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EARTH-6160: Spider-man 8 (Betty Brant)

Name: Elizabeth "Betty" Brant

Date of Birth: September 4, 1976

Current Age: 19 (1995)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5’7”
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual
Species: Human (baseline)

Occupation: Secretary
Martial Status: Single
Education Level: GED certificate
Location: Manhatten, New York City
Known Familial Relationships: Eleonore Brant (mother), Bennett Brant (older brother), Mr. Brant (father)*

Affiliations: Daily Bugle (secretary)
Professional Relationships: John Jonah Jameson Jr (boss; chief editor/publisher), Joseph "Robbie Robertson" (editor-in-chief; supervisor)
Nationality: American (New Yorker, Pennsylvanian)
*= deceased

Elizabeth "Betty" Brant can be best described as a woman who's tough of nails and wishes she did not have to be. While maintaining the youthfulness of her age, she has a subtle wariness that makes her seem and feel older than she actually is. Betty craves stability in her life after years of dealing with hardship and an irresponsible older brother. As such, Betty seeks out men who are strong and organized. However, rather than strong in the sense of physical appearance, she looks for people that don't go to cause trouble and looking to provide for themselves and their loved ones. She gained this attitude out of admiration for her mother, Eleonore, who was a single mom who balanced work with raising her two children. As such, she sought to provide and grow that inner strength for herself, to overcome any adversity like her mother did. At the same time, having done so at a young age has worn her out considerably and desires for normalcy and affection. Additionally, her poorer background along with having to drop out of high school has given her insecurities over herself as being a romantic partner, spurred on by anxities of whatever trouble her older brother has gotten into. Ultimately, she is a woman who had to grow up faster than she desired to and looks for the stability of a meaningful relationship yet underestimates her own inner strength.

Elizabeth "Betty" Brant was born on September 4, 1976 in Philiedelphia, Pennsylvania to a single mother, Eleonore Brant. Betty did not know much of her father though her little memories was recalling him of a strong father figure. She was only 3 (and her brother was 7) when Mr. Brant died, leaving the family without a breadwinner though Mr. Brant did leave the family a good sum of money to assist in their endeavors without him. Eleonore Brant would use the money to establish them over in New York City, which was a goal of her and her husbands'. She is able to find a job as the adminsitrative assistant to John Jonah Jameson Jr and becoming a good friend of his over the years. Established in Manhatten, the family tried to live a normal life for themselves. However, with Eleonore having to work often, the two were often latchkey children. Initially, Betty was quite close to her older brother Benny, who went to a lot of lengths to keep his younger sister happy and content.

Unfortunately, the conditions of them being lower-middle class weighed on them and Bennett began looking toward more... questionable means of making money. Namely gambling. While not a gambling addict and surprisingly capable with his money, Bennett's preference of the risky behavior to earn questionable income led to a growing chasm between him and his younger sister. While he often won quite a fair bit, he also ended up in trouble because of it with her having to bail him out. This escalated to where after Bennett moved out of the house to keep his bookies or sore losers from coming after him, it forced Betty to step up and drop out of school to help her ailing mother with the bills.

Fortunately, JJJ Jr, who had grown clsoe to the family, offered Betty her mother's old job while working to get her the proper medical care and assistance. Betty eventually taught herself everything she needed to know for the secretarial work needed in her new life. However, her life would change when she would meet the newest member of the Daily Bugle, a young freelance photographer named Peter Parker. When asled why someone young like him, who was still in school no less, would be willing to take on a strange job like this. Peter confided in wanting to help provide for his aunt with his uncle's death, a notion that striked a chord with the young lady. She also began noticing some costumed stranger doing good in the city.

-----TRIVIA TIME-----
She is a fan of the Philadelphia Phillies though she also becomes a fan of the Mets.

She would get her GED a few months after Peter joined the Daily Bugle, as he helped her study while her expenses were covered by JJJ Jr. The latter even encouraged her to go to college when she had the money.

After John Jonah Jameson, the staff member she spends the most time with is surprisingly Peter Parker, possibly tied to them being the closest of age out of everyone within the Daily Bugle.

She also is the most computer-savvy team member of the Daily Bugle, which she attributes to her experience in administration. She later confesses this was because she noted Peter was reading a magazine on computers while waiting for Jameson and sought him out for assistance.

While her time within the Daily Bugle is out of prior experience and her mother, she does confess that she has a legitimate interest with reporting.

Betty also visits her former hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at least once a year for nostalgia and has considered moving back there when getting her life back together.

Betty also is surprisingly knowledgable in several card games, likely due to having observed her own brother practice back in their younger years.

(Artwork by me. EARTH-6160 by Diego Vidrio (Void-Wolf) & Ethan Seth Abrea, based on the titles, characters and properties of Marvel Comics and all assosciates.)
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riderman09's avatar

She could get Away with a date with peter if she wanted to.

FBI: FBI OPEN U..never mind falls alarm.🤣🤣

gordonphilbin's avatar
Betty looks cute!

KaijuGuy19's avatar
I love how you’ve done Betty. ☺️ She deserves more love especially since funny enough she was Peter’s first love interest.
yeah. i would like if she at least remains a big pressence in peter's life even if she doesn'tto become peter's love interest (sorry. i am a professed MJ fan). at least becoming peter's "surrogate older sister" would be enough
Shellquake's avatar
The problem with Betty is that she never looks any older than even Peter.
yabia1213's avatar

I always saw her as being in her mid 20s

Void-Wolf's avatar
Well, she's only 19 here and Peter is 15 and went through a growth spurt. How do you think she will look?
Shellquake's avatar
Do you speak for ducklordethan, or is he too busy to respond?
Void-Wolf's avatar
I’m the one who decided on age and whatnot. This is our dual project 
Shellquake's avatar
Well excuse me for even living.
Shellquake's avatar
At least around Aunt May's age. I mean she doesn't have to look any older but not any younger either. There are far too many young women in Spider-Man's world who he stride to date one by one.

In my version(Extreme Spider-Man), Peter's only love-interests are Glory Grant(if a teen), Liz Allen(Hispanic), even Felica Hardy(BlackCat). But he's permanent girlfriend should be Mary Jane Watson(only more sensitive and caring, and admires Spidey).
Maybe in yet another universe, Betty could be Peter's official girlfriend(later fiancé). Or in another she would be "spider-girl".

Look, I know I sound cruel and sarcastic, but I'm just saying there shouldn't be so much beautiful women let alone just one or another. if most of not some men can be different from one another the should be for women.

Again I am Sorry.
RichardK0's avatar
Why does it say deceased in the description?
Void-Wolf's avatar
Well, it's mroe that names marked with * means they are deceased
I’m real glad you included her original background. Most people forget it.
Void-Wolf's avatar
Well, it’s also that the background is a bit time sensitive to say the least. Here she definitely plays a good part in Peter’s formative years as a hero 
So is this a full fledged story you guys are doing or y'all just having a little fun?
Void-Wolf's avatar
It's based on this:

But set in Marvel instead
Awesome job with Betty Brant! Looking forward to more of the Daily Bugle members. Will you guys be doing one of Daredevil and Iron Man? I'm just wondering because I think those are the two heroes Spider-Man encounters more than most (I'm sure you'll easily figure why Iron Man, but I'm sure I heard that Spidey has teamed up with the Man Without Fear on more than one occasion whenever Kingpin is involved). Anyways, keep up the good work
I’m gonna be “that guy” and say “Spider-Man encounters Human Torch more than Iron Man”.
Void-Wolf's avatar
Yeah, he’s closer to Matt than Tony I think. DD and IM will be appearing later down the line for sure. Just gonna be a while in the world building 
Mattinator1995's avatar
These are awesome. Can you do bios for villains as well like Otto Octavius?
Void-Wolf's avatar
Those will be coming soon
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