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Boku no Marvel Academia art2

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Another poster for the Marvel version of BNHA "My Marvel Academia". 

<Note: This poster took heavy inspiration from Boku no Hero Academia and the Marvel comic book universe. Characters belong to Marvel, while the inspiration for the style of this poster is heavily based from BNHA's creator. This is merely I cannot stress this enough. Though, if I see anyone claiming this drawing as their own, they will wish they had All Might by their side ^_^ >

Characters: Peter Parker "Spider-man", Wanda Maximoff "Scarlett Witch", Robbie Reyes "Ghost Rider", Laura Kinney "X-23", Flash Thompson "Agent Venom"...and Deadpool the perv
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Impressive. Although I find deadpools inclusion to be odd given that twice, one of the villains in my hero is a mix of deadpool and multiple man

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I genuinely love how well you applied the BNHA/MHA style to the Marvel characters, I sometimes so find myself wondering what it would look like if the two crossed over. Not to mention, the art and designs are next level!

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I'd watch it
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This is so good what program are you using to make this beautiful art?

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I like how deadpool is just hangin around in the bottom right corner
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He looks like he's looking up Wanda's skirt. I mean cmon Wade, don't you realize how much younger than you she is? I thought you screwed over people who did shit like this!

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This is also badass
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My only problem with this is that I feel Miles would fit better than Peter.

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Yeah,Miles would always give off the 'little kid' vibe.Peter,well,he's an adult so...But I really like the concept.I wish Marvel and MHA would have a crossover..

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This needs to be a manga series. You’ve got something going here!

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Ok OH MY GOD this needs to be comic movie or series please I will give money for this

wait what Deadpool

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Someone make this into a series, I NEEED IT IN MY LIFE!
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Who ever made this is s fucking hero right now

This is so awesome.
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i wanna know how u drew this because i wanna make my oc look like spiderman but with a new design
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Are Peter and Wanda a couple in this?
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God damn it deadpool....Facepalm.

Awesome pic brah. 
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Wonder what Eddie would be like in this universe...
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Want the see the Anime characters all grown up?

My Hero Academia - Izuku Midoriya, DEKU (Adult) by joshuacwy
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