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Here's yet another product from the category: Fanmade stuff that'll never come to be irl but oh well I want it.

Presenting a comic strip of my AU's two main characters: Peter Parker and Wanda Maximoff. Their relationship here is not canon to Marvel in any way...or that i know of...

Question: ship or skip? 😅😂

Anyways...enjoy if you want, while I wallow in my sea of contemplation where i forever dream that this will come true ; v ;

Note: Boku No Hero Academia and Marvel own the rights to the style and characters respectively. This is mere fanart and is not to be sold

Aye one question: which software's great for making anime animations?
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Damn, this is just heartbreaking
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Man... these are great

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can I used your comic for a comic dub please and I will use credit
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Plz make this a actual

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Will things get better for them?
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please don't destroy the good relationship the two lovers have.

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It makes me wonder really. Instead of quicksilver what if someone close to peter died and he blames everyone even Wanda for what has transpired. What would happen if Peter turns hostile instead of Wanda? Would he still uphold his moral code or would he succumb to darkness becoming ruthless. Would he also change his costume too? Cladding the classic black suit or would it be like spider carnage?(minus the mouth maybe i'm still on the fence on that.)

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Ever since I read this comic and this comment. This has all I've been thinking about. The other thought is after trying to get Wanda to change sides he just snaps on everybody. Becoming something like a anti hero with no allegiance. Like he attacks both heros and villains. My next thought was him going psycho while being bonded to Carnage. Or something like that.
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Bro this is the best

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We need for MHA Comics I can't be the only 1 who thinks it
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destiny  fins a way to screw you over like this all the time
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(and yes I would ship...but also I'm a HUGE spider-Gwen x spidey fan sooo)
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While everyone is praising the ship to the high Heavens and claiming how much they're alike therefore the perfect ship, apparently that wasn't enough for her to prevent being a two-sided backstabber, regardless of misunderstandings.
Wanda's very cute but even with her cuteness factor, in my eyes, I still see her as a skank.
It's a skip for me.
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Do you plan on making this into a full series? Comic or written? Because this is some amazing stuff
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I loved to see a fanart about this story:clap:

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Well dang,  this is super dope.

I hope there is more, you just got a follower.  :)
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Favorite kind of character relationships: Villains who turn good, and friends who turn villain. Adds a fascinating personal touch and this is a great example of it!

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Ok at lest there’s a page of what could be a manga

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Still a better love story than Twilight 
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