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When there's evil on the can rest knowing they got your back.

If Teen Titans were anime (drawing style is inspired by Durarara)

I still wish I had as much knowledge of DC characters as I do with Marvel so I can make more of these. 

I am pouring out these artworks cuz I'm gonna be absent for a week for graduation practice and cosplay creation.

I intend to do more of these Titans, so let me know which style I should push with (BNHA or Durarara)
Teen Titans BNHA style:…
Teen Titans Durarara style:…

Note: Teen Titans is DC and Cartoon Network property. This is mere fanart
"Life is a highway...and I wanna drive it all night long." - Life is a highway by Rascal Flatts

What if Disney's Cars was an anime. I did one on this already but I just watched Cars 3 and rewatched the first film, so I felt like I needed to draw something. I also took a break from a long line of My Marvel Academia art. 

Note: All characters and settings from the film Cars are owned by Disney Pixar. This is mere fanart.
Costume Gamma | Spider-man edition
Another Spider-man suit inspired by Deku's costume Gamma from Boku no Hero Academia season 3. Going in line with the AU's story, Peter equips himself with armor and larger web shooter cartridges after scarring his wrists in a fight against Muscula- I mean, Juggernaut. 

Suit design is inspired by Gamma but the webbing pattern is inspired by the 1967 cartoon Spider-man, where the webs were absent in the chest and shoulder area.

I'm finally through with Finals guys! Currently practicing for our graduation. YEY! xD I wanna do some Avengers Endgame fanart but I'll wait for a few more weeks so everyone has the chance to see it. 

Note: This AU is based off of existing characters and settings from Marvel comics and Boku no Hero Academia. This is mere fanart drawn for fun and without intentions to sell.
Iron Might versus Sentinel | My Marvel Academia
"A Hero can turn around any bad situation" - All Might against Nomu

Recreated the scene where All Might squares off against the Nomu in Episode 12 of Boku no Hero Academia season 1. 
Wish me luck for these last few weeks of high school guys. Going all in on this. So this'll be the last you'll hear of me for a while.

Note: The setting and scene is inspired by My Hero Academia's Nomu vs All Might fight. The characters are from Marvel comics. This is mere fanart. 
My Marvel Academia (Waifu edition)
Kid Kaiju: Psst...oi oi. Parker, Robbie...have I got somethin to feast your eyes on...

Spider-man: Ho...I-I mean...W-Wow. They...uh...they really...umm...///

Ghost Rider: This is unholy...

Spider-man: least...I mean it could be...worse...or better, depending on how you...umm. Whew my Spider-sense is tingling...

Kid Kaiju: Are you sure it's your Spider-sense Peter? huehueheue

Spider-man: No seriously...

Flash, who was coming to check on the drawing, turned the other way and left the boys to their fate.

Something I whipped up out of the dare but I guess I went too far...I dunno. ahahahahha
I'll be heading back into the void of homework, so enjoy this art I made for now. Or not. To each his own.

Note: The characters and art style are from Marvel and My Hero Academia respectively. This is mere fanart and is not to be distributed without permission nor to be sold.
Boku no Marvel Academia art 5
Another poster for the Marvel version of BNHA "My Marvel Academia". I'm gonna do more Laura next

<Note: This poster took heavy inspiration from Boku no Hero Academia and the Marvel comic book universe. Characters belong to Marvel, while the inspiration for the style of this poster is heavily based from BNHA's creator. This is merely I cannot stress this enough. Though, if I see anyone claiming this drawing as their own, they will wish they had All Might by their side ^_^ >

Peter Parker
Hero name: Spider-man
Quirk: Spider

Wanda Maximoff
Hero name: Scarlet Witch
Quirk: Hex

Flash Thompson
Hero name: Agent Venom
Quirk: Symbiosis

Laura Kinney
Hero name: X-23
Quirk: Feral

Robbie Reyes
Hero name: Ghost Rider
Quirk: Spirit of Vengeance

Seol Hee
Hero name: Luna Snow
Quirk: Cryokinesis
Wanda shows off the Quirk she's unnaturally received to a Quirkless Peter Parker, her childhood best friend. 

Peter: Ooh...
Wanda: If you're afraid, just admit it. I won't stop healing you though. Y'know for a Quirkless boy, you're too reckless sometimes.
Peter: I-It's...I'm not. I just don't know why everyone's so afraid of your Qui-
Wanda: It's not a Quirk. Not a real one anyway.
Peter: Well...real or not, it's pretty....quirky. xD
Wanda: baka...

For those asking for comic strips of other characters, I haven't gotten enough information or knowledge about their capabilities and characteristics yet. Though, Laura won't be too far off.

For now, I'm enjoying drawing my ship here. Lemme know if it's a ship or skip for you.

Note: This is mere fanart of two of my favorite HERO series: Marvel comics and My Hero Academia. I do not own any of the characters.
Parker vs. Thompson

Another My Marvel Academia comic panel in black and white with three of the main characters. The scene inspiration is from the episode of My Hero Academia where Deku and Bakugo face off for the first time during their class' first training.

Note: I do not own the characters nor the scene. Characters are Spider-man, Agent Venom, and Scarlet Witch from Marvel comics and the scene and situation is from Boku no Hero Academia.

Follow me on:
FB - Ethan Seth Abrea
IG - seth_korbin
Eyyy guys!! Good day!

I would like to inform you all that I will be putting a hold on submitting deviations starting now until the end of October as I will be preparing prints, pins, and all that jazz you see in Anime conventions for our ARCHcon event in Cebu, Philippines. 

I will still visit DA weekly though to check what my other senpais and kouhais are submitting, and also to check on feedbacks from you guys if ever you have. I'mma let y'all know that I have always read your comments and every single compliment has touched my heart and every critique has helped me observe things more critically or know their perspective.

If you guys wanna holler at me on Facebook just to chat, please message me that you're from DeviantARtXD. If you start talking to me about weird stuff, I will talk to you back with weird stuff as though we're already friends ...*ahem* send memes *ahem*... If you start asking me advice, I will give y'all advice as accurate as I can. If you gimme advice, I will hear you out. If you wanna argue, heck yeh we can argue.

I will start accepting commissions around November or December so keep an eye out. And once I'm done with the event, I will be posting some new deviations and posters.

Thank you guys for your support and guidance, especially those who I've noticed have commented on almost every deviation I've got and complimented are not unnoticed, and I love you guys AHHAHAHAH XD.  

God speed and salamat po (thank you)


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Ethan Seth Abrea
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Lost the password to my other DA account and it's been almost a year a half...

Hi, I am Ethan Seth Abrea, a 17 year old. The Philippine K-12 curriculum has allowed me two more years of high school and a lot of free time.

I've actually already been in DA for 3 years. Should you even want to look into my past, I was should see the familiar emblem of the Duck Familia...

If you wanna know me as a person, AHHAHAHA come holler at me on Facebook, I mean, if you even want to...FB name’s just my complete name...although, please send me a message request saying you're from DeviantArt before I accept a friend request on Facebook. Come check me out on Instagram (seth_korbin) and Tumblr (DuckLordEthan)



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