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Aang, Sokka, and Zuko (Modern edition)

We've got modern Disney princesses...well now I'll be doing the main characters of the Avatar series. 
Introducing my modern version of Aang, Sokka, and Zuko. 

Note: Please do note that this is just mere fanart/fanfic of the Avatar: the Last Airbender series.

(Do understand that this is my version of the cast in a modern setting, and don't have the time to deal with commenters who hate on what I'm drawing in the comment section. I will gladly appreciate criticism, but I won't take hate comments. If you've got a problem with any art I've posted, approach me via notes and we can converse, argue, and joke privately there.)
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Nothing to fix? Excuse me, can you not brush the eyebrows?!

Kiwi-Jx-Art's avatar
When designing Aang's tattoos, did you take inspiration from the movie?
Rigidsttructure's avatar

Looks like it. Those Tattoos looked pretty awesome!

naruto-superman's avatar
I love how you gave Aang the tattoo design from the movie The Last Airbender. Even though the movie didn't do so well, the tattoo design was pretty awesome.
animeak116's avatar
Zuko looks like Kirito for some reason. Meh could be me
Salty-St0at's avatar
So I'm not the only one seeing this!
animeak116's avatar
Apparently Floofartist
DuskSpiral's avatar
It's the hairstyle, isn't it?
animeak116's avatar
Hair and face. Yea
heartswave's avatar
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Zuko: Oh, you're done already?!
Sokka: Umm yea? There's nothing to do here...
Aang: heh..hehehe
SammyPlays13's avatar
As soon as i clicked on this, i knew it would be one of your works!! Good job <3
flyingwolfspirit's avatar
Omg i love the show and your art
FirestarterFumei's avatar
I think it's adorable. No hate here!
n-trace's avatar
This is a really cute picture of the trio
oneturnkill's avatar
You really get haters? But you're so talented! Wow, I guess there's hope for me, then. :dummy:

Also, Aang's tattoos are a clever idea. I do like the original blue, but I think that 'modernising' them works really well. :nod:
elmsi's avatar
Love the concept but I sort of cringe at seeing the live action version of Aangs tattoos. 
rays-figs's avatar
Really cute, but I think Sokka's skin is a little bit lighter than it should be! Everything else is perfect though, I especially love Aang's tattoos! 
Hyikate's avatar
I cant tell if he's talking to Aang or Zuko but it is hilarious either way
GokuMartin's avatar
Kind of "what if these three lived during the time period "Legend of Korra" is set in".
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