tony originally could shoot tiny lasers from his finger tips but with the power of armor for all combined the two of them

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But then how is that explained for peter. That his new armor is just technology and not a another quirk?

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True but then it could be armor for all added to Peter's first quirk (since I'd say he's slightly more different then deku) being able to stick to walls combined with armor for all, and since when someone has a quirk before they pass on armor for all the quirk is also transfered so tonys laser emitter passed on with it to make the iron spider
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But what if someone asks in universe that it looks like Peter has two quirks?

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Say it's a evolution quirk (like how all might explained it, a quirk can grow, like in the demo a person was firing water from their finger so it was assumed
Quirk: shoots water from fingers
But later it turned too
Quidk: changes moisture in air to liquid
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How do you explain going from Spider powers to nanomachine Armor?!

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Insect powers of spider to beetle?
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His quirk could be to summon the armor from his body like the Bleeding Edge armour

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I imagine He'd be a Technopath if He were to have a Quirk.
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yea i see that aswell so he can summon his armor and even create more armor

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Destroying the Sentinel is so easy for Tony.
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DC/My Hero Academia Fusion Characters name 

Superman + All Might = Super Might 

That's it...
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Darkseid+one for all=ALL FOR DARK

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