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"Life is a highway...and I wanna drive it all night long." - Life is a highway by Rascal Flatts

What if Disney's Cars was an anime. I did one on this already but I just watched Cars 3 and rewatched the first film, so I felt like I needed to draw something. I also took a break from a long line of My Marvel Academia art. 

Note: All characters and settings from the film Cars are owned by Disney Pixar. This is mere fanart.
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Wow, I cant believe someone finally did this! THIS IS SOO GOOD^^ Funny enough, thats exaclty how I always thought Lightning Mcqueen would look as a human:)

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Amazing! I'd love to see the rest of the Radiator Springs gang in this style!......

peppernickler's avatar

this is great i thought this one was really cool how he showed them as humans

Arthawk123's avatar

I can’t express how much I love this!

thegreenyeun95's avatar

Also, this one is one of the best designs for Cars humanizations and I love this one! ^^

CSM-Fol's avatar

Awesome artwork!

thegreenyeun95's avatar

Nice work! ^^ I watched Cars 3 and I love it! ^^

If there is a live action of this cartoon movie, this is the best version.
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Yuki Kaji as Lightning McQueen and MHA's Yuki Hayashi making the music and you got yourself an anime!

you know, CARS could acutally work better with this instead of pseudo anthropomorphed cards
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I’d pay to see a version of Cars like this
BarryMurdock666's avatar

That would take away the charm of it all.

mcuanimefan's avatar

my favorite pixar movie of all time. and you made it into an anime.


thanks man!

casp175a's avatar
my childhood movie turn into anime thats cool
Fiiiree's avatar
Ide watch it, great job!
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WOW! this is amazing!!
You've captured their essence without overdoing it. :)
Teebsy-86's avatar
Brilliant stuff - I really like your design for Mater, and Lightning is perfect. Sally's not quite how I imagined her, but the mental image I have is so vague and amorphous that I can't imagine anything better :D
Can you humanize McQueen's condition after the crash from 3? Something like he now bares a five O'clock shadow, a huge scar going down his face and an overweight gut?
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This looks cool 
TurkeyChickenMan's avatar
Anyone else think Mater looks like Cooter from the old school Dukes of Hazzard?
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